Yamaha YZ450F Review- 4K – Off Road/Enduro Riding – Episode 103

The YZ450F is a motocross bike, but many people buy MX dirt bikes for enduro and general off road riding. We see them everywhere! In this video, we talk about the Yamaha YZ450F and how it performs on the trails, in the mountains, and in the desert. The bike we tested is a 2014 model.

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Kevin Connell says:

Well I was going to buy this bike but after watching this review I might not because I won’t really be doing a lot of motocross style stuff I just want to ride off road and desert stuff. I’ve always stuck to atv’s but i want to switch to a dirt bike and this was my choice but I might look up the Ktm?

Blackpoop says:

I have the 2015 yz450f and just did the piston after not even 3 jerry cans of gas.. The dealership said I am not supposed to warm up this bike for 5mins before i go riding.. Is this true? He told me expect to put a piston in every year.. I am a weekend offroad rider I’ll bet i didnt ride 30hours last year, i changed the oil 4 times, and did the air filter the same. Did they scam me or is this normal? Do you have any issues with your bike or maintenance tips? The claimed i only had 70lbs compression even when they flipped the de compressor .. shouldnt it smoke, have loss of power, and be hard to start if that was true? it had tons of power, and I kicked it twice after being stored over winter and she fired up. Of course like you said I almost have to start it in neutral everytime otherwiise its finicky

Mitch Schutter says:

So I just bought a 2002 YZ250F and watching this video was wondering, for easy trails where I probably won’t go slower than 10 or 15, do you think I made an okay with this bike? I’ve just been reading about how it’s a terrible decision to get an MX bike for trail riding, after I bought the bike of course. Thanks much.

Davin Drachenberg says:

Yz450f is my favourite bike

Kane Brokenshire says:

hey mate, not trying to sound like a prick but the air box doesnt actaully need a 8mm nut driver to take of the shroud because it actaully come stock with pop bolts that dont need any tools to remove. +Dirt Bike Channel

Honda Cr 500 says:

Do you have to run 93octane in 450s?

Steven Lowery says:

Great review

Adam King says:

I have a 2016 yz450f and mainly use it for mx riding but do the odd trail ride on it. I was just wondering what you were running your clickers at? Ps great channel too. Keep up the great vids!

Ryan Pohl says:

great work man. the audio and video were good quality and you made some good points.

Zack Pack says:

I love your videos dude and you are a great rider too!

fait 11090 says:

what is the best bike for a 11 year old

John Stevenns says:

U should review a crf230f or ttr230. Very underrated dirt bikes

John Gardner says:

need review on 450 fx

The Dude says:

I’m 210, 6’2. Grew up riding tracks on 2 strokes. Left for the service and now it’s been a while since I’ve ridden. I want to get back into it. However; I’m torn. Should I 450 or 250? I always remember riding 125’s & were so much funner to ride than 250s. What should a do?!

Chase Woods says:

liar my dad got a yz450f 17 and he said this thing is light and it is good for the desert. And I have his old bike that is a honda 450f 08 it was the bike of the year

Stormzer says:

It’d be interesting to see you fully kit this out for enduro single track and see how it performs then. Change to an 18in wheel, tune the suspension chuck on a Rekluse clutch etc.

Great Video!!

Leonardo Nunes says:

You should send me a free shirt because I live in Brazil and will spend a season on USA, and wont be able to ride dirtbike there …

Caleb Newton says:

Did you ever get your suspension revalved for your riding?

Joel Gibbons says:

I absolutely love yamaha dirtbikes I myself have one a 2003 YZ450F the bike runs great and sounds great I have no trouble in technical stuff because the bike is higher geared for tracks. although my 2003 is a 4 speed it still puts oit speed and has a lot of power. keep up the great videos kyle I really enjoy them ride good and ride safe out there.

Casy Sinclair says:

I have to say u do a very good job on your videos

V8 monster says:

Your channel is awesome hint for us …tnx alot

eric rush says:

Perhaps the wr of that bike would have been a better option.

RetroPG says:

Question: Why didn’t you get a WR450? Seems to me that would’ve been more suitable for the bush if you wanted a Yamaha.

Joshua says:

Im 13 and i plan to get a 2007 honda 450x im experienced and pretty tall is this a good or a bad idea? btw love your videos

eyalcr500 says:

told you ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Fi is GREAT !!! and if you think about auto clutch – GO FOR IT ! it’s the best change i’ve done in my 2015 KX450! also softened/revalved the suspension, changed to slower gear ratio, put on an MX71Dunlop (110/90-19 ,didn’t even go to 18″ tire) rear,it’s the narrowest i found,and great on rocks/hard. ) the bike is great for me now . the auto clutch changed everything for me,i’m a tall heavy 230lb. guy,not a good rider,and do only enduro and rocky gnarly single tracks. so i didn’t mind sacrificing the top speed.you’re right about the power ; it’s too much. always. but 2strokes 250/300 are also. so if i get along,everyone can . i enjoy the great chassis and the confidence on the bike – which i never got on enduro bikes.but maybe it’s just me,being tall/heavy

Mark S says:

“You just roll on the power and it will just ga ga ga ga ga” LOL

Great review bro!

Double O Joe says:

You should try and get your hands on a yz 250x i would love to see a video on that bike

Amir Nematollahi says:

if you wanna run yamaha or any other MX 450 on a tide trail or woods then you need 12T drive sprocket , it make a huge difference and help it keep running without stalling the bike.

what you point as a negative is a positive for me : i like that it have 3bolt for fastening air filter which make me sure i dont lose a fast access pin in woods 😉 .

and just for your info if you really want a Enduro MX you should review 2016YZ450FX or KTM 450 EXC .

Tim Henry says:

the boy and I have a kdx200 and a 450f. this is right on the money. is like to hear the 450 down.

RSilvy 11 says:

The last two stroke I’ve owned was a cr125, now getting back into it I’ve owned a Beta RS 430 for the last year. The Beta RS loves to just chug along at low rpm’s with all that torque, so it surprises me to hear someone say how a 450 4 stoke dirt bike doesn’t like to run at low rpm’s. I guess I need to get on a new 300cc 2 stroke for comparison.

myrandomlife says:

Any chance of a review on the beta rs 500 or ktm exc500? I’m looking for a street legal dirt bike that I can do light camping trips on. I’m not into racing. I’m just a slow trail rider

Dakota Sphar says:

Have you ever ridden a steel framed dirt bike? How’s it compared to an aluminum frame dirtbike? I love your channel! I use to ride and own an old enduro 87 kdx200. I now ride a ktm powered 525 atv. I might be getting a 2006 yz450f! Keep up the good work on the channel! I would love to see more reviews or test rides of different brands!

jack schitt says:

Yamaha, please make the WR450R/X, it is lonnnnnnng overdue.

Arnol says:

Please consider a video with Ktm 450 SXF 2017 ! !

Anthony Warby says:

can you do a review of a honda crf450x?

TILTROD66 says:

Another A++ on the review, I really like what you mentioned about the potential of the bike compared to the potential of the rider. Thats one thing thats always bugged me about every “shootout” article in every motorcycle magazine. They only tell us what pro riders think about the bike when pushed to the limit and not what joe blow thinks of it at an every day mans kinda pace. Hope you get to hop on a YZ250X soon, you just might think that blue is the new orange. ; b
p.s. just an fyi on the video edit (a subject I know little to nothing about) but the DBC sprocket covers up the info you have pop up in the lower left corner.

Chase Woods says:

I recomend the arc front brake and clutch they are very high quality

DB Cooper says:

Really like your channel! I had a YZ450F setup for desert racing and preferred it over my 300xcw, it hooked up in the loose stuff instead of spinning the wheel and the gyro effect of the motor made it stable at high speed and over sand whoops. The new YZ450FX could be the best of both worlds!

Panashe Muchekwa says:

review the newer 250f’s and see what you think

Brad M says:

A decent review of a Husqvarna fe501 would be good, all I see are ruined ones……aka super moto!.
Nice honest review of the 450 though, makes a nice change for youtube.

MotoMatrix says:

i think you should be comparing the weight to other 450’s, not 2 strokes, the 2 stroke will always feel lighter

stinky982 says:

As always great vid, I got turned on to your stuff when you did the two stroke four stroke thing. Up until now I have always had two stroke of road bikes so your vids helped me put into perspective what moving to a four stroke would be like. So now I have a Husqvarna FE450 it’s a great bike. It would be cool to know how you got on with the Stillwell suspension you have on you 300.

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