Yamaha YZ250 2 Stroke versus Yamaha YZ250F – Motocross Action

For this edition of Head 2 Head we take two insanely fast bikes from Twisted Development and put them on track together to find a winner. These bikes feature a host of similar items including Renthal, Moto Seat, De Cal Works graphics, Hinson, FMF exhaust, Works Connection, Enzo Suspension, and more. Hear what chief test rider Dennis Stapleton has to say about each bike and possibly which bike he might choose to ride full time.

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Scott Dunn says:

4T development has come far enough that straight up cc comparison are not quite equal, more like a 300 to a 450f and a 150 to 250f or something. The 2T will always be cheaper to maintain. All this test shows is that a 8-9 year old yz250 is still on point with cutting edge tech on a 250f. I am going back to 2t, my 450f is due for another $400 topend rebuild LOL and that time bomb of a bottom end.

Trails with Jacob says:

4 stroke for life

udaysaleen says:

why why put music. its one of the dumbest thing to do

Roku Playz says:

2 stroke definitely has the better powerband which makes it quicker because of the low rpm advantage

Derrick Bruce says:

2strokes are the best bikes ever fuck 4strokes plus 2strokes are way easier to work on

Greco Conduris says:

And here I am like an idiot thinking a 250T was a competitor to the 450F.

Anyone know how the 300T big bore kits go vs a 450F?

Danny MAGOO says:

No match. You can’t compare two bikes with 8 years of different technology! If the two strokes was evolved till today would eat the four stroke in no time!

Jon Dillehay says:

gayest music ever

Rockie mountin says:

Cc for cc two-stroke is far superior

Mark Lowe says:

It really doesn’t matter now that the 4S technology is very high. Pick your weapon. The weakest link now will still be rider skill.

Bryan Kerr says:

2 different animals. You can’t compare one to the other. You just have to learn to ride them both.

Nikalogy says:

2 strokes are like tampons. every pussy has one!!!!

Adammartini says:

I thought the 250 2stroke was supposed to compete with 450 4stroke

Fila says:

# 2 stroke and 4 stroke!

No Wi-Fi says:


Joaquin corzo says:

2 stroke all day n night

Alex Holmes says:

What’s the cost difference between 2 stroke 4 stroke and how often do you have rebuild

Mitchell Windsheimer says:

How much would one of those yz250’s go for

Icansee u says:

Funny how most people believe 2 strokes are quicker on the track, 4 strokes are stronger and do not lose compression not to mention the mighty torque they give.

CHE LIS says:

Long live the 2stroke 250!

James Legleiter says:

They should let the 250 2 stroke race in the lites class.

Super Saiyan Aidan says:

This video is like comparing a yz250f to a yz125. Of course a 250 2 smoker is gonna kick ass because it’s not in the same racing class. A 250 2 smoker races in a 450 class and the 450 would kick its ass so 2 stroke fans are making arguments because of this video but they all know that the fastest dirt bike is a 450 4 stroke and it makes them butt hurt to know so

Matias TV says:

Give me one, i want YZ

lauren bray says:

shit video why not just do two 2017 insteed of 2009 and 2017

Skrroobs Doobz says:

YZ250 is a 2 stroke add a F now you got a 4 stroke

Ian Mangham says:

Awesome engineering

RPDBY says:

so where is the fucking VS?

Sterlin Smith says:

90% of our 4 test riders normally preferred the 2 stroke – wait – 90% of 4… O_o

Alex Holmes says:

In all honesty my first race bike was a 2stroke but then I just recently got my hands on a 4 stroke and I must say that the power delivery is way smoother but I haven’t ran into the rebuild side of things yet… what’s the true rebuild cost of a 4 stroke vs 2 stroke and how many times do you rebuild them???

MrJumbolegz says:

These aren’t even comparable.

Ismael Dos Santos says:


gergely bunczom says:

Who came to see some salty riders arque on wich is better?lmao ride what you like and spend the time riding not, commenting cheers

Stavros Damanakis says:


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