What is the Best Beginner Dirt Bike? (New Rider Series EP: 1)

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE DIRT BIKE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27jnYZQavsc

Bikes Recommended and price we bought them for:
2011 Kawasaki KLX110L- $1,000
2002 Honda XR100R- $700
2012 Yamaha TTR230- $2,500
2007 Honda CRF230F- $1,500

If looking to purchase these bikes, take a look at your local craigslist ads to find a great deal!

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ReSync says:

I want a fast bike, like a really fast bike for a beginner. Around 80km/h (49mph)

tanner sanders says:

I’m 6’2 and 14, what’s a good starter bike

TKS weneedat says:

Im 5’9 and wondering if i should go with the xr 100 or the ttr230

Brandon Ebersole says:

I got my first bike ever when I was 16 it was a street legal Crf250l and I got my license when I was 16

Jamesha Denise says:

where did you git the dirt bike


I have a 06 crf 100

tan man says:

I’m 15 and 5’10witch one would you recommend?

Jared Schottin says:

2 strokes are better than 4 strokes

itswpxgaming says:

Were would you buy a dirt bike like these I have no clue

Evan Schweppe says:

my first bike was a rm60 two stroke. a little fast for a starter bike haha

Just Modz says:

i am 5,4 14 years old and around 200lbs what is a good one to mess around on.

Azra Desire says:

what’s a good size for someone that’s 5’11 like me?

Let's Ride U.S.A says:

If you are looking for help deciding what SIZE dirt bike to get, check out this video!

Roman Bellic says:

Kx500 is absolutely perfect for beginners

Can't find a Name to use says:

I’m 11 and 4 foot 11 and a half I don’t know what to get

Brazos Fyock says:

Im 5’8 97 Pounds What Should i Get?

Crazyforce12 says:

I can’t go above $1000, all these bikes are too expensive, although I would love to get one. I’m 13.

Conthemosthated says:

Hey, I’ve loved bikes for the longest times, but never really looked into them until now, I’m new and I really want a good bike, and I want a bike that’s good for my height, I’m 5’4, and was wondering which bike would be the best

Altzio7293 - says:

acually my friend has a ttr 110 yamaha small wheel and it has a 4 speed semi automatic

Bassixx HD says:

What age did you start riding the 2nd one?

Donny Kreher says:

How could I easily find a 2002 Honda cx 100r

TWOtobogon says:

im 15 years old and i want to get a dirt bike.What cc shall i get? how much would it be?

Young Ster says:

I’m 5’6 115 lbs which one should I get in the video?

Green Element says:

im 14 5ft 45kg witch ine whould you recomend

WTHTyourdead gaming says:

I’m 5 ,1 And a skinny 12 yo what bike would be good for me

TheUlt1m4teD3sTROY3r _57111 says:

I’m turning 12 in December 5th, I’m 70 something to 80 pounds, and have been riding for nearly my whole life. I’m good on a quad and side by side, so what do I need? Plz someone tell me 🙂

Charles Bechtold says:

I am geting one

Davinator says:

is the xr 100 a good bike for me? I’m 5 foot 11 and have never rode a dirt bike before

Milan Kraguljac says:

I’m 5′ 11″ 200 lbs which bike should I get?

Trick_star7315 MotoVlogs says:

Yamaha Pw80

Bryan's vids says:

I’m 13 and weight 99 pounds what should I get and I’m 5 foot

iiFlamezZz says:

I’m 4’11 and 80 pounds what bike do you guys recommend?

TheBestGamer72 says:

What’s the difference between the Honda xr100 and the crf100?

James Maxton says:

can u jump the ttr

Ali Kilicaslan says:

I wanna start off with a 2stroke 250. Opinions?

Brian Garcia says:

let’s ride USA I’m looking for an automatic dirt bike but cheap what do you recommend me

eduardo_blox says:

Where can i get the klx110L

KamVids says:

I’m 5’6 192lb what should I get

Sharkson77 says:

in 5’9 230 got any help for me

vicmason25 says:

Hey im an American telling you dont buy chinese bikes that coast 1/4 price of Japanese bikes because they are better. dude you are not realistic at all. you are telling useless info. I will say this, part for chinese bikes are available all over Amazon an the internet, if you are even slightly mechanically inclined, the bikes come with manuals, read them, learn them, follow them. mainly, tighten bolts, adjust chain, change oil an filt… bike will be fine. nothing is wrong ppl with not having enough to buy a jap bike, get a pit bike, just check it over every other ride, or any drop/accident. love peace an hair grease

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