Video Review: Stealth H-52 electric bike eats up tight trails

Stealth Electric Bikes makes some of the baddest e-bikes around, but what happens when you replace the pedals with dirtbike-style pegs? We climbed aboard Stealth’s H-52 model to find out.

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Test riders: Chris Edwards, Noel McKeegan, Nick Lavars
Video: Darren Quick, Noel McKeegan, Nick Lavars
Video production: Chris Blain, Loz Blain


Robert Lashley says:

I intrested but I do not want to pave the way for others you need more investors.

Harrison_jz says:

It’s an electric pit bike with better suspension/mountain bike

Atari jedi says:

When you compared to the other bikes, was it based on how fast they can all do the same trail?

Konstantinos Tselios says:

they’re awesome I like this bike but it’s expensive and from the other hand if you think how useful it is how many things u can do,

arnego2 says:

80km/h no way more like 40km/h

Ivan Zhong says:

Price of a car


2 electric bike motors on ebay is like 500 and 2 Lipo battery is like another 500

Karolis Kaunas says:

We got you some serious healthy competition with better power and lower price 😉

YanzoDaDon says:

may aswell just buy a motorbike

Afandi Rani says:

wow… too expensive.

MMK HD says:


eggaweb says:

They should make one for commuting with lights, brake lights, indicators etc. Maybe call it the M52 (M for moped).

EXE Moto says:

It’s an awesome bike, I’ve seen what it can do, the only thing that sucks is the price 🙁

Ryan Fager says:

You can get a ZERO cheaper

Anthony Steele says:

Make your own for £2000. Frame £250, Battery 72v 30ah £750, 5000w mxus hubmotor £500, 72v controller kit with break levers and screen £100, enduro front suspension forks £100, rear suspension £100 and hydraulic brakes £125…£1825!!. Or just buy a pit bike for £500

Serif Gurbiyikli says:

I am a turkis and ay sey di bike shop 7000 tl woo but i get it

rotrontroll1111 says:

imagine these bikes in 10-20 years! the technology is evolving at light-speed so soon we’ll have 30 kg bikes with power that’s comparable to cars and batteries that last for over 100 miles and charge in minutes! and with technology that evolves so fast anything outdated will drop in price significantly and this bike wont cost you $9 000 but maybe $1 000 or even less!

Dennis Bardwe says:

where can i get one

J Day says:

Should donate these to people in Africa so they don’t have to walk 5 miles for a bucket of water on their heads.

MichaelTechGaming says:

trust me when i say this… NOBODY other than rich people can buy this OR Will buy this 9500!? DOLLARS WTF you can buy a motorcycle for that !
Just wait a few years or 10 these will be MUCH cheaper and rider prob faster and can prob ride like 200km on one charge

nicholasscholten says:

Very cool bike, but the hub motor is the biggest weak point. That’s why you have no much less grunt than pretty much any other type of electric motor. I’d bet a dollar a lot of the performance loss you saw was, if you looked back at the riding you did, after time when you were hammering the motor and getting it totally heat-soaked. Hub motors are most abysmal when it comes to thermal management.

Kite boy says:

lets see. e garbage or CR 125!

maverickthebastard says:

Wow, I can buy 5000 big macs at that price, and you lot probably will. Can’t afford it? Shut the F*** UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………….

LivingLifeElectric says:

Wow…what a sweet machine…

Mao Zedong says:

Get dirt bike Its cheaper and does 100mph .
My brand new adventure motorcycle 750 cc costed me less that this crap .
I can do 200 miles on a tank easy

CHOPMOP10 says:


ScrimHyphen says:

53 kilos? I think you got that wrong. The B52 is 53kgs. whereas the H52 is only 38kgs.

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