Top 5 Most Common Motocross Riding Mistakes – Learn Dirt Bike Skills!!

Every dirt bike rider makes mistakes! So it’s best to learn from them which is why in this video you can learn the Top 5 Most Common Riding Mistakes made by nearly all motocross riders, whether beginning or experienced! We’ve been teaching for many years and see these mistakes every single day. Now we show you the mistake and how to correct it.

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes:
1) Foot Placement
2) Knees Loose
3) Looking Down
4) Sitting Too Much
5) Gripping the Bike

Let us know which tips and corrections work best for you in the comments below!

The Mx Factory is a premier motocross training facility located in Austin, Tx. We teach first time dirt bike riders to aspiring professional racers. We love what we do!

Now we are excited to bring our years of coaching and riding experience to YouTube to make you a better, safer, dirt bike rider.






Ride safe and thanks for watching!!
Your friends at The Mx Factory

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Motorcycle riding is inherently dangerous. This video was filmed on a closed course with a professional rider with years of riding and teaching experience. The Mx Factory and all related personnel are not to be held responsible for any injury resulting from attempting these techniques.
The bottom line is wear safety gear, take it slow, have fun, and consult a riding coach when necessary.
The bottom bottom line, DON’T BE DUMB.


Jacob Mitchell says:


Christer Stefansson says:

Thanks you You Texas desert rats .. You are awesome..


if u look at ur fender ur retarded and may aswell look at your feet when walking

Jamie Brasnyo says:

Excellent video boys hopefully next time you can add a tutorial on dabbing as I learned the hard way and completely tore my ACL. Cheers ride on

Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino says:

Hey it sounds like a joke,but a tip on breathing from the fitness world,is exhale…breathe out because your lungs automatically retract and pull air in naturally,so if you relax and exhale and just open your mouth air will flow in naturally,don’t force the inhale of air,exhale and open your mouth that be the normal way to do it,something a fitness trainer taught me,it take less energy and thought it especially important when weight training and strengthening…ya good von Hans,ya ya….piece out roost on…

Connor Holio says:

Question to MXF: Do you guys ever load the footpegs unequally while standing?

FREAKI91 says:


ColinRogers Films says:

Keep posting this great info; allot of people just like me, did not have any one to show them how to ride. Had to get my own bike and teach my self, videos like this are priceless. Thanks guys great job!

Cj Watson says:

Love your vids

Brett Edwards says:

awesome tip about why you look ahead! ive herd it before but always explained as ‘youll go where you look’ which didnt make much sense to me and hence didnt stick with me. But i definitely have noticed a lot when racing that I dont have time to process stuff and that’s why. Now ill remember it! thanks!!

The Emerald Moose says:

Gooday guys I’m just wondering if doing some things like whips change if your on a 2 stroke. As it’s a bit hard to have a smooth power delivery on a 2 stroke and not get much speed off the jump thanks.

Shane Mann says:

Guilty of all of those mistakes at some stage!

Chuckie Brooks says:

What is a good beginner dirt bike for an 18 year old? I am 5 foot 6 and 214lb. My friend is offering me a 2000 cr125. Should I get the 125?

Javan Dell says:

You make a lot of sense and provide many good advices. Thanks

Ben Cole says:

Thank you so much for making videos like this.

Erick Perez says:

Make merchandise

Ethan Grimshaw says:


Van Alstyne says:

I put grip tape on my shrouds to force myself to ride with my knees in. It worked, but I went through about six pair of second hand jeans. The inner knee got eaten quickly.

iMosx says:

Loving the content!

billy bilo says:

ronnie mac would disagree with a few of these

Andres Braun says:

Great video, all of the tips are key if you don’t want to get beat up every weekend!

ayon perera says:

Thanks bro

Jake says:

Nice video! I have one question: Which brake do you use when going into a corner? Only the front or only the rear brake or Both?

Darren Arnold says:

Hi I have a rmz450 and I’m trying to get the right sprockets set up on the size of sprockets to have for track if you can help me thx

Anthony M says:

Love you guys videos please keep them coming….do you guys recommend knee braces or knee guards for motocross

Landon Giles says:

I was gonna like the video but it had 666 likes keep it that way 😉

Ida Bagus says:

Respect from Bali island


Good stuff!

StesmH says:

another great and really useful video! continue the hard work with same passion (many video lack of this, and thats why make your videos probably the best) and the subscribers arrive soon. Can you make a video where you explain the driving on sand terrain especially the position on bumpy straight? it would be great thanks guys

Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino says:

Dudes your the best I love your sense of humor,youse gotses some crazy mad riding make me raff,I like when you ride feet pointing out,knees out it makes you look so flashes more flailing arms and limbs,hah hah,yeah I used to get a lot crap from my friends.when I was on a two stroke for trying to roll the throttle on like I was road racing,they actually hanging over the fence with their fists and arm in the throttle pinned position,now we’ve come full circle back to a four stroke again,you did super job about the elbows up,it took me a long time to break the road racer elbows,elbows up real lets you move forward better,elbows down you can’t move forward on the bike,and you really get push towards the back of bike you did a great job demonstrating the crash that results from be back to far,I like the dumb founded look too I could see it right thru your full face Helmut…priceless…nice really nice…

Luke Emms says:

This video was a big mistake

Niels Damgaard says:

It would be great if you guys could get featured on Race Day Live in Arlington so that more people could get exposed to the awesome content and services you have to offer!

Talk to Jim Holly. I bet he’d help you out.

Thank you for doing this.

The Angry Squid says:

Thanks !

Kevin Pilling says:

Nice videos guys. I think you forgot about sitting too far back on the bike, thats something o see a lot of riders do and i do it myself sometimes. But great job, thanks for the new vids

Sheldinator says:

I love it man. Thanks !

Axemanudeath says:

Great tips , I’m a novice and your videos really help a lot , thanks for the uploads!

Swiftey says:

sorta has something to do with not looking down… when I first started learning bmx i was riding through a parking lot and I had my head like 170 degrees going straight and my bike ended up turning to where my head was looking and well I went face first into a parked van, I learned pretty quickly that the bike follows you’re head, also helped me learn the basic spinny tricks like flairs and 360’s

Salvatore DiGrigoli says:

This is your calling… Don’t ever stop making these videos

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