Top 10 Dirt Bike Riding Tips for Offroad and Enduro Dirt Bikes – Stop Sucking!

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Want to be a better dirt bike rider? I have ten tips for you here. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order of importance. These tips are not the only things that you need to worry about, but they will all help, that I am sure of.

1. Stand up on the pegs – be in attack position – when it’s gnarly, steep, or rocky… stand up!
2. Weigh the outside peg of a turn
3. Look ahead! Keep your eyes up!
4. Carry more momentum
5. Bike Setup – bars, controls, and sag
6. Cover the clutch and brake – only one or two fingers
7. Don’t Skid the rear wheel – and don’t always clutch when braking
8. Point toes in – and position the pegs on the balls of your feet
9. Don’t clutch when shifting
10. Sit on the tank!

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carl atamanczyk says:

Kyle, I do not recommend clutch-less shifting, unless you really don’t care about the condition of the transmission, or you plan on getting a new bike quite often…… The poor sap that ends up with the your old bike……..

Tom Glander says:

Great tips. Thank you. The key tip for me was using clutch to modulate power to the wheel. Makes lots of sense!

Horace Nerf says:

I’m 6’8″ 240. 265 with gear I have a xr650l and crf250l and was thinking bar risers. What do you think I’m new off road rider

Nedyah Stao says:

I’m probably 5,11 now but will probably end up 6,4 or 6,3 because I’m only fourteen and my dad is 6,4


i send it hard on my ttr 125 AA enduro rider bubba stewart purple power band hammer down

Christos Zo says:

Really nice video, thanks a lot for sharing

Peter Pan says:

Great explanation for common known tips, so this makes it much more understandable and memorable. Thanks!

Jamie O'Sullivan says:

You must of been very bored

Tyson676 says:

that is one beautiful bike!

N Garcia says:

I have a TRENDy question for you Kyle and rest of you guys!
What do you think about the SPOKE WRAPS thing?

I never used but looks like they will trap dirt and water and they will destroy the spokes In shorter time than normal.
What do you think?


Brandon says:

This was a great video! A couple of my buddies who’ve been riding for a while gave me some similar tips out on the trails, but you went in to more detail and explained the “why”. I appreciate instructional videos like this one!

Brandon Quenneville says:

rook teaches rooks*

Mark Jacobs says:

I’ve been riding for 45 years and picked up a few things new. Maybe my YZ400 wouldn’t have hurt me in the early 80s had the internet been around. Thanks for making this vid.

801shang says:

I know this is a little old. But I wanted to mention a couple things. All is good advice with the exception of the foot placement and sitting while climbing. Foot placement should be in the arch so you can cover your brake at all times. Shane Watts actually teaches this in his in depth class. Also, you mentioned sitting during tough climbs for more traction. This is incorrect. If you stand while the bike is angled up a steep slope, you will notice you are putting weight right over the back tire. Try the same climb both ways. Sitting and standing. Standing will always make better traction. As well as adding all the other benefits of standing. This is also something Shane Watts teaches. With exception to those everything else is solid advice. Thanks!

Rory Hofman says:

I have a 2005 year should i use the clutch ¿

HybridEdits says:

Any tips to not be scared of the front end washing out going really fast into a curve? I ride trails and some are super fast sections and i go fast but slow into curves killing my momentum of the trail.

Morgan Bitol says:

im also a rider but not a motocrosser.. i only use my xr150 for service just like going home..

Caleb Mathias says:

Thanks for the tips they will help me a lot

Mateo Badella says:

How do you break and stand


Kyle great vid! Just a suggestion.. could you posibly do an air filter oil shoot out?
Motul, belray, maxima fft, motorex206 mainly the water proof type filter oils to see which ones last the longest between rides/ which one is the tackiest/ with out dripping out onto the garage floor..

Pickle Rick says:

11. Send it

kuladeeluxe says:

Very useful tips Kyle…I guess I’ll hold out on the risers. Really makes me want left hand braking

Marc Graham says:

When in doubt PIN IT

Marc Garin says:

Nice video thanks

Assaf Spector says:

great wisdoms, thanks

mike matthews says:

I do think there is merit in adjusting the bars for your proportions. i am 6 foot with a 71″ wingspan. A windam bend for me is equal to a 6 foot rider with a more common 74″ wingspan on stock bars. Also important is the cockpit length. Rolling the bars forward or rearward even just 1 notch is huge for fit but won’t affect handling. Me adjusting to stock bars means I ride with more bent knees. That pulls the front up and is very fatiguing. I agree that you need to use proper riding position and not just throw risers on instead of proper conditioning. Why there is so much emphasis on adjusting suspension for weight but then you must leave the rest of the fit alone is baffling.

Saqib Shah says:

If anyone want to sell used motocross boot pls told meon whatsaap 0923005164558

pgomes007 says:

Awesome tips m8 great great video not a dirt bike rider but an f800gs rider I think most of what you saying here also applies to heavier bikes like mine specially as mine got the fuel tank on the back and weight distribution is key Offroad also momentum super important on more beefy bikes as when you loose it you drop in traction straight after thanks for all advice very useful

Nuttaya Boyce says:

What if I havnt started trails and im still learning clutch do i have to stand…


Can I shift without the clutch safely on my exc 250 01?

Hesh Life says:

The strongest muscle in my body is my dick tho

Marc Graham says:

Teach em how to jump also

Anonimous Ranch says:

” tall 5’11,’6’2″ great but Im 6’6 can I ride a dirtbike????

Graham Callaghan says:

I have been riding for 40 years I still learn from the videos thanks for putting it out

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