Teaching Mom to ride a dirt bike

We are going to teach Mommy how to ride a dirt bike for her Birthday. I hope she does good and does not get hurt. I think she can handle it. How do you think she will do. Please leave us a like and a comment. Subscribe for more videos and Have a merry Christmas and Holidays coming up. Hope you are doing well and peace to You and you Family. Much love from us to you. See you in the next video.

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georgiaridgerunner 79 says:

Hey I’m just passing through and spotted your Easter day riding video watched it … Just curious what part of ga. Y’all in ? I’m in Warner robins and Johnson county …those trails! can anyone go ride there ?

Travis Norris says:

Get her a dirt bike so that all of y’all can ride together

Jose Luis says:

She is going to do bad

Yamaha Boy18 says:

121 to 1 good like ratio

spymaine89 says:

dam cute great dad.

Mrz Butler says:

Love vidos

Tiaan Marais says:

I love this channel it is my favourite channel

Spencer Simpson says:

She is the best at riding

Talha Akram says:

Awesome bro:)

Mattias Ekman says:

Shes doing great:) Fast learner:)

Andrew Schroeder says:

What happened to the fruit the badge dude did you fix it ?? She did awesome

Greg Blair says:

She did great for her first time!

logan meche says:

I watch the video and read all the comments lol

richard tucker says:

I thought Nathan was ment to be teaching her how to ride lol you need to chill bud 😛 happy birthday though

David Perry says:

Tuning in from Memphis Tennessee

sabrina earth angel says:

super cute teaching you wife to ride awesome happy birthday, I am a mom i taught my so and his friends to ride i have been riding since i was 4.5 year old i love to ride so much fun 🙂

Tiaan Marais says:

I think she did better than my first time

Cummings Beverly says:

Are u trying to sell the pit bike

RideWithWill says:

shes a natural a lot better than how i started. i think she is ready for a 300 ktm tpi :D. Nah im surprised how fast she learned it. i want to teach my wife to ride a bike lol but i think its best to teach using the 1 – 6 method. count seconds till the clutch engages then pull the clutch back in and have them feel the clutch zone. essentially you can ride the bike just using the clutch and no gas


Congratulations to Natalie on her willingness to learn to ride! Thats awesome. I really enjoy watching your family riding videos. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing your life with youtube

David Samano says:

3.45 it is 10 Bolivians Bolivians currency equivalent to 0.15cents in the us

Tina Wilkerson says:

I’m jealous of her my 1st time I dumed the clutch did a wheely and lost it

Malique Thomas says:

Thanks for another asom video

bikes and dirt bike vlogs yeet says:

Oh and Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday to MOM*NOT MINE*ok love the vids!!!

Jamol Simeon says:

Happy birthday Nathalie have an enjoyable one and it is also my birthday

Emery Island says:

Woo Hoo! Birthday girl is a natural!! Go Natalie!

Jacob the fortnite king I’m a hot dog says:


Charles Chapman says:

Finally LOL

logan meche says:

Could I get a shout out I’m board

Furious Dropper says:

Should have got the yz85 and don’t teach your kids the spoiled way no offense

TrollMaster300 says:

Happy Birthday Mom.. Good job on riding. Back break is safer than the front i use both. But for a beginner who’s not going fast. Back break is safe

Tiaan Marais says:

She did very very good

Shawna Kuras says:

You should get nathen a kx 100

Zachary Ryan says:

Greetings from Malaysia

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