SUZUKI GSX-R Dirt Bike 1000cc – OFF ROAD test ride



Kay Mutua says:

that is one angry bee

Pulsdriver1 drakensang says:


Abhinya Shyam Boruah says:

Don’t you think that a little bit of too much power

Stef Rsi says:

1st gear,2nd gear ,that’s it, no more

Dustin h says:

This would be awesome with a paddle at the dunes

joe Doyle says:


Dustin h says:

Thanks for watching our wideo lol

Thomas J says:

Damn that thing sounds nasty

Joe Real says:

I would love to ride that bitch

Dave Rayer says:

Brilliant!! well ridden too…

Hector Martinez says:

SELECT YOUR MOTOR VEHICLE : (A) motor scooter, (B) cruiser, (C) chopper, (D) sports bike, (E) DIRT BIKE.

Jesus Cobos says:

U should take it to some dunes with a paddle tire!

Med kit says:

That Bike Is Fast as Fuck

Gu Jiashun says:

Sound so nice

General Scythe _Max Army_ says:

Susuki Designer: How big of an engine should we make?

Boss: Yes

Susuki Designer: What?

Boss: You heard me boi


Noah Howellstone says:

Big balls

pow boom65 says:

thats the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen..

Jeff Bilodeau says:

Well done Awsome

iddddaduncan says:

99% ON ROAD test ride

peteon4 wheels says:

Fuck ass hole, now I’ve got to build one, lol.

Brent Cutlip says:

Crazy bike man. GSX R stands for Grave Stone X (dead) Rest in pieces. Nothing tears a family apart like 2 people on this hitting a barbed wire fence at 100 mph.

Brian Harrigan says:

Yeah , for amateurs !
Too slow !!
Not lowd enough !!!
My step through 90 would beat it .

Mike Wilhelmson says:

Finally a good looking gixxer

Joe Valdrighi says:

I we looking at kilometers or mile an hour .. It’s hard for me to believe that someone actually scoring 166 miles an hour on a gravel road . That converts to roughly 102 miles an hour . Which is unreal as well ………..

Deadshot 1911 says:

The thing that should not be.

Crazy rider says:

Ну а зачем постоянно в отсечку

lewis eyers says:

Funny thing is this is proberbly 160kg….80kg less than a 1290 ktm super adventure

Steven Collins says:

cr85 would piss over this for sure

Александр says:

охуенный байк. прокатиться бы на нем

Raymond Chadwick says:

goodbye 2 stroke hello super bike engine sounds way better than a powerband

Kody Adamss says:

Stunt bike cage with crotch rocket look and some dirt bike tires. Pretty creative bike

dd 123 says:

Needs handing into the police it’s an animal

とっしーー says:


Manit Chuvit says:


payton Vick says:

Amazing bike you have! I may do that to a Ninja 500, a 1000 is way too much for me.

Joe Marotta says:

Sounds like it’s breaking up, what am I hearing?????

outsider bmo says:

Holly shit, this is very strong bike

Rockit says:

That would be great on a LONG beach –

Chorisiyo mongolo says:

Finally a dirt bike that doesn’t sound like a giant fart

Looney Tooney says:

Fucking Legend…

Tommy Chileti says:

Thats trick

Кира Кирская says:

Огород вспахать можно ?

Devin Jensen says:

Best of both

Black Hat says:

Una bestia

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