STOP SUCKING OFF ROAD! 4 Basic Dirt Bike, Enduro, and Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding Tips #everide

It’s time I learn how to ride an enduro motorcycle off road! Or relearn, I guess. After a recent surgery and break from the dual sports and dirt bikes, I “unlearned” bad habits and replaced them with proper riding techniques and positions. These 4 riding tips have made an ENORMOUS difference in riding dirt bikes and dual sports off road! I have more stamina and less ache. I ride faster, more in control, and with far more confidence with these simple suggestions. So if you have any questions about how to ride a dirt bike, you MUST LEARN THESE BASICS!

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Kevin Johnson says:

Nice honest video…thanks

Edward Hogan says:

What is the black bike in this video? Looks a bit larger than the dirt bikes you’re riding.

Andrei Bogorodski says:

as a self educated off road adventure rider, I learned all those nice topics the hard way (yet a short one).
Other cool things I learned, speed is your friends when it comes to send or gravel, and to never try and save your bike when falling, just leave it and let it fall and slide, just make sure you end up without injuries. Also when you feel like your bike is about to fall on its side, it means you are too slow, turn the throttle up and witness the magic. Another small tip, keep those RPMs high! your engine responds much faster and with much more power when you are on high RPM, so don’t rush to that third gear when off road, and for gods sake, forget that you have a front brake! don’t touch it!

mark perrella says:

i followed your techniques today.. made a huge progress in my riding abilities.. Thanks for the video! You ROCK!

Mike G says:

0:43….A F’n Chair ?  WTF man

MrSscshook says:

love your uploads. thx. greetings from switzerland

Max Ayotte says:

Should probably stay away from the push up tips and stick to dirt bikes lol

Ara Ara says:

I feel like all this stuff is pretty obvious for someone that rides a bicycle since he was a kid. Like with countersteering.

Art Vanden Berg says:

Don’t be trying hands free on a motorcycle until you’ve mastered it on a pedal bike. Like I mean you can pedal your pedal bicycle up a somewhat slope no hands. This is where you come to understand power, balance, balance steering, etc. Don’t let go of the handle bars of a motorcycle until you can do it on a bicycle. Also the standing position can also be learned on a bicycle.

BearsEarsRanch says:

Do another video about the proper weight shift for riding up and down steep hills. I see too many riders on good bikes who just can’t seem to understand you need to look in the headlight going up a hill and slide way back on the seat on steep downhills. I’m 70 years old and still ride for fun and really enjoy it once all those learned tricks switch on like the autopilot. It makes riding dirt so much more fun.

toluwole says:

Great tips thanks

TheEndTrend says:

I don’t like Prairie Dogging either….but sometimes there’s just ain’t a shitter close by!

Jord_2w says:

Damn that place looks beautiful!

It’s all about the ride-, Keeping it alive says:

Great tips ” from Paul in Aus “, check out an Aussie – Cross training his good to.

Gary Evans says:

Again, really great vid.
Thems some awesome trails man!

FattestKidEvvverr says:

dixie medical!

Braxton B says:

Good to know my switching to a bent stance instead of prairie dogging it was a good move that I made early on. I’ve always had issues with foot placement, good to have a better explanation of where I’ve been wrong. I don’t know if anyone else is knock-kneed but if you are like me, I find if my toes are turned outward I automatically am gripping the tank. However, the arm thing I gotta get used to.

Biggest problem I’ve found is gripping the tank so that my legs aren’t sliding around on the tank. Anyone else have this issue? Especially, on a factory steel/aluminum tank?

BearsEarsRanch says:

Great tip about keeping the weight with your toes on the pegs. I learned the hard way by wrapping my foot under a root and around the peg by keeping my weight over the arches of my feet. Long time before real offroad boots were available and the steel shank of the boot wrapped itself around the peg, too. More damage to the boot than my foot, but since then I keep my toes protected and tucked in over the pegs.

Carport Chronicles says:

I can’t agree more about the “athletic stance”, and off-road experience can save your butt on road too. I started riding bikes when I was seven, and when I was a senior in high school in ’86 I had a CB750 Super Sport. No matter how much experience you have on bikes, eventually you will make a mistake, or two, or three… One day I forgot to put my side stand up leaving a buddies house. Everything was fine until my first left hand turn, when I was going 50 mph. I heard the kick stand grind on the pavement and ran straight off the road into a ditch. Instinct kicked in, and I stood up in an athletic stance, just like I’d learned riding dirt bikes, and I somehow managed to keep the bike upright, and got it back on the road. When I stopped to look myself and the bike over for damage, I found weeds caught in the tank badges. The bike was fine, but took a while for me to stop shaking.

Queenslander says:

Lol (Charlie Boorman Gut Wobble) Brilliant Vid, so between you & the Cross Training Chanel Im learning something about dirt riding.

Ajay k says:

Hahaha… This is what I was looking for since ages. Thank you so much. subscribed already.

690 ADV says:

awesome, can’t wait for the next vid! keep them going.

hswam says:

what is that armor shirt at 7:09?

Dante George says:

New to riding but 5 minutes into trail ride and chill my clutch fingers are dead and I’m stalling the bike like it’s going out of style

Ryan Utz says:

Tip #1 go race some motocross. It will fix all your bullshit.

DCM SR says:

Queen B and Suzzane Somers I’m beginning to have some real interesting thoughts…but I digress….

Shaggy Mason says:

Thanks for the video! I appreciate all the tips all apply them when I go out ridding again

Ara Ara says:

0:43 WTF is an office chair doing in the desert?

TheApprentice says:

One thing i personally believe can help quite allot, if you live in the right area for it anyways, is hopping on a MTB and riding some crazy trails in your area when you can’t get the motor out. The bikes may be completely different machines but as a novice dirt rider it’ll give you principles that you can transfer over to your enduro riding (especially if you’re riding the DH stuff); you learn things like line choice, how different surfaces react traction wise and honestly i think it taught me balance too (could do the no hand tank grip within my first 2-3 days of owning a motorcycle, but i have been riding some pretty serious MTB since i was about 6-7 haha). Like i said they are completely different machines but enduro/dual sport does use allot of the same principles, just think it’s off road on two wheels.

Luke Ehrle says:

Awesome video, im just starting out and these are some great tips!

Bamavol89 says:

I’ve only ridden a few times and would love to get into time willing. But the stance thing is just natural to me and made sense. Granted I did ride bicycles a lot so it may have been from that. The foot facing outward, I have done so that is useful. The arms facing outward, again came natural to me. These are great tips though for those who develop bad habits early.

Keith Moore says:

Great video! I laughed I cried and I learned. In a commercial got me wanting to go round up some A-laygals

NiceGuyRides says:

This is great stuff. Preparing to ride the TAT and now I have some skills to practice.

Albert Andrews says:

Soooooo basic
To do the opposite is to be a squid

Pete Miranda says:

What are the GPS coordinates for this trail?

fprintf says:

Late comment, but your directions @ 8:00 about pushups are incorrect because wide pushups are very bad for your elbows. While the commentary about the wideness of the bars is right on, correlating that with very poor form on pushups is not right. “T-rex style” pushups or military style pushups with the elbows close to the body are correct and yes, they are more difficult but they are safer.

brett kovak says:

I rode dirt when I was younger then went to mountain bikes in my 20s this is where I learned all of these skills. I had the privilege of learning these skills from the New England motocross champion from the 60s Mr. Joe Collins! He taught me how to downhill and go FAST & SMOOTH WITH the same technique as you’re talking about! I don’t mtb anymore cuz I’m 51 now! But I am going this direction now!! Great video!!!

Blue Carbon says:

I would think this was common sense, but common sense is very uncommon these days in this post Obama country.

Rafael Martinez says:

hi! great video! can you tell us what to do if in a trail there is an inclination, lets say from left to right and it pulls you off the trail??? how do you handle it???
thank you

mike ock says:

Anyone else think he sounds like fortnine

Quentin Thomas says:

please never say “chan chan” again. omg

Jake Capitanio says:

that sly pedo joke

Ken Kopas says:

This Has Been The BEST Informational Video Ever.!!!! Seriously. Keep up the AMAZING work.

Red Robin says:

Last summer I rode an XT250 on the trail (oraganized dual sport rally) for 5 hours for the first time in 30 years. All of these tips became second nature about a half hour into the ride. You adopt these postures very quickly if you want to survive on the trail.

Cosmonauteable says:

the first in your family to ride a motorcycle offroad? is that the first member of the family to go to college? Do you have it framed?

Anyway, I don’t know man, I think most people do this naturally… Because it’s the most efficient way.

Another Agnostic says:

Just bought my first bike (KLR 650) and I’m going to teach myself the correct way to ride from the beginning.

DucFanDan says:

Great video. Perfect length. Enough explanation, some great first-person examples of these tips in use, but not overly lengthy. Thanks for posting. I have never been good on dirt, but I am gonna get the little TW200 farm bike out and do some practice!

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