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MXA headed up to the Pacific Northwest and met up with Carson Brown. Carson and his dad built a trick KX125 and updated it to be possibly the closest build to what a 2017 model might be like. Enjoy the sounds of this unique 2 stroke build and stay tuned for Part 2 of this video which will be an inside look at the build and what they did to update it.

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Andrew KUBIAK says:

pind out

ฉิว อาปาจาเฮ้!! says:

สุดยอดอ่า เทพไปเลย อยากขี่เก่งๆแบบนี้ค่ะ

Asiaa Alyce says:

love the 2 stroke sound !!!!

Thefinerthingsinlife says:

If you can ride a 125 on the pipe you can ride any bike!

ncy614 says:

Cool vid although the only fast kx’s were Mitch Payton’s they were pretty slow compared to Yamaha and Honda stock wise .

Carko Supriatna says:

Hayang atuh uing….

Dawid Opara says:

Ile masz lat?

Angel Racing Motocross Wear says:

best Motocross vídeo ever…

Trail Blazer says:

Dude knows how to ride!

Josh Winston says:

Time for a top end after making this one video. Good thing there are 4 strokers now days so people don’t run for their lives thinking a swarm of killer wasps are attacking.

Quantavas Morse says:

Nice riding loving it

Fil Tilao says:

Good thing there is no shit music in the bacround

Karson Kruger says:

Kawasaki should make 125s again

Rosmiati Ros says:

kawasaki mantap

Macintosh Mechi says:

The smell of 2stroke engine oil in the morning

TheRealTieLUR says:

So when does the 2 stroke takeback happen? Clearly everyone has realized that 4 strokes were never cool and we had it right the first time!! Bring back talent ripping power bands

max larsen says:

That droner is sick! wat droner is it?

DUFF 194 MX says:


Shaun Kelly says:

Why the fuck ever ride a 4 stroke?!?!

dyan dyan says:

a high flying beast

Lolpau 2 says:


Singgih Purwanto Bayuaji says:

I love the sound…. perfect!

quakecon2009 says:

Amazing, I love how you didn’t ruin it with crappy yo wassup my man music.
That’s why I will never change from a 2 stroke, if you don’t smile to this noise, you ain’t a real MX fan.

Muhd Hamizan says:

Sound so good..

California Mother Lode Prospectors says:

full throttle the entire time.. gotta love it!

ethan hodkinson says:

now that’s a motorbike

Zak Court says:

2008 was the last year of the kx 125, awesome bike and video

สิริน ยิ่งสมบัติ says:


Andrew KUBIAK says:

that whip gave me a noes bleed

Keven Diaz says:

Great video dude i like it….i got a kx100 n ive got to point where i need the power of a 125 nice vid!!!

adam sabz says:

God that is the almighty sound. This boy can rip i feel bad for that bike that bitch is screaming

Rosmiati Ros says:

kawasaki mantap

Stunt13xtreme Xtreme says:

Very cool 2 stroke forever

xGxPhantom Zzz says:

Wait are KTM seriously the only ones left that make “streetlegal” 125 Twostrokes i.e EXC?

Tomi Boštjančič Batič says:

Is there a legal version of this one

Ki's Outdoors too says:

Wow your fast I have a Kawasaki monster energy 65cc

bru itz daxtin says:

Why the fuck would u update a 2005 kx 125

Suntree Thibunchu says:


Rosmiati Ros says:

kawasaki mantap

Baldomero Vega says:

Can have this kx125

Vexent says:

0:59 – When u see police

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