RC ADVENTURES – DUAL 1/4 scale ARX540 Motocross Bikes – First Run at the Track

Click to Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – Double Front Flip into a Catwalk! Bikes roll at 5:55. Welcome to the RCSparks Studio Race Track! Charged and ready, these 2 wheeled electric brushless machines are poised for action. By first letting the e-Gyros get up to speed these bikes are incredibly stable even at slow speeds. It takes some time to get used to the steering.. but this is our FiRST TiME running these bikes.. and like anything worth doing – this takes some practice. Good job to my bud Everett – he seemed to get a hold of the bike fairly quick. I have been told that about the 4th battery pack.. you start to get the hang of this bike. We ran two packs, and I agree. Progression each time.

Here is the site I discovered these bikes on. http://www.armodelling.com/

For the specific bike I am using in this film – here is a short link: http://bit.ly/1SjKzfs

I was hunting for a new off road bike and came across a website for AR Racing. This site is ITALY based, and looks like they may have a pretty good lineup of RC bike-based products. I wanted to get a few of these here so we can see what they are all about, and to get prepared for the coming season. I want to see how well these do in the snow! Being waterproof, I am excited to get out and have some fun..

Here is some help on what an e-Gyro does specifically:

An E-gyro is controlled by a (small) separate gyro esc and brushless outrunner motor that spins a flywheel inside rear wheel, while a mechanical gyro is powered by the rotation of rear wheel, with internal gears and clutch mechanism that spin the flywheel.

An E-gyro is a completely independent system, so no mechanical drag on drive system from having to turn gears, which means faster spinning flywheel and a more efficient system.

The Bike’s motor delivers power more consistently and on tap so throttle control should be better thanks to e-gyro running independently.

An E-gyro keeps bike stable all the time so bike can go slow or fast whenever and for however long you want, so new drivers can learn easier, but a bike with m-gyro requires long straights to help maintain max flywheel speed so bike is stable.

An E-gyro opens the door to racing on tracks now because long open straights on track are not required like with the m-gyro. E-gyro is running full speed all the time (until battery runs low) so bike has great balance everywhere. With an m-gyro (mechanical gyro), once bike gets into mid section of track with braking, turns, and jumps the gyro slows down and bike will begin to wobble, tank slap, and flip flop all over the place until track opens up with long straights again.

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Aidan Belseth says:

good vids i love RC stuff

Roy Mariano says:

are these available in Nitro ? i like the sound and smoke coming out of exhaust pipe…
Cool video Dude !

Jimetra Barnes says:

100 WOWS

Gopher Vlogs says:

I’ve been subbed since 700,000

Dhani Ari says:


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Mr Medly says:

I have that radio for mine FTX Spider

christian west says:

i agree that rcs are lite magnets

Foo Realz says:

500th Commet yayayya

christian west says:

you and evrit make the best team ever

Brooks Putnam says:

I want a rc 18 wheeler

Pokhan Rana says:


Jake Tunnell says:

I do motocross

neddmoulton1 says:

Now I want dirt bikes! Those were far better than I ever imagined they would be

Kevin Harvick Fan 2018 says:

6:42-6:44-Dude are you f**king kdding me lol.

Fardeen Kausmaly says:

wow man very nice

Sean Hatch says:

We need a Nitro bike.

Cullen Darr says:

can I have one

Mike Paradis says:

it just hit me! these bikes need a front brake just like the real thing!


way too pricey and gutless

Bryson Byrd says:

Send me one

Buxtehude .d says:

It is a splendid video.
It is more fun than a genuine motorcycle.

Savage Killer1199 says:

CAn I have a car

All Music Free Music without copyright says:

Very Good Job, and good video Crack;)

Austin Johnson says:

how much did you pay

Trevor Chassagne says:

Hey uh how fast do they go and and how fast can they go because I want one but I want it to go fast with out breaking it not crashing it but like the motor frying the motor

Bryson Byrd says:

Send me one

RC Addiction says:

500th comment

Bahn says:

This makes me think of Excitebike 64.

Trevor Chassagne says:

Can you give me the mph

Courtney Boffeli says:

do more car rc ones

RC Adventure says:

I love those motorcycles man

AussiespotterBrad85 says:

These are fantastic, really take a beating aye! Gotta try these on the beach here in Aust

Kevin Green says:

those are so slow… are they brushless???

BKRacer FPV says:

You know you only bought it cause everret wanted one too lol

Marcos Carvalho says:


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