Razor MX 650 Dirt Rocket with Robert-Andre!

Robert-Andre is unboxing, putting together, reviewing and demonstrating his new Razor MX 650 Dirt Rocket!
This is a high-performance, electric-powered dirt bike
with supercross-inspired styling, a high-torque motor, dual
suspension, and disc brakes. Designed to generate more power for
uphill and off-road conditions!
Includes: Battery charger.
The Razor MX650 Dirt Bike Features:
Speed: Up to 17 mph (27 kmh)
Run Time: Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
Motor: Variable speed, high-torque, chain-driven
Suspension: Dual
Throttle: Twist-grip
Brakes: Hand-operated, dual disc
Frame: Steel with authentic dirt bike geometry
Fork: Double crown
Fairings: Shatter resistant plastic
Handlebars: Adjustable angle, riser style
Grips: Soft rubber
Wheels: 16″ front and 14″ rear pneumatic tires
Kickstand: Retractable, Foot Pegs: Folding, metal
Battery: 36Volt (three 12Volt) sealed lead acid, rechargeable
Includes: Battery charger
Age: 16+
Max Rider Weight: 220 Pounds (100 Kilogram)


PandaGamingz says:

Dirt bikes are kid motorcycles right?

Mr Dylan2253 says:

Guys please
Don’t hate on this cute child a parent probably wouldn’t let a kid ride a gas powered bike

Adilene Medina says:

10cc bro mine is 150cc

TheGuyWithDaHat says:

calls it a real dirtbike
Me: It’s a fucking pain to repair a flooded or leaking XR100(for track use) or XR50(for backyard use)

Adilene Medina says:

Dude stop being a wimp get a Kawasaki Suzuki or honda

Pro Dude says:

And he called it a motorcycle (throws up again)

No Name says:

I have a Kawasaki

Dick Dock says:

It has a cap on “the piece of shit and dosent even take gas”

Samantha Gervasio says:

cool! thanks bro, I was looking for video’s about this because I am asking for one for christmas and I wanted to see if I likes it or not and how good it was. thanks for he video! I subscribed!

Willie Williams says:

I forgot to do this 1 year ago but unbox the rsf 600

Adilene Medina says:

If your dad ever fought someone he’ll get whooped and that’s not a dirt bike that’s. A slow ugly bike

21 Savage says:


Mason Casselman 4467 says:

Man this kid knows his stuff

MotoRacer171 says:

please throw this kid on a cr250. i wanna laugh my ass off

Joey Griffin22 says:

It’s not a dirt bike it’s a electric piece of shit

Adilene Medina says:

This kid calls it a dirt bike it’s a SLOW RAZOR my Kawasaki kx85 goes 70+

Anil Pant says:

You note open750

Luz Murillo says:

Nice vid

tonghua li says:

mod it from 36v to 48v

ZixBlix says:

Anyone know a good dirtbike for 450 or under?

Dee912 Jackson says:

This is pretty cool! I want to introduce my kids to motorcycles and I think this is a good alternative! Thanks for the review!

Dick Dock says:

Get real bikes those are shit electric not even dirt bikes and when he said those are motor cross bikes whaaaat the fuck get a kx 65

Karina Chaparro says:

Little kid in the back”cool

Vilma Salud says:

call it a wimpy mx

Orange X says:

Does anyone know what 220 pounds is in kg

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