Project 2015 Yamaha YZ 125 2 stroke – Motocross Action

For this Project 2 Stroke build John Basher (managing editor at Motocross Action Magazine) built up this 2 stroke with Pro Circuit exhuast, Decal graphics, Dunlop tires, Dubya wheels, Renthal sprockets, Works Connection parts, Hinson clutches, Boyesen , oversized front rotor, Ride engineering triple clamps and much more. To see all our projects head over to and stay tuned for the July issue of Motocross Action Magazine.

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Lucas Games Tomasoni says:

Day de funk

Michael Daily says:

me to

High THC says:

Es hermosa mi moto me encanta!!!

Holden Mann says:

Hey dude I hope u know that yz125 is an enduro dirtbike so try not to break the suspension at the dirtbike track, jumping hills and stuff.

Daniel Reyes says:

I was wondering if the yz125 is a good starter “dirtbike” because I ride quads but never a dirtbike?

Ian Liette says:

I was thinking of getting one of these I am 15and 5″2

Levente Karsai says:

The power is nothing, compared to Ktm Sx

Dave White says:

never seen an idiot double throttle in almost every corner.. raced for 11 years 125 and 250 … sure you ride very good but why even let off and do this double throttle bullshit??? makes no sense and your letting off at critical times..

michael toledo says:

is this available in the market in philippines and how much the cost?

SANDS78 says:

6000 in just upgrades? Must be nice.

Bike looks great.

Andy Montanez says:

NEED HELP! can someone tell me what the jet set up is on this bike? I have the same bike with the same set up (PC pipe/silencer, Boyesen Rad Valve and Power Wing. I’m having hard time rejeting my carburetor to run at optimum performance.. any info is appreciated! thanks!!

john quinn says:

same as mine , almost

Markus Korpela says:

what front fender/mudguard is that (bad english sry)

High THC says:

gracias por el video es fabulosa !

FIlip Jakubowski says:

Did you guys know that the subtitler says “Yeah” when yz is ripping on the track xD

tj1978love says:

it’s sick good job spending that money

Durries 4 Dayz says:

whats the intro song

wheels ontario says:

or just be fast and rid it stock

Maaz Fauji says:

hey .. great job done .. plz help me out can i found a new engine for motocross yz 125

itsLucas says:

how much are these?

Aint1S says:

That PRO CIRCUIT pipe really pushed the looks of the bike over the top!
I was thinking that the pipe has a sort of satin, light brushed finish. That said, I’m going to do that on one of my next bikes! Thinking a good 320 grit paper to lightly brush in the lines will be enough to get it there. Then pass over that with a higher grit 1k+ to knock down the peaks to prevent any dirt from sticking.

stihlms says:

who’s the 16 faggots that disliked this video?

JaxHD says:

or just buy a stock ktm 125 and it will be just as fast or faster lighter barely ever breaks THE BEST BRAKES and then with the extra money just fucking spoil yourself with all the gear you could want and a nice pipe

Antonio Riccioli says:

you can spend whatever you want, the engine won’t get better than a stock ktm one.

56-B52c42o says:

who can buy THIS bike ?

vinyl pusher says:

all going on like you could ride a 125 like this!

Michael Daily says:


Enzo Natta says:

mi deseos más grande es tener una maquina así

MaverickDH says:

Sick as bike! Very dialled.

WasselVEVO says:

esa moto es muy buena

MaxH says:

My bike in a month or two

chritopher Rogers says:

I haven’t been on a 125 yet but I’ve been on a 100 and my 250 4stroke, now I hear that the 125 will blow my 250 out of the water. I do believe this because I have a friend I ride with who has one but something I don’t know is why does the 100 feel so much slower than the 125?

Clutch_Luck says:

Rich bastard.. I’m not jealous..

Mark Lowe says:

Totally get why you built this. Nice work. Agree with every word.

wheels ontario says:

144cc kit + hinson clutch = faster bike then this for $1500 not 6g

Danny Ray says:

fuckin dumbass

Fambo Prod says:

I’m 12, 115 pounds, 5’8. I’m a beginner. What would be a good bike for me. Budget $5000

Shaye fiske says:

Who thinks the steel frame (before aluminum frame that came out) has better handling?

Ethan Cotton says:

that is a sexy looken bike

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