One of the best off-road mod for your motocross dirt bike

You can get many dirt bike mods to make your mx dirt bike ready for trails, I think kickstand is definitely one of them. This is great mod if you have mx dirtbike and ride on the trails or desert, I think its a must have mod for all of you off-road guys on motocross dirt bikes. I didnt have it for long time, finally got it, Kickstand from Trail tech.
best dirt bike mods
kickstand for mx dirt bike


frensis092 says:

Hey Man !

I think you’re must change your front sprocket.

Landon Huddleston says:

Thank you for inspiring me over the last couple mouths you really pushed me to get a 250 witch I did this Saturday I went to the dealership and was able to get a nice 2016 KTM 250 xc-f it was only raced once and was maintained by a professional race team it’s in great shape can’t wait to get out and rip on it thank you again keep up good work

Ricky Dump says:


Chris Brewer says:

I have identical kick stand for my yz250. I really enjoy it. My only gripe is that the replacement screws are no where near as good as OEM and the Allen heads strip really easily.

Vaneater says:

Yeah I could see where this could help hahahaha. Great video.

Michael Bert says:

Im 12 5’8” and around 120 pounds. I have some experience with riding but still pretty new. What would be a good first bike?

pjbuckmaster says:

I was thinking about getting a kick stand and this video sealed the deal for me. Love that you show products for us everyday joes and things that we would use. Another great video.

Fredzey 100 says:

Would a rmz250 be alright as a trail bike

Matthew Bull says:

over $100 for a kickstand, wtf

Johan G.Bruère-Dawson says:

I was wondering why Americans always use MX bikes to go on trails. Here in France we always use Enduro bikes, because they are authorized to go on the road, so we can go from a trail to another trail by the road without risking too much if we encounter the police (except for the lack of mirrors and turn signal, but generally, cops are pretty nice… But not always). And where I live, MX bikes are way too complicated to go on trail, too much power even from a 250 4 stroke. Enduro bikes are way more nimble and do better in technical stuff because we can ”fully” exploit the engine.

Cheers from France.

Matt says:

Don’t you need to change the sproket ? It looks worn out. Im not motorcyclist yet 🙂

373737bandit says:

great tip bro start selling those t shirts

Troy Holman says:

I bought myself a yz400f last week and have watched nearly all your videos learning how to ride and look after bike and how to load it on the ute haha. I really appreciate you doing videos. Thanks. You’ve been heaps of help. Had my 1st ride yesterday and was the best fun ive had in a long time. Had a mate with a quad bike to use as a kick stand haha. This is on the purchase list haha

reino kotze says:

bought the same for my sx. It is yet to be seen if it will move when i am on the motocross track and i need to add a piece of rubber to hold it up on the track.

mitchell baxter says:

dude, that front sprocket looks rough

Hunter14 Hockey says:

Nice job, definitely tell at the end you were excited about it. I already have a stand on mine cause it’s a ktm xcf but if I didn’t that one is pretty cool looking.

Christer K says:

Very Nice Mod

Stef Vanoppen says:

Great tips, great video’s mate ! I’ve nearly seen all of your video’s out there and i’m a big fan ! Can you give us your toughts about clutchless schifting yay Or nay ? Or maybe an idea for a New video? Some shifting tips etc,.. looking forward for an answer of you! Keep up the great work my friend !!

Michael Lamarche says:

Awesome vid, always sucked leaning my yz250 over

Andrey Kitsen says:

Dirt N Iron, I hear a Slavic accent but can’t exactly pin point it.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say Ukrainian ?

nzkiwibri says:

btw – can you do a tip for making clutch lever pull easier? On non-hydrallic clutches? maybe talk about perchs etc?

Michal Augustyniak says:

Can you give us some feedback from the trails regarding that stand please ?

nzkiwibri says:

glad my WR came with one ;-p

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