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I get many, many questions from people about what tires to run on their bikes. Everyone has something different that they like, and there are no right or wrong answers, since so much of this is rider preference. Here are just a couple of tires that have worked well for me in the recent past.


JusticeDeFerenze says:

What did you find out about the Shinko 520 tire? I can’t find if you gave a review on that.

Jerryz Channel says:

I like the Michelin AC10. They track very well in all kinds of soil hard/soft. The are also DOT approved. Excellent wearing rubber compound.

AverageJoe DirtBikes says:

Only a little bit of respect for:)

brettlinton says:

I tried a set of Shinko 520’s and would never buy anything from Shinko again! The rear was ok, but on the front nearly every side knob ripped off by the 3rd ride and I bailed so many times because of the front washing out. The Maxxis IT are great all around tires.

Jamal Roofal says:

80$ tires. Wtf. I know the us dollar is different than canadian. But the prices for tires here are like 180$ for a rear tire and 180$ ish for a front. I would change tires way more often with those prices.

dario marroquin says:

What lift is that?

MaverickDH says:

Tires are so subjective what works well in your area might not work well for where you ride or compared to where Kyle is riding and he can only recommend his experiences based on that, Maxxis choice did surprise me, but hey if it works they’re then locals know best usually, I’m a Metzeller man myself or Pirelli but for wear and performance I prefer the Metz over Pirelli’s. Tjmo. Good vid dude. Cheers

James Russell says:

I run the cheapest tires I can find

3d dirtbikes says:

what stand for your dirtbike do you use???

also i like the michlen mh3 tire. but i only have tried 3 others……

Michael Palmer says:

I just ordered the Sedona tire we’ll see how it holds up.

S Tali says:

Metzeler MCE 6 Days Extreme on my EXC

Paul Fallon says:

Have you tried the Maxxcross EN tire?

KtM2T says:

Kenda K785 Millville II all around, I ride mostly dirt, gravel and sand, the tire performs pretty good.

Cowboy4737 says:

Shinko’s are a good bang for your buck,I run them on my KLR 650 duel sport.

MrJasonfromcanada says:

I’m running a motoz mountain hybrid trials tire on the rear of my 300

Trey Reed says:

What are your thoughts on the IRC M5B and M5B evo I’ve been reccomended those by several hare and hound riders from southeastern Idaho

Spanky Jay Jr. Castleberry says:

What bike lift are you using?

Shane Berkness says:

Do you think the Bridgestone battlecross x30 and x40 would make a good front and rear combo? The x30 is basically an intermediate and the x40 is a hard. I’ll mostly be on gravel, hard trails and some grass. I usually try to avoid the mud so clogging the tread up isn’t going to be an issue.

The Enduro Riders says:

I suggest a pirelli scorpion rear and mx32 front

Phil B says:

Great videos! I also like the maxis but I’m thinking about trying a Michelin Starcross. Any thoughts? Thanks

Blair Hatch says:

what size back tire did you use? I’m on a 250sx and can’t seem to find a 120/80/19 anywhere? Help!

Zeus33rd says:

On my 16 300xcw…Sedona 907 for the rear. Golden tire fatty 4 ply front, great for tubliss. To me, wear is irrelevant on a offroad only tire. Motorcycle tires are cheap. Might try out the shinko cheater next. Softer compound for the win.

eyalcr500 says:

MAXXIS “…wears like steel…”  ???!!!!  yeah, BUT – you forgot to say they also GRAB  like steel on rocks/loose rocks/trails….. means, NONE whatsoever  🙁   the shitiest tires i ever had

crankbearing says:

I’ve tried most of the tires you’ve mentioned, the Maxxis is really good. After trying many front tires, I’ve settled on the Kenda triple seven sticky. Grips awesome in the desert marblepack, and the couple of guys I turned on to them agree… much less washout from the front. I’ve got the Sedona rear on currently, and it’s better than I thought it would be. Very rounded/tall profile which handles a bit differently than a flatter tire. The Kenda Parker desert is OK too, but it works better when installed in a certain direction–I think the Hard option.

So Fly Official says:

oh your getting a new tire because of the sides, the hillbillies will find your dumpster real soon

Jacare1973 says:

130,140/80-18 IRC M5B best tire!

Darshan Yande says:

caN i geT tHat bike in INDIA ??
Let me know pLz

Bill Malec says:

Tires are so region-specific it’s hard to take advice on what works for you. Trial and error seems to be the best.

packinwood2009 says:

Maxxis IT deserts are really tough. I use them on the road to get to the trails and that normally kills “offroad only” tires. They have held up to that reasonably well and still give the offroad performance of an offroad tire.

I should add they are not DOT approved so use at your own risk.

Kenny Krey says:

Where in Utah are you located? We should go ride sometime

Bryce van Heerden says:

i would recommend trying the perreli scorpion in soft rear tyre and an Michelin enduro comp vi (6) in the front

Kenney Chappuis says:

Shinko 520 ? 10k bike with a 10 dollar tire. Well it’s been awhile what happened ?

Dave Wyatt says:

michelan star cross 5 is very grippy indeed and I run the medium compound. noticeably more grippy than the original tyres that came on my 2016 KTM 350excf

Beijing Enduro says:

you look like you got aids

Glenn Edwards says:

M59 is my preferred front tire as well. Works great for Montana single track

JoePass222 says:

Moto Z Terrapactor ST is my go to front for woods. M5B rear for winter definitely.

Something Odd says:

For trail riding, a mix of gravel/rock mountain, what psi would you recommend¿ Still running tubes (that IT is about to get ordered =]).

derfboy15 says:

Awesome video! Im very interested in what stand/lift you have for your bike. it looks very practical and easy to use, have you done a review on it? I was curios what brand it is?

BBHowardLee1 2 says:

I am the same with you, the Dunlop at81(rc) is ok, but I really don’t like it. Maybe if Dunlop would give some “sticky” compounds, it would work good.

HunterFisher 99 says:

i like the kenda parker dt on the rear in 120/90-19

Eric Broome says:

What kind of bike stand is that?

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