Nathan takes his 2017 Kawasaki KX65 trail riding…how will he do!?

We just bought Nathan the new 2017 Kawasaki kx65 today. we brought it home and rode it a little bit, but Nathan was tearing up all the grass I had in the back yard, so we decided to take it to a trail I heard of about 7 years ago.
Come with us on a trip so see how Nathan Lyon will do on his first trail riding on the 2017 kx65 that we just bought hours earlier.
Thanks you all so much for watching this video We really appreciate it!
Much Love from our family to yours, stay safe out there while your having a blast!!

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Sherron Keahi says:

Tell nathe not to rev it up to much his engines gonna blow

boose chances says:

I got my kx65 for 400$

sdm gamer says:

I mean he needs to keep his feet on the pegs

rummelkim says:

He needs to keep his feet on the pegs or he’s gonna reck

Isaac Mata says:

nice dirt bike

Fenton Sal says:

get a Honda 250

Cobi029 Radosavljevic says:

gde kupuju krosera

Suz Duncan says:

not good at all

Nathan Gamble says:

He just needs to change gears earlier. The kx65’s a race bike but it cant have the hell reved out of it either its only a small engine

Gerardo Colon says:

Are you giveing away the Kawasaki kx 65

akelah runas says:

thats nice I like it

boose chances says:

u call that trail ride more like going in circles

Clayton Drier says:

Hey Nathan your feet mate

musicelfus says:

You need to start going to sit here.

kada gorin says:

اين اجد دراجة متل هده

Jason Warren says:

How much will you sell the kx65 for

Cam Aramadam says:

Dose he

Nicole Baker says:

I have a KX65 awesome and you’re going to GermantownThis summer

leland and Lily and Willow Dalys says:

Do you have the kx 65 still

Suz Duncan says:

not good at all

Goldenxxx Proxxx says:

He is so spoiled

nick dongle says:

hes on the pipe everytime he rides i dont think thats too good for that bike, put some sort of limiter on there or something

david ellsworth says:

people crack me up they all think they are experts or something. to me sounds like joules and hating

Lisa Cianci says:

Is that a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke

Banana says:

tell Nathan to look at his area and then go fast like in sand so he does not need to put his feet out

stas matev says:


sdm gamer says:

He needs to learn how to keep his feet on the bike

Suz Duncan says:

not good at all

Chandler Cline says:

It will not blow up

Nicky Wille says:

i like the bike

Coby Hitch says:

were do you live

Anita Morrison says:


Kayled Salaheddin says:

how old is he

Ur mum Gay says:


Slade Fuselier says:

Is this kx 65 a 4 stroke because mine goes 3x that fast but mine is 2 stroke so….

Colton Thomson says:


Slade Fuselier says:

Or he just sucks at riding

Rok Bukva says:

i want to see more trail riding in future videos

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