My new dirt bike Husaberg fx450 first trail ride – love this bike!

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I finally took my new dirt bike Husaberg FX450 for very long trail ride, I was riding with my friend Dallas, he was on Husqvarna FE350, we hit some new trails, went down couple times and had really good time. Let me know what you guys think. Cheers!

first trail riding Husaberg FX450


Zig71 says:

Sounds like hard work , no over rev i noticed too seems to sign off early on the rev range ?

DrFrankn8ter says:

If you get another bike without a hydraulic clutch you should look at getting a Righteous Stunt Clutch
Its a lever and perch assembly with a ball bearing pivot. It really does make a difference in the amount of effort required to pull in the clutch. And I know that there are hydraulic clutch assembly you can buy for $150ish but I like the simplicity and reliability of the RSC also if it ever breaks in anyway you can talk to them and they will send you a new one.

El Monstro de FL says:

Awesome ride brother, great view, wish we had that down here in FL. Cali is known for there motocross/super cross/freestyle MX obsession. FL is getting there but not yet. Keep those videos coming brother!!!

Ivan Rocha says:

Is the flex bars really a good mod i worth the cost?,you keep yours from your old KTM right, they Will fit on the Berg?

Bruno Gregorio says:

Hey, my GasGas ec250 starts good, holds idle, but when it becomes hot it doesnt start so good and has no idle, what you think it can be? Keep up with the videos you’re great

omgawesome says:

I bought a kx250f the other day and after 15 years, finally got back on the mx track, i had such a blast!! Your videos have helped a lot so far since I am basically a beginner again.

you deserve way more subs than you have, man! loving the channel 🙂

KulaFachi says:

Are you doing any mods on her?

zrkn1 says:

I can’t believe you got that bike so cheap. Man it’s got to be worth thousands more especially with all the extras.

Em Ker says:

Great video

Leafy Watson says:

Cool ride man looks so relaxing thanks

Johan G.Bruère-Dawson says:

Nice !

Anthony Vu says:

are you still going to keep the 2 stroke sound in the intro? because you only have a 4 stroke now. EDIT: after watching a few minutes this already makes me want to get a 4 stroke like the yours with engine mapping changes

Tags Breh says:

Awesome ride

De Water says:

My dad was a motorcycle rider when I was a kid but not motocross, I want to ride now but They don’t want it. I asked a few years ago but they said no, now I asked again because they said I need to be older. We have the money too but I don’t know why I cant ride. Please help!!!! How Do I convince them?

Chenzoman says:

Man, I’m in AZ. I would like to ride trails with no friggin rocks! I grew up riding nice NY trails. Nice vid brother!

John Chafin says:

Man, you broke it in real good… LOL

blazers12369 says:

What would you recomend as a good trail bike coming from an 09 yz450f. The bike is too stiff, powerful, kinda heavy and doesnt feel great on the tight stuff. (Price 2500-4k)

Broken Sprocket says:

7.29 NO not the new bike. Glad you like your new bike…

Jonny Long says:

California sucks, too many people, too many laws, too much competition.

Adventures of two fathers says:

Hey man! You shot on hero 3?

Johnny Applepie says:

That bike has a really nice exhaust note

Wide000 says:

I think I would like this trail bike. 450 power with a light feel sounds great… 🙂

Pete Schiavoni says:

Rado that looks awesome!! Great first ride!! Looks like it was great for both technical sections and open sections! I’d love to hear if you find any difference in the different maps. How is it on fuel? I remember that they have a unique fuel tank and no replacements were available back then to increase range. Just curious. Enjoy your new steed!!!

Juan Rios says:

At 10:00 I hate sketchy sections like that I always feel like I’m gonna fall and die

Tom Cornelius says:

That bike is quite doesn’t rev up much

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