MXTV Bike Review – 2014 Suzuki DRZ400E

Brendan hits the Wombat State Forest to test out the work horse that is the Suzuki DR-Z 400E, presented by Insure My Ride, visit for insurance on your motorcycle, scooter or off-road bike


A Train says:

Great farm bike, its alot happier to sit behind cattle all day than my crf450x which will overheat. The power is good and the suspension and seat make riding for hours pleasant.

Hans611 says:

Outdated as hell

Lorenz Wimmer says:

It looks. You’re Special. accessible science What’s happening.. 11

Mobbsy 250 says:


Charlie Zetterberg says:

got one that’s a 2004

matty d says:

Im confused , you said it was an E model but it has stock street legal set up?

Aussie's Moto Adventures says:

I’m getting one in December

69adrummer says:

keep your stop watch and dual trip meter and clock for that matter and give me a damn fuel gauge!!

Paul49myspace says:

38.00 for hand guards and ya got what need.

Robert Ouzts says:

get a bigger fuel tank too and you wont need a gauge cause you can see through

ZERO XX77 says:

new gen of w/c thumpers go and sound great… spare dosh,,so back to me old xt600 e…yawn.

Go BIG or go home says:

I HIT 46 and got a drz400 , my back cant take the hard core endro bikes no more , i just wanted something to get me back in the forestry and beach ,low matinance

ccubsfan94 says:

whats the difference between the s and e models?

Neo Anderson says:

“…the seat is real comfortable..”  What?  Is you butt like 3 inches wide?  The seat is like riding on a 2×4 !

2phalanges says:

is this bike good for freeway and street roads?

Jason H says:

Seriously, is that not the 2007?…

crawlervideo says:

Best review i think!

74KU says:

1:47 -> 1:49 Wonder if he has any tools left.


wow that looks just like my 2003 bike, but mines green.

Vortez Games says:

How much weights DRZ400E ?

Robert Ouzts says:

suspension is too soft, needs stiffer springs, also stock jetting sucks, must get a new needle and change pilot and main jets and open air box on top.  awesome bike though

Sean Moore says:

Thank you for your review. I’ve been trying to decide between the KTM 350 exc-f and the DRZ-400S, but I think this just tipped the scales in favor of the Suzuki. Again, thank you from Bellingham, Washington, USA.

itay hadar says:


jack schitt says:

low to the ground? for beginner?

Juha says:

DRZ never die lol

dudelivestrong says:

When will they update the style of these bikes it looks like a bike from the 90s. Awful looking. But I’m sure it’s a good bike.

Stu650Zuk says:

It’s a shame that the DRZ model in the US, S model comes with a CV carb and not the flatslide pumper as the E model.  E models aren’t street legal from the factory here, so you have to convert your S model to E specs.  Also different compression and other things.  Great bikes none the less though, simple, efficient and fun to ride. I miss my old DR350s model, it was a good 50/50 bike also.

Mobbsy 250 says:

You guys should do a showdown including kx85,crf150rb,rm85,yz85 and ktm85

natural 9 says:


Mobbsy 250 says:

yes! mxtvshow is back 😀
I was hoping that you guys could do video on the 2014 Honda crf150r/rb

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