Motocross vs Enduro Bike (Vlog 1)-Trail Riding

Motocross vs Enduro Bike (Vlog 1)-Trail Riding
Buying a dirt bike can be difficult. Especially if your new to the sport or looking to upgrade. A question people ask me often is, can I use a motocross bike on the tight technical single track trails? Tune in as I go over some brief differences between using a motocross bike or an enduro bike while riding single track in north Idaho. Maybe I can better assist you in purchasing your next bike. Either way you can’t go wrong with either bike nowadays. Check out below the location of the Graham Trail System. This trail is a lot of fun!!! Awesome terrain and plenty of areas to practice becoming a better rider.

Trail System: Graham Trail System off the Coeur d’ Alene River Rd. North Idaho

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Jay 0711 says:

I’ve been riding a 2017 yz250x for a little over six months now and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve been reading that some of the motocross guys even prefer it over the regular yz250.

sullyfam5 says:

Nice video! I have converted many MX bikes to off-road/Enduro racing and the biggest difference IMO is suspension valving. Power can be an issue, but I think that is more relevant to 2 strokes and then likely ability. You can lug darn near any 4 stroke if you are an A/B rider.

Cody Shanks says:

I wish monster worked drinking them all the time i guess ur body gets used to it now I drink cuz if taste it does nothing for me haha

Ranger Bill says:

nice trails. what kinda footwear are you wearing? Riding alone on some of those trails looks risky with that kind of gear

cody mccallister says:

You going to KLIM COWTAG event in rigby?

littlered1403 says:

Post some more

Cody Shanks says:

Any dirt bijr can be used for trail riding just gotta know how the bike works

Jose Jimenez says:

Two strokes are for the haters..

Average Joe Moto says:

What’s up dirt grinder I just found your channel I actually am just starting mine I ride a cr250 woods weapon check out what upgrades i did to make it a low end beast

Watch “Cr250 Motocross/Enduro conversion” on YouTube


You should ride at bady bowl it is not far from you

mike v says:

Add a heavy flywheel and there’s basically no difference. Mx bikes are still a little high strung, but more then manageable with a heavy flywheel or flywheel weight.

Maershkin Schrabs says:

Wow which region of state do you live in? from a curious Australian.

Nicholstop : says:

I’ve got a 2017 crf250 and I really like the red but how sex would it look if I could match the Honda red on the number plates, I don’t race and it’s the 250l so it’s not ever gonna have numbers but I’m def thinking about red out

Matthew Smith says:

What’s a good dirt bike for trail riding? I’ve thought about a kawie or a Honda 250. But I’ve been seeing a bunch of stuff about how some of the 4 stroke bikes aren’t as good on trails as others.

E L E G A N C K O says:

so you think if i want to ride in forests and ride up a coal piles i should buy enduro? unfortunately i have only $2000 so i dont have money for enduro. You think yamaha yz 125 will be good?

Alejandro David says:

nice video dude! can you make a video showing what mods have you done to your bike (battery, lights, suspention, etc.)?

mickpork says:

do you have to have the valve clearances checked on an enduro bike?

The MX Guru says:

Love it

Top Binnerz says:

Hi nice video i subbed and i hope you can check out my channel and subscribe!

Tim Henry says:

I have a yz450. it will flame out if you lug it. adding a 9 oz flywheel and a few teeth on the rear will help. I got a dandy deal on it so o bought it.

Tim Henry says:

Do not click on angelicas name. its messed up. porn virus.

guloguloguy says:

……Ok, well, I guess that there’s little to no real difference between a “motocross”, vs “enduro” bike?!…. except for the “horse power/rpm” curve of the engine, and, maybe 20 pounds?!…. So,..Is it a “big deal”…(?)…

Quinn Julian says:

DirtGrinderEnduro I ride a 2014 yz450f and it is 100% stock weighing in at 240 pounds. So I know for a fact that your cr450f is not 220 pound. A yz 250 2 stroke full of fuel and oil is in the 220’s.

cody mccallister says:

Bummer I mean good to be busy remember to have some fun to

Becky Bilaski says:

What’s that oh! And ? Funny. Becareful. Great video.

jacob fehr says:

Cool . I live not to far from their in bc (British Columbia ) Canada

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