MOTOCROSS TO ENDURO CONVERSION 1: the savage beast How to convert a motocross bike into an enduro bike – we get our hands on a 2015 KTM 250SX. Hmmm, riding a motocross bike on our tracks. But it’s only a 250, how hard could it be?

Is it worth converting a motocross bike like the KTM 250SX into an enduro bike, a GNCC racer or a woods bike? In some cases, yes. A motocross bike is very light, cheap, and has fewer things to break. And the extra power and firmer suspension might suit the experienced aggressive rider who is racing.

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I was just starting to get the hang of a two stroke again after a few hours and man was it fun. But as expected, the power delivery needs to be far more linear, the flywheel weight is desperately needed to improve stall resistance and smooth out the response, and the suspensions work, especially those atrocious 4CS forks. Stay tuned it should be fun!

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So it all comes down to your budget, where you want to ride and how you want to ride. Some riders find that by the time they do their enduro conversion they have wiped out any savings made buying a cheap motocross bike… and they still have a close ratio gearbox. Then again, some guys just love tinkering and modifying so here are the usual mods.

Is it worth converting a motocross bike to an enduro bike? Sadly in most of Australia there are few places you can legally ride an unplated bike. But other countries like the US have plenty of GNCC events and places to ride an unplated bike. If you are on an extreme budget and can live with the compromises it makes a lot of sense. Or for the competent aggressive rider, it could be a nearly ideal solution. And of course some guys love a project bike and don’t mind throwing money at something like this. But of course it can make far more sense to just buy an enduro bike then strip it back to save weight and put a lithium battery in it. Got any further tips, mods or suggestions?


Richard Cabitto says:

Thanks for the info. I’d like to try the throttle tamer on my 01 yz426 woods bike. Also, the flywheel weight . Dont want to take it down to much so how heavy do you rec on this beast?

BraapLord12 says:

All 2 strokes are mental

Jerry Coon says:

The high heel riding boots… LOL!!!!

2Wheels 4Life says:

the high heel motocross boots were hilarious lol

Meeker Extreme says:

I have had a lot of Motorcross guys tell me their bike is the same as an Enduro I say no they want to argue and I leave it at that. Not going to change their minds. Not the same at all in how they are setup other then two wheels it’s like taking a Sportbike out on the track or trail…very different animals for different task. Same goes taking my Enduro out on a motorcross track it’s not made to take those landings.

Shawn FreeofTyranny says:

Well I guess I’ll take this as a compliment.That life keeps robbing of my chances to have been a racer then my chance to be on forefront of freestyle.At 53′ in need of health recover.knee replacement+broken back I’m using these vids. to get back in shape and try with my old stock 02′ KTM.I;m trying to adjust my skills to do these things not the raw ass,hair throttle power.And L.O.L.I got short legs.

Ryan Mordecai says:

Ever in doubt just pin it and get ready to hold on, it will get you out of anything .

slosolo2 says:

Guys I enjoy your channel but I had to thumb this one down. The audio was terrible. All I could hear was braaaaap brapbrap braaaaaap. It was obnoxious particularly since I know you can do better.

Randy Johnson says:

awesome as usual! If ya get the chance, try the aftermarket cylinder head with the replaceable Chambers. then you can tune to any possibility.

Jordi Burns says:

Is this up at Gloucester ?

Leah Hendricks says:

You have to pull in the clutch just a tad when you’re doing those hill climbs on a two stroke! I’m 99% sure that I learned that from you 🙂

Charlie Kohn says:

dont forget the katos have 2 maps from the factory in their ignition. this will sound counter intuitive but a thinner base gasket while raising compression will drop the ports. how much depends on what base gasket is there stock. if its the .2 and .6 stacked going yo a .4 is noticable. .2 is tempting but they tend to blow on there own. copper spray has help keep the .2 in but i dont trust it. most enduro moxrls are a .2 and .4 stacked.

black dog says:

CROSS TRAINING ENDURO SKILLS, are you 7 feet tall?

Kak Eyed says:

uummphfff!!! I’d let you know that our gay riders ride way more better than your gay riders. Funk you very much – from Canuckistan.
ps. don’t try to mate with the nc700x riders dot cum, they’re way too serious. Nary a nip’lick an they’re all up tight. Bi-atches.

anonMS dawg says:

just bought an 01 yz250 geared lower for trail riding with large tank we’ll see how she does compared to my 97 cr250 race bike.

patrick burgess says:

thank you so much for the series!

Richard Cabitto says:

Thanks , I’d love to donate to your cause. But will be saving my pennies for now! Got to keep the beast going!!

markmtbrider says:

great sruff. so if i install the throttle tamer backwards on my show room stk kdx 220, it will double my horse power? i will get a red spring and install it somewhere so it too will wheel spin up hills like birchy

pers pers says:

i have a Yamaha DT 125. Can I race on MX track?

Nafskie says:

Get the stealth flywheel, and they will calm the bang of the power coming on, also get the Vforce reeds and rejet accordingly.

I took a Husqvarna TC250 and converted it to an enduro bike. I got a six speed gearset from a 300 XC, and have the Vforce reeds, 9oz stealth flywheel, SXS combustion dome and cap, Ported my 38mm carb, and am running 13/51 sprockets.

All i can say is hold on for dear life….ITS A ROCKET…

The G2 throttle calmer on a 4t only starts to work once you get to 300 and 400.

Thomas Musleh says:

So does this mean you got rid of your second Italian princess?

Liam Collins says:

but its a great vid

F1N Enduro says:

Greetings from Finland! Must say that you make very interesting and useful videos! Keep it up ! I have couple vids too 😉

EnduroBluff says:

Riding an mx bike in enduro is easy as I do it

bladimir kroutska says:

Never liked motocross as a sport, and never liked enduro bikes.I have always found them both boring.
Now what I’ve always liked, is enduro and motocross bikes..Never got bored with those!
And since I’m not going to “Romaniacs” or “Esbjerg” any time soon, my mx bike is less heavy to maneuver and pick up when I fall.

Guffey 16 says:

Ya need to rev that beast a little higher bud

CanGasser says:

I’m in the process of converting a SX for woods riding looking forward to seeing the finished product with the flywheel and maybe try the yellow spring.

davidlip says:

Will you do any port work?

Divine Michael says:

that’s what i ran in gncc’s and harescrambels a ktm 250 sx

Jesse Arellanes says:


buaan says:

Agreffis… haha 🙂 Good vid!

Dennis stjean says:

that is what destroys trails mx bikes no flywheel wrong gearing no experiance nothing has changed since 1975 dennis

Dimitriy Vahnenko says:

finally! I’m excited about this series! can’t wait to see what else you do to this bike! my question is this: I ride an ’09 kx450f mx bike and it has a 120/80/19 rear tire. I noticed that enduro bikes have 18 inch wheels with taller sidewalls than what a typical 19 in tire has. my tire has a very narrow sidewall. when I put a new tire on, for hard enduro, should I stick with the original factory size? or do I get a tire with a taller sidewall? what is your experience in this regard? I’m looking for more traction with the tubliss system but don’t want to compromise cornering.

Moto Clown says:

What height are you?

some guy says:

i ride a kx250f full time enduro, ive really adjusted the suspension but thats about it for major work, i find i dont get alota wheel spin and rarely stall and i love how light it is

Riding Japan says:

is it really that different?

Liam Collins says:

Throttle tamers are a stupid wast of money you just pay for less power

Jacare1973 says:

Good vid! You think that’s fun. Try riding a CR500 with a cr250 ignition and flywheel! I agree the motocross bikes don’t handle as well as an enduro bike on tight single track. I find the enduro bikes lack the arm stretching thrill that a motocross bike has. I split the difference and ride 500’s set up for offroad.

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