Motocross gear – What you need to buy

Getting started in Motocross: What gear you need for Motocross or when riding a dirt bike
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In the video I include what to look for when buying a Helmet, motocross boots, chest protector,neck brace, knee pads, knee braces,elbow pads, kidney belt, motocross pants and jersey, and what types of goggles are out there .

My Gear featured in the Video: ( some of my gear is a year or 2 old so some gear isn’t still around but I’ve listed the newest product of the same model and make

Fox V1 Helmet –
Forma Terrain TX MX boots – US UK
Fox Proframe LC Chest Protector -
Leatt Adventure 3 Neck Brace –…
Knee Braces –…

Knee Brace Socks –… ( Scroll Down)
Motocross gear Fly Racing –…
Fox Goggles-
Eks Brand Goggles –
Rip N Roll Goggles -
EVS Kidney belt –…
Elbow Pads –…

Where To Buy:

USA – – –

UK – – – –…

If you have any questions or want any more links please ask in the comments

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YouTube Geeks says:

This video was super helpful, i was introduced to gear i never even knew about!


Girl or boy

The Gaming Flame says:

you don’t NEED any thing

xX ElementalqwersXx says:

Why are boots so expensive

Gabe Lung says:

thanks helped me slot love the vids

AMG says:

Great vid!!

Clasher_of_clans22 says:

If I’m 13 and 4,9 would an rm 85 be too big for me?

KeyboardWarrior says:

those boots on that clean bed….

Sam Tipler says:

I’m 5″7 and I’ve grown out of my Dirt bike do u have any options that would be around £500 -£900 second hand

twisty gaming says:

My body armour based on the same as yours

hdhehej says:

in motorcross do they give you a bike or do u have to buy or rent one from them

Adam says:

in my opinion all you need is a helmet, goggles, gloves, and knee pads.

Trevor Ennis says:

how do i get into the motocross community and get into races?

bigmanracing300 Ktm says:

I could listen to your voice all day

Whytho? - says:

you have realy cool gear

will chilman says:

Do I need a bike to start

//Jakeii / says:

when i found out that in the summer THIS summer i will get a quad bike i cried of happiness

diamond shield says:

I go dirtbikin and iv got a kx65 2017

Gamer /vloger says:

I need some free boots bro please man my family is poor but I do have a bike please

Georgey5000 says:

How very posh

dylan duelsport Nagy says:

in America, they only require, jersey, helmit,  motocross pants, and motocross  boots, gloves and goggles

KOOLDUD3 24 says:

i got my hrlment for 50$ on sale

Squishy says:

liked this video! awesoem!

jort philipse says:

I going to start motorcrossing this year do you have any tips for me?

Alyssa Morales says:

Do you own a bike? And if so what model?

CaMxIn says:

its pretty easy to know what your gonna have to get

Nash Abrahams says:

I will be starting quad biking soon so will be need those things thanks for the video

Zyntrill says:

Is this a boy or a girl

Brayden Bainbridge says:

This kid truly knows what he’s talking about. Great video. Already knew this for years but I was curious. Loved it! And yea I’m late

DawsonAwesome 1 says:

Nice video

M3rt3ls Ch4nn3l says:


Monty Barnes says:

How much would all of your gear cost

innovation says:

Gosh this sport is so expensive but I can’t help it!!!

Sanchez 674 says:

Do the kneepads go inside the pants or outside

IndoStar says:

one thing would the chest protector go inside or outside of the jersey one of my friends say inside the other said out side so witch one

Dakodah38 Mx says:

Can u do something on how to pick up a sponsor because I’m sure your fans will love it

Keane N1411 says:

how much would it cost to buy all of those but on a small buget

MINI Tekkazz says:

what would you say is a good starter bike for juniors and where would be a good place to get my gear from?

Gerrard says:

great video thanks, one thing I noticed with pants is if you use knee braces you need a larger pant size to get them on over them

Brandon Batham says:

Lol I have 5 pairs of dirt bike goggles

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