Mega Trail Bike Comparison — What is the Best Bike?

We compare a bunch of different trail bikes and some converted trail bikes on the Kennedy Meadow trail system.


SANDS78 says:

Weird, I just talked to my suspension guy about making my 300 XC more like my buddies 300 XCW. Mine is very harsh compared to his. Both are the same year bikes with similar hours.

James Bramblett says:

How’s the 450x power delivery for tighter single track?

Chris Basson says:

I have a TE 250i with the xplor suspension. What would you do to it to improve it? Racetec calving kit?

Eric Wahl says:

14/51 stock gearing? Figured it would be the same as a 2017 KTM XC at 13/50? How does it compare?

Nancy Blanchard says:

What about the yz250x?

Jonathan Wallin says:

Have you done a conversion on a yz250f? i have a hard time deciding if i wanna ride enduro or motocross this year. Im aware that there is an fx version but they are so expensive and rare here in Sweden.

Daniel C says:

Is the new WR 450F/YZ 450FX worth the $9,500 sticker price? I know I can find the used older carbureted models online for around $3,000-$4,000, but I like to buy new if I can.

Rick Carle says:

Jay, it looks like you may be a little more biased than you think… The XC and XCW are debatable but that 270 is in no way better than the XCW on the trails.

LiberateAmericafromIsrael says:

is Kennedy meadow open right now?

Nick Defreitas says:

Oh no, my 450X came last. I definitely understand why, but I use mine for long open dirt trails blowing 4th/5th gear, that’s where she shines. Would never consider tight technical stuff.

Matt D says:

Would love to see you guys test the new CRF250RX

Stefan C says:

Great shootout!  It’s nice to see some real world bikes from different years rather than the usual shootouts.  How about a shootout of the MX bikes on the trails?  I know it seems like every company is making off road models, but sometimes you can get a steal on an MX bike and for hare scrambles and mild trails they can do ok.

Darvin Diaz says:

what about a 05 250x with a big bore kit and stage 1 cam?

donyourhelmet says:

Loving the Videos Guys, so hard to find an unbias bike review channel.
Can I out break the ABS on My KTM 1290?
Watch the full Video at

Francis Belanger says:

What are the changes to did to convert the crf250r to a trail bike?

KTM Rider says:

My son has a 2018 TE300, I have a 2018 KTM 300 XCW 6days. The KTM has the Kreft Revalve Control suspension and my son’s is stock. Hands down the KTM is far superior with the Kreft suspension. Never ridden a bike more plush on single track. I suspect the Husky with the Kreft would be equally as good, perhaps better with linkage suspension. KTM has the Lectron and the Husky has stock carb, hands down KTM is better. The bike with the better mods will always come out on top. Excellent review on the different bikes! Thanks.

Johnathan Yinger says:

Do you think a 17+ kx250f is a good platform for a trail bike? My plan is to get one this summer, but I have no experience with the Showa SFF forks. I abuse the heck out of clutches, and ktm’s are the only ones that don’t lose feel or slip. How does the kx250f clutch handle abuse? Do you think a fan kit is necessary to keep the kx cool at slow speeds? thanks

eric ahearn says:

Love my 18 300xc-w…have not ridden the aer forks though but my have been revalved by evo and they are great

jvoclain says:

What you think of converted crf450r ???

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