KX 250 Beastly Build! How to Transform a Motocross bike to a Woods Dirtbike

In this Cycledrag.com project, we call on the experts to help transform a 2002 Kawasaki KX 250 into a mean woods bike.

You gotta see this #twostroke #dirtbike fans – check out the latest Cycledrag.com project bike. It’s a 2002 #Kawasaki #KX250 undergoing a transformation from a #motocross bike to a #woods #harescramble #GNCC #trail #enduro bike. We have received some help and guidance from some of the best folks out there. Use these fine companies to keep your old school #twostroke alive. #twostrokerevolution

Thank you
#FMF – http://www.fmfracing.com/
#MotoLab http://motolabdirtbikes.com/
#Boyesen https://www.boyesen.com/
#SDG http://www.sdgusa.com/
#Mylers https://mylers-radiators.myshopify.com/
Woody’s Wheel Works http://www.woodyswheelworks.com/
#IMS https://www.imsproducts.com/


Colby Richardson says:

Is a Honda 85 good in woods 2003 Honda 85 2 stroke

Donyelle Williams says:

Wish I had the money to hook my 2000 KX250 up like that!

John says:

Get Some : Pro Grip Dual sport Grips. They’re the best

Z Shark says:

Sweet looking KX.. only thing I would add is some Rad guards if they make them.

gats says:

How am I watching fucking infomercials on YouTube?

pariahtizer says:

To make a KX a woods bike you need to gear down, and it’s a good idea to use a flywheel weight for better tractoring and traction.  Did you do these mod’s and just forget to mention in video?  I’d be very surprised to hear you’re running stocker gears and no weight in techy woods riding.

Demonik says:

just for looks, you could put a newer front fender on from a 2017 450 or something

Jesse Arellanes says:


R C says:

I ride a 01 kx. First gears real tall. Front brake sucks. Cr style front line helps a lot along with an oversized rotor, radiator guards would be a good idea too. That bikes clean!!!!!!

IRQ1Conflict says:

Those are some ugly welds.

Beck B says:

Beautiful bike! I restored my 99 kx250 two years ago and had a blast doing it. Still own it in fact. Enjoy.

zomtastic gamer says:

Hi I also own a 2002 kx250 and I plan on restoring it is there a chance you could give me a price on how much this all costs thanks

Backyard Boosters says:

this thing is sick!

No No's says:

damn… its clear that you’re a motocross rider since you care about aftermarket stuff like an fmf exaust, clutch cover etc, I have been riding enduro for about 4 years now so I am not that good. But there is one thing i know for sure and that is that there is a huge difference between mx riders and enduro riders. I have a ktm exc that i bought brand new and i have not changed enything since i bought it. the only things i have changed is my piston every 30 hour, oil every 30 hour etc and i have changed almost every oil/fluid on my bike every 30 hour which makes my bike a hell of a machine. we are not focusing on aftermarket exausts, graphic kits or clutch covers the real enduro boys are focused on riding a rock solid bike that can handle rough terrain!

Justin Davis says:

Beauty bike bro. Makes me want to give my 08 kx 250 the factory treatment. But man! Where’s the roost footage at?

Michael MacDonald says:

i literally have all the same mods on my 04 kx250

jake long says:

I have a 2004 kx 250 and the clutch is just so bad I’m low end it stalls really easy should I get a new cable or a fly wheel wate or what should I do I race wood hair scrambles too

Wolfgang Gerber says:

sick bike ive got one

RoostMoto says:

i love 2 strokes

vstarpilot says:

When are you going to upload some video of this bike in action? Looking forward to it. Some people add a side stand . Also a G2 throttle tamer helps in the slower stuff and keeping traction.

Phillip Shatilla says:

Oh for gods sake… This is BS, all you need is to add one tooth to the rear sprocket. Ride on the pipe and maintain your machine. Hand guards, rims, water pumps… Pffffff gimme a break.

Kelly Jung says:

I have a 2002 KX250 ! Subscribe to my channel and watch my desert vids. I have the Knarley FMF pipe too. My Tank holds 3.1 gallons. Check me out.

Austin Whitecotton says:

heat or light radiates, not RAD iates.

Tyler Monagan says:

really good video man

Jake Fejer says:

I have the same bike. All I need is graphics and it will be almost the same as yours. Where did you get yours.

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