KX 125 Top Speed!!! & Some Trail Riding – Kx 125 Moto Vlog #37

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Last Vlog – https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=iUjUOLwDTQA
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ViperRides150 XD says:

Love your channel man

Keeling99 says:

nice vid! im looking to buy a kx know any websites?

Kyle Allard says:

Hey I’m from wyoming

ツSlappin says:

im 5’1 could i ride this bike?

ViperRides150 XD says:

Nice video man

Beer 30 says:

Nice video….. Do a mowing time laps….lol

Andrew Church says:

keep doing what your doin

Alexander Tirado says:

what do you do for work?

Gabe Luna says:

Why dont you ever let go of the gas when you shift

Matthew muthafuckin G says:

nice bike I’ve got the same thing only 2001 and watch out trying to do clutch up wheelies on that thing man if that power band hits your gonna need a new back fender lol

HNHussain Ali says:

your bike sound is soo sooo awesome man ….

Lucas Wm says:


jurcek 000 says:

is this bike good for a beginner who is 5,4 and 13yrs old? someone please respond

Anthony204 says:

Your bike only has 5 gears my kx 125 has 6

Zach kelly says:


kavon hockaday says:

get in power band befor u lift up don’t use clutch do lik u was at first

Logan Redmon says:

how much did u get that bike for cause that is the bike that i have wanted for like 6 years and im trying to save up for it

VorteXshocK 1 says:

what year

Live it Like Logan says:

People don’t care if you go through their yards and driveways?

Everything Highlights says:

Damn bro is it me or did your sub count go up big time

ϟ εхσđε ϟ says:

Build Year of the bike?

WC Duner says:

Cali is nothing special. Dry and for the most part dirty cities

Melloboy12 says:

Hey how tall are you im trying to get a dirt bike im 15 about to be 16 and i am 6’1

Philipp Nesterov says:


ThatCheetoGamer YT says:

sub back


u have to pop the cluch and put it in frst

TripleJay_802 says:

Why you got them big jumps if you hit them like a girl

Hamisutca Sehanyszam says:

When you don’t twist the gas, PULL THAT CLUTC LEAVER IN DUDE! 2 strokes didn’t have lubrication when you let the gas. It justs kills the whole top end. Just metal on metal without oil.

ASAGBI Crew says:

awsome video man, i was watchin this wen i wanted to start motocross and buy a bike, now i own a 02 kx125 😀

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