KTM SX-E Freeride electric motorbike Test ride

We had chance to test ride this KTM electric dirt bikes! First it was kind of wierd because it’s noiseless but after when you forget that it felt just like a normal dirt bike!
If i had the money i would buy one of these and ride it on sundays 😀
Koven – Silence



2WHEEL [HOON] says:

put like 4 gears and a clutch on it and ill buy it

John Doey says:

Yeah I’d do the same

Eratiik says:

0:37 Wookiee mating call.

Rt Harmon says:

I can ride that in my house

Pillokun says:

Sounds like pig squealing.

Anthony Ulfig says:

Pretty stealthy….. and u could have extra batteries ready to go


is there one for kids bro

Icetwk music says:

Hahaha Sound It cool.

themurdo21 says:

Shut the fuck up!!!

Peter says:

The guy sounded like an arab singing for a sec

TH Project says:

You sound like a sheep

Adi ws says:


JD Jim says:

This is fucking awesome

Ryan Giles says:

I wish he’d shut up so I could hear it

Serg says:

we need a Tesla dirt bike

daniel madrid says:

Quality dirt bike sounds

michael wade says:

stopped watching as soon as he started making sound effects..

Ralla Andy says:


Mr.Riffian says:

You sound too rich. Lean out a little bit.

Decaying Tomatoe says:

Besides sounding like shit, these are pretty nice

Aaron Soto says:

reminds me of a brushless RC car. wow. incredible.

delirious wolf says:

Sounds like a RC car lol

Kiraa Gaming! says:

hwere can i bye that ONE PLZ REAPLY…

Rohit Rawal says:


586guest2 says:

I got tired of my power wheels before I hit 10 years old.

Dylan Guerrero says:

Sounds like when you take an arabs goat

Sheldon Eischens says:

My dad has one and he lets me ride it

Eric Cartman says:

i need this so i can drive at night

Jose Eugenio Bravo Zapata says:


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