KTM 150 XC-W Review | Who this bike IS for and who it’s NOT for

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I had a good time owning, riding, and reviewing the 2017 KTM 150 XC-W. Here are some of the main things that I cover in the video:

The Good

Electric Start
Top end on motor
Rewards you for pushing it hard
18 inch rear
Forks compression and rebound on top. No tools needed to adjust them.
Fuel tank large enough for longer rides
Header Pipe more tucked up and away than it’s big brothers
Kickstart. Good for those cold mornings.
Can do the Gnarly stuff too
Feels light, and is light – 226 lbs
Not too much power to get you into trouble
Good to practice rocks and logs
Great for pivot turns
1st gear good for really technical
Trip computer
PDS suspension in the rear leaves nothing to hook on logs
ODI grips easy to change
Good battery

The Bad
Low end torque – Not much of it – helped with RK Tek Head
Have to shift a lot as compared to a 250 or 300 two stroke
Can get tiring trying to push the bike hard all the time
Harder to get the front tire over obstacles at speed
No skid plate stock
1st and 2nd gears too low for my liking. Makes shift to 3rd interesting since there is a large gap
Isn’t as forgiving in the gnarly stuff as a bigger bore bike

Who is it for?
Riders transitioning from smaller bikes
Riders transitioning from something like CRF 250X
Riders wanting a “play bike” to work on riding skills
Riders that want to ride “on the pipe” more often than not
Singletrack lovers

Who is this bike NOT for?
Someone who wants to be lazy and stay in one gear
Someone who wants to lug around
Desert Racers

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Jordan Wayment says:

Hey I live in Utah also. I love this channel you have earned a new subscriber. 2 questions…1 I saw your single track ride with a building on top of the mountain where is that trail? I’d love to ride it! 2 you mentioned you need to shift a lot would that be the same I’d you put a recluse clutch on there? I ride a wr 450 I want to down size so I can ride more like a trail bike style. I feel my 450 is to heavy for that type of riding. I do a lot of single track up here in north Ogden. I’m considering purchasing smaller bike like this or cr150f or 125 two stroke etc.

Braden Riley says:

It should come with this, it should come with that…why are dirt bikes so expensive? Careful what you wish for. One of the reasons I bought a YZ250X and not a KTM.

NovaCharm says:

Moving from the city to a mountain town. I’m looking to pick up a bike for learning (all skills, I have next to no experience). I’m probably gonna be riding around my house, about 4 acres of woodland mountain terrain, and the surrounding area (lots of mountains, forest, lake type areas). Would you recommend this bike for me or something else?

Coopw says:

I am 12 years old and 4 foot 9 how long do you think I would have to wait to fit on that bike

One Defaulty Boi says:

Is that place in Cle Elum

Brodie Halker says:

Hey I’m starting a dirt bike channel any tips?

Rhino Armor says:

I completely agree that it’s a mistake to get rid of the kickstart. Back when I had my 2009 crf230, I was in the muddiest swamplike place ever and I stalled the bike. It turned out my battery died during the ride. I had to physically move it through deep ass mud and bump start it. A kickstarter would have been a life saver

bladimir kroutska says:

Is it 102kilos with all the liquids or plain?

Edgar Bleikur says:

How easy is it to turn ABS and traction control off on this bike?

Jack White says:

Good video. I had a 2005 EXC 250 and it weighed 226lbs. Having a 250 is a do anything bike which would be better for the desert and still a great woods bike.

Caden Mauchley says:

Thanks for the review trying to find a good second bike coming from a klx 140l so I think that this bike is one for me plus I do a lot of the riding that you do because I live in Utah also.

Joshua Jollie says:

This guy has gotta be loaded

Connor Mcgrath says:

Can you rego it?

tobias gabben gabrielsson says:

Hi i really need your help i spend alot (too much) money on jetting!!
No matter if i use idlejet 47.5 or all between to 27.5. I still need to use minimum 6 turns on idle screw and max 0.5 turns on airscrew. Please please please give me an advice on what problem i got.
OBS! It gets hot fast, idle problem get worse. It smokes alot and exhaust is like a glas of black oil. The clutch does also stops pulling out the gear when extremely hot.(nothing wrong from basket to cover) clutch fluid is new.
Is it air or oil leak? Please help!!!

Sam 555 says:

Is this road legal

Cameron Benway says:

Is this a good bike to supermoto for daily street driving?

Kevin Mcdonnell says:

It sounds like you’re describing my 01 CR125 that I’ve had for 14 years the only dirt bike I ever owned I’m ready for more power

Mitch Berger says:

To get more low end, change to better reeds, sx insert for head and splitter in carb on engine side. Also slide needs cut to 5.75mm so can run a bit bigger pilot jet for more low end.

Jaka Hribersek says:

How much is length?

David Long says:

Would have been nice if u road it in the video…gezzz dude wth

TLOY Extras says:

Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says “bike”.

justDre says:

Was thinking of one of these for my son. He is 15 and about 70kg. If not this what do you suggest? Currently on a yz125

Palpac says:

How would this compare to the Husqvarna TE 150?

Laskar Licak says:

What’s better, ktm 150 xcw or husq 150 te?

Gil Sibayan says:

How light that is

DR Dan says:

Think I will stay with my 300.  Love the torque.

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