Kids Trail riding on Motocross Bikes?

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Finding the right bike for your kids for riding on trails isn’t an easy task if you want them to be able to have great suspension. We got to the point on the Honda CRF50s where they were going faster than the suspension would really allow, and it got them into trouble a few times causing some crashes. The next step up in performance are these little racing bikes. You have to go with an MX bike and those bikes come with some definite drawbacks. They are usually quite tall compared to the “trail” bikes. They will typically need to ride them faster and harder to make it up hills since they are 2 stroke and don’t really have much “low end” torque. This poses a significant challenge when they are just learning.

As with anything in life though, that which we persist in doing will become easier. Today’s video talks a little bit about this. In the video you will see a couple of KTM 50SX bikes, a KTM 65 SX, and a Honda CRF 110F. The Honda is the only “trail bike” that I own now. All the others would be considered racing bikes.

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Paulo Campos says:

Just a perspective. You are riding way to close to the kid in front of you, you keep showing him a wheel and riding beside him, he might lose his concentration by you showing him a wheel. Back off so he can ride free from having someone up his ass 🙂 not a criticism, just an observation as you might not realize it. Good video.

apr07 says:

Kyle you could have been describing my Daughter just then! She’s 9, and is also called Kayleigh! Although we spell it slightly different. You all look like your having a ball out there! I wish we had riding like that here in England

markmtbrider says:

I had 4 kids. 2 girls and 2 boys. One of each still likes to ride now that they are out of hs. Come to think of it, my brother gave up dirt bikes in jr high. You definitely have to be a certain type of person to enjoy the physicality and out right abuse to one’s self that come with the off-road addiction.

Mark Watson says:

Hey Kyle! Awesome video. This is a huge goal of mine, with my own kids: to be able to have bikes for each of them, teach them about riding, and to share these experiences together. I am 33 years old, and 7 years ago I decided to change careers and go back to university. In a couple of months I will be graduating, and I recently accepted a job offer from a company here in Canada for a position as a Hardware Engineer. I recently sold my 2007 KX250F, and I am hoping to buy a 2017 KTM 300 XC this spring. I am currently looking into what options I have for my two oldest boys (one is 6 and one is 11). Neither have any riding experience. I am using your channel as a guide to aid in the decision making process. Keep the great content coming!

bburns4201 says:

Get them 12″ front wheels!

cadwarrior says:

verry nice energy in this video with your kids! in wich gear were you when following your daughter?

Jim O'Rourke says:

Plus it has to be harder for those small wheels. Angle of attack for those rocks is much greater than on full size wheels that roll over them so much easier. Makes for twitchy, unstable front ends.

snow diann says:

Great video, this brings back a lot of great memories of my boys growing up. I am 73 and I ride my GS every chance I get.

Bill Madd says:

Yeah there’s definitely a lack of good stepping stone bikes. Proof is in the pudding; every time I hear a young kid riding a KTM, the throttle is on off on off on off. I wonder if adding a flywheel weight would help with the abrupt and narrow powerband?

Brian Lampright says:

I’ve owned the whole gammut of kids bikes and my conclusion is the 65 and 85 two stroke MX bikes with a flywheel weight added to tame the power is the best. Super light weight, great suspension, the kids love them vs the heavy trail bikes.

Element 115 says:

Trail Tech voyager review?

Kenshin Himura says:

it’s too bad nobody rides bikes anymore. People barely even ride quads now. It’s all moving to side by sides. Go to any dealership and that’s all they sell. I’ve seen the same quads and dirt bikes sitting there for over 2 years collecting dust……..

Dirt Bikes & Ice Hockey says:

Hard to beat the family ride.

AkaComeau says:

Milo is the coolest name ever omg

Broken Sprocket says:

Ripping the 65..

Ricky’s Gaming channel says:

Can you do more of your sons actually writing

Mads Jørgensen says:

Me and my dad ride together Like you and your son.
I ride a Suzuki 85cc and my dad ride a Kawasaki 250cc.

Jonathan Lachapelle says:

Around here the minimum age for kid to ride on trail is 16 🙁

rodie173 says:

What about the sx clutching issues and overheating on trails? Any problems yet?

pkyamaha17 says:

“There’s neutral.” lol story of my life.

markmtbrider says:

Did yours ever ride osset’s ?

rz350yam says:

My daughter started at age 12 on the XR100. She sprang up in height, so I put her on my XR250R at age 14 or 15. She learned to do trails pretty good, got into boys, lost interest in dirt biking, graduated HS, moved onto my street bikes (put her on an NT650 Honda Hawk), went to college, graduated that. Her boyfriend decided he wanted to learn to ride, so she helped him learn to ride the XR and my son’s KDX, then he bought a street bike. They rode together for a while on the street, eventually got married, and now have two kids, so neither have much time to ride anymore, street or dirt. Guess I need to get the grandkids an XR50 and start all over again…

Highground_ Warrior says:

Please put a gopro on one of your son

Carl Atamanczyk says:

The manufactures really miss the mark on building lightweight trail bikes for youth. All the air cooled 4 strokes are too heavy and have crappy suspension and handling, but the small 2 stroke motors lack tractable power and do not work good on steep mountain trails.

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