Kid Riding Oset 12.5 Electric Trials Bike

Oset 12.5 Electric Trials Bike – Kids Learn To Ride

Dirt Rider’s youngest test gun, three-year-old Paxton rides an Oset 12.5 electric trials bike for the first time. He had never ridden a dirt bike by himself before, but thanks to the low stand over height and ability for dad to adjust the amount of power available, his first time was a success! For more info on Oset’s line of electric bikes, check out


Mahesh Nayak says:

Can give the link of this bike

Logang Paulette 4life says:

Little gangster

Jovania Alphonse says:

Can i have a dirt bake

come pack says:

Hort ein mal auf zu reden

Gunther Madenspacher says:


Vishnu Madhavan says:

Did any one understand what the kid said i even tried captions

Anamultiana Anamultiana61 says:


is de boss hazel says:

o that’s so amusing,

Mseei Flores says:


Sherrrell Bailey says:


Nethaji S says:


Jamen Brackley says:

haha cemetery park?

Dominic vlogs says:

Not trying to be mean what did he say at the end

Xenoo says:

siema jacex

ميسرة جزر says:

للبيع الجناح

James Knapton says:

“don’t worry about the brakes”

Kallum Baker says:


Louie 9000 says:

people stop moaning about the brakes.. you don’t need to press brakes on these types of bikes because as soon as you let go of the throttle it has like an automatic brake that slows it down in seconds.. and I know this for sure as I used to have in

Kuba P says:

fakty ju

Elite Nerf Ops says:

u edit with iMovie

zelia themines says:

Gignac EN TOUT

Sting Wray says:

Why did you put a TRIALS bike on an MX track??

C4SE 1H m4voricks says:

And you better be good are else im going to make you ride a 2 stroke what told me when I was little

Aaron Rembert says:

I love everything about this video!

Mim Binte says:

Oset look for shop

Victor Hernandez says:

So cool!!!!

Hey Hey says:


ktm team says:

Kids now days are wimps back then or still were the enige days

Mr.smartech says:

anyone have purchase link for this bike??I need one

Ktm_rider 13 says:

Ya the dad did not really track him the brakes but why would you dislike this vid

carlos games dudu says:

Kkkk keria uma desa

Enduro KeX says:

Man that thing puts my 1000rr to shame

nikey nV says:

If only I could have this in steed of a shitty cracked old moms phone for Christmas last year

Sonu nagi says:

sonu nagi

priel hackim says:

love it

Trust No one says:

well done…fun with dad.

GRIPTILIAN 511 says:

That’s my kind a three-year-old 🙂

Lex’s Adventure Vlogs says:

Your not meant to sit down on trilebikes your meant to stand up

Haji Supriadi says:


Antoni Radomski says:

Kto z Jacexa?

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