Kawasaki KX500 2 Stroke RAW featuring Destry Abbott – Dirt Bike Magazine

This is just part 1 of what we shot with Destry. Enjoy the sweet sound of his updated KX500! The 2nd part you will be able go get up close and personal with the bike as well as hear about all the trick parts Destry put on it ! For more head over to dirtbikemagazine.com

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harshlens says:

Hello what are specs please ? 0 to 100 in how long and max speed please ?

Zoltán Bari says:

Power Kinyit Szál

Karyn Martin says:

1sweet BadAss bike……how much would one like that cost a man.?

6designsmotorsports says:

Holly fuck that thing RIPS

Lang Lang says:

I have a dirt bike fetish i really get a boner over the 500cc’s

Resistência 2 tempos Brasil says:

Hello! I’m Brazilian, I love your channel, I have a WR360 husqvarna 1994 that records videos in the city of Curitiba. 2 strokes forever!

Mr. Jones says:

I miss this era of riders. Destry Abbott. Rodney Smith. Ty Davis. Kurt Caselli, r.i.p. Barry Hawk, etc.

Harleys Rule says:

The sound, smell, and instant explosive power delivery of the two stroke… nothing else like it in the world.  Great stuff.

Piff chasinstackz says:

450f’s have no chance

บอน ชาลี ชาลี says:


Vishnu mehar says:

kya ret he baek ka bhai

Salvatore Giorgianni says:

Sei IL Cuggino Di Francesco calandra

John Buhman says:

Let’s see him ride it in the mud… That’s fun on 500 right?

Richard Morgan says:

Those 500s are as rare as rockinghorse shit.

Kevin Ball says:

Damn this dude can really put that horsepower to the track. That rear tire tried its best to pass up the front but he stayed on it constantly and wrestled it to go the right direction the whole time. Dudes an animal on that bike. Most people can’t use all the power of the KX500 and CR500 (including me) but I know some good aggressive riders that run them well but this dude is using every ounce of that motor. Good job man but I’d hate to see the violence when it outwrestles you one day. Most pros don’t have that violent of a ride.

patrick miller says:

What a beautiful sound

Aldo Bustamante says:

Broke my back at 3:17. Buddy can ride.

Benjamin Pegolotti says:

andas re piola pero no superas a mi tio

christian The man says:

150 liberal Muslims trannys disliked this video..

Sean Hollingsworth says:

That looks so very much like the Moonrocks OHV area north of Reno, NV.

Clive Wilson says:

what’s with all the dislikes? most of you moaning cnts couldn’t even handle a kx500, they are no joke I can tell you that!

Hoàng aka says:

Giá ad ơi

dbdeluxe says:

I looped a KX80….

cam land says:

Some crazy skills. Dayum. . . .



Alexandre Almeida says:


big nibba h says:


E Toppo says:

Your good man!

שוש דיין says:

של איזה שנה הkx

Gagbal says:

I love the sound of the low pitched sound of the 500kx 2 stroke moan….

שוש דיין says:

כול מי שאהב את הkx 500 לתת לי לייק

Dave Wiesenhahn says:

so proud to have owned the 2nd to last of them…… nothing compares in pure power crazy power got so many pics of mine, never could handle it but only 3 to 4 HUMANS ever could ….. LARRY DESTRY DANNY that’s it and saying alot GREAT VIDEO

Josh Setal says:

I’d have way more fun watching the video then ridding that motherfucker

ハム ハム 探検隊 says:

クマちゃんも惚れました この走りかたしたい!

crushedcranium says:

Oh. Oh. Oh…. i love that sound!!!!!

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