Introducing the 2019 CRF Performance Line – Times Change

Introducing the CRF Performance Off-Road Lineup for 2019, we have three new models to go along with four returning models. All seven models are based on the platforms of Honda’s revolutionary motocrossers, the CRF450R and CRF250R. Those two machines return for 2019 but with important updates, as does the closed-course off-road CRF450RX.

In addition, Honda is offering a factory-replica version of its full-size motocrosser called the CRF450RWE (“Works Edition”). The trail-ready CRF450X is entirely new for 2019, and it’s joined by a road-legal CRF450L that enables customers to connect trails via asphalt. Finally, Honda is also introducing an all-new CRF250RX closed-course off-road machine.

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cadwarrior says:

im waiting the cr250rx 2 stroke

chilo hip hop says:

Vayanse ala verga malditos gringos

Brenndan Given says:

Where is the 250x

simppeli92 says:

Will the 450L be registered for two in the Europe?

chilo hip hop says:

Vayanse ala verga malditos gringos

SquadBoyVsa Slovakia BikeSquad says:

Heh si pojal 😀

Carl Coloma says:

because my favorite motor is motorcross

Linty Gaming says:

The bad thing is the price

DeKay Bucks says:

I have a 2008 crf100F

Cameron Anglin says:

Just give us some 2 smokers back

Jack Garcia says:

also crf250X and crf250L

Kngcobra On2Wheels says:

so thats where my grandpa went

Trap boi says:

Cr 500 maybe?

yamaha rider says:

we need 2 strokes

Melvin Gonito says:

mr.old man i need one:) dream bike hope me have

Todd Scafidi says:

I’ll take a 2 stroke please!

Backyard Wiffleball says:

Fake old guy anyone

Jason Hayes says:

Hahaha!! Kenny working on a future acting career in his down time. Fantastic work mate. Good luck for 2019! !

bike's an fun shit hell yeah!!!! says:

Bring the 2 strokes back asap I will by it as soon as I could!! Bring them all back the c85 cr125 cr250 cr500 the cr550 ligger people will by them like hot cakes

J Luis says:

Freddy kruger …honda

Rico says:

fuck 4 strokes… bring back 2 strokes

Alex Gray says:

Spoilt sure but still no deinnnggg ddeeeinnnggg ddeeinnnggg? Bbbrrrrrraaaapppp is cool but but it ain’t the king. All hail the mighty deeinnnggg

Lee Mannfred Tanguin says:

Worst commercial

Marshall Broadhurst says:

Ktm will still destroy

Rusty Stunts says:

Let me get one

Matt Mead says:

Great marketing.

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