How to gear your dirt bike for track, trails, enduro riding and desert.

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I keep playing with the gearing on my KTM 250 SX, I think I found a good combination for my style of Enduro riding.


Amir Nematollahi says:

i have a 2013 CRF450R ( crf 2013-2016 motor are mellow around 51hp). original gearing was 13T/48T it was ok in MX but in woods i stall to much . now i change to 12T/48T am pretty happy with it but i have ordered 50T rear and going to try 13T/50T .

Jack Cambell says:

Thanks good video, i’d like to see more those kind of videos,

A.C Bmx says:

I ride a xr 100 behind my house with loads of trails and would like to have more power right off the bat I don’t need speed I live in a neighborhood what would you recommend??

Titbit M.M. says:

HI Dirt N Iron. For the first thanx for all your good informative videos. I live in Sweden and i`m new in this outdoor activitie, just bought a Yamaha YZ 250 F (2006 model), my first bike and the first bike i have ridden till now.( thanx to your video about beginners and first bike) I live in a area with deep forest and often rain and snow, much up hill climbing. I don`t want speed,just to be able to ride in the woods. My sprockets are 13-49, and feels so dificult tu climb up hills between trees… Can you please recomand me a good combination? I realy apreciate if you answear me!! sorry my bad english.

J P says:

Excellent video. For those that aren’t super familiar with sprocket changes, one thing he didn’t mention is that you most likely will have to buy a new chain, too, and that can get super expensive. If you add or remove a single tooth to one sprocket you might be able to get away with the same chain. If you add or remove two teeth you definitely need another chain with a different number of links.

mj75live says:

I do have ktm 250 sx, I do desert and sand duning ride, what’s the best front and rear sprocket ratio?

Thomas Crosby says:

Great info! I just purchased a 2017 ktm 250 sx. I want a little more top end. I think I’m just going to drop one tooth on the rear.

Amir Nematollahi says:

HI ,

thanx for your videos 🙂 they are useful for me specially how to kick start 4t EFI 😀 it really save my energy and time .
i do appreciate if you can answer one of my beginner questions : what dose it mean when you change the front sprocket and people say : the first gear become taller/shorter !? how dose it affect your riding … i appreciate if you answer my comment or make a video about it.

Wyatt Potter says:

I have a 2011 ktm 150 xc, it has a 13t front and 50t rear. I do alot of enduro riding and track, it doesnt rip as fast through the gears as I would like, but it still has a good top speed. Recommendations?

Jacob Cole says:

Very good video. I understand what changing the teeth does now. 🙂

Nir Hason says:

Nive video man, as always.
I have on my 125 front: 12 , rear: 50. The gears are very short but I think that with 125 I should stay like that to have some “torque”, if we can use this word on a 125 haha…

BloodShedda says:

Been following your channel you make good videos hope to see your followers grow! what about sprocket for supermoto?

Jeremiah Adora says:

How about the engine it is possible to consider when changing the sprocket?bcoz i have already tride changing the sprocket but still the speed doesnt change,my engine is a 4strock kawasaki,can you please give some idea what combination of sprocket should i have to combine thanks and God bless.

KulaFachi says:

Good video! Can you please do a video on how to convert your dirt bike to street riding? (Super Moto set up)

Godseverman says:

got a 2016 250 RMZ with 13 49 and i want to have better flow thought tight corners on the mx track should i try to go up to 50?

Federico Gonzalez says:

i normally use a 52t sprocket for enduro riding in rocks and hard terrain.. last week i bought a 48t sprocket now i feel my bike wants to raise the front wheel.. is this possible or i have the wrong feeling?!

JOsue RIvera says:

I have a 85cc, i wanna ride in a motorcross track should i go with 13/49? right now i have 13/52 and is too torquie

Jarred Boucher says:

hi I bought a 09 kx450f a couple months back and the bike looks like it’s been a track bike but my type of riding is tight single trails really rough terrain and I seam to be stalling the bike out alot. when I’m on more open trails the bike rips and there’s no issues I was thinking about changing my sprockets but not sure Wich way to go

Amir Nematollahi says:

i do appreciate if you can answer one of my beginner questions : what dose it mean when you change the front sprocket and people say : the first gear become taller/shorter !? how dose it affect your riding … i appreciate if you answer my comment or make a video about it.

Corey Couch says:

Can you help me plzzz
I have a 2016 kx450f
I have 13f and 50r
The bike has to much power
I want to smooth it out to ride some tracks and trails
What would you recomend me ?
13f 49r ? Or 14f 50r idk let me know!

Zimou Tan says:

very nice.

Xterrential says:

Well well. I look up a video on gearing and where do I end up ? Good ol’ dirt n iron. Another thumbs up from me.

matthew petteway says:

definitely dont need to go faster, i have a gearing of 3.13 and top speed of 92mph. will also still wheelie in 4th gear

Zach Turner says:

What would you recommend for trails for an rm 125

pablo garcia says:

i have a CRF 450 03 and it has a 51 sprocket, but i only go on trail riding, i feel super slow with that sprocket

francisco almonte says:

I have to say that I was a little off but I’m back watching your videos.

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