How to change MX bike into Enduro weapon – Husqvarna 270cc build review

This dirt bike started its life as straight MX bike Husqvarna 250FC, since then she went thru a lot of changes to become very capable Enduro machine, check out the video and let me know what you guys think. This bike as build by Jay Clark from Dirt Bike TV
Dirt Bike TV :


El Monstro de FL says:

Hey Rado quick ? For the 300 build are you going to or can you at this point install a wide ratio transmissions or keep the stock tranny? What is your to be your gear ratio? How’s the bike coming along?

Mec Alpsha says:

Would have liked more if it was the 250 2 stroke converted over – but like KTM/Husqvarna better as they doing more development on 2 stroke bikes by far!

Xterrential says:

My local shop has a fully rebuilt yz125 right now…boy is it ever tempting.

Bryce Elmore says:

Hey man I’m new to your channel and I gotta say I really like your videos, i love that you ride allesandro trail. I rode hixon a few times a few weeks ago and I’ve fallen in love with the trail I live about 15 minutes away and wish I found this years ago. I wasnt able to go far but when I go back I plan on riding up hixon and then down allesandro back down Bautista canyon. Thanks man keep up the good work

Rick Deckard says:

Check the chain guard front bolt.

Bryan Flores says:

Hey can you make a video explaining the differences of a motorcross bike and a trail bike, if you already did can you send me the link. I know there are allot of videos explaining this but i want to see you’re version

LiberateAmericafromIsrael says:

8:27 ” its nice ” thought I heard Borat for moment …LOL

Mike.nelson Nelson says:

Jay love 250s with big slug kit! Beautiful bike!

Shaun Phillips says:

I warned u about the trials tire braking!! Good vid rado looks like an awesome bike

Lee Clarkson says:


The MX Guru says:

I dig the grey backgrounds.. sick vid bro

Josh Thomas says:

Well done

Håkon Ø says:

Thats a sweet ride and bike! I am totally with @vegasromaniac that smaller cc is the way to go, and i think that partially explaines the lap time. Of course your riding skills and JC’s magic also play a big part.

Xterrential says:

I just watched this again with my 8$ cheapo VR cardboard…even better than the first time watching. One suggestion tho, if you tilt your go pro up just a little bit we (the viewers) will get a more realistic view of what you see. I found I was looking up at the top of the screen view most of the time.

Poorsupra says:

Man those trails look fun! Good mix of everything

Maverick224 says:

Good vid Rado, be good to see price conversion for comparison most of us can’t get that stuff at cost.

With the bottom end thing you hear this allot from people, yet even yourself you were faster overall on that trail, surprised that the 300 wasn’t faster though, maybe you just more used to the trail now, but less is more, feeling fast or having more even at low end can be and usually is a negative unless you can actually use it, skill and physically, to overcome this is usually more to do with knowing your and your especially your bikes setup and strengths and weaknesses,

Vid was good fun to watch bud.

Hashtag Moto says:

Awesome vid as always

Bryan Flores says:

That bike sounds so smoothhh

Γιάννης Ρουμελιώτης says:

Nice video! I hope the next ktm300 build will come soon 🙂

Grunx_ says:

what type of that back tyre is .Its so fat i like it

El Monstro de FL says:

Hey Rado, are you and your family being affected by the fire again? I hope everyone is ok.

chris barg says:

How is the 300 coming?

Joey Himka says:


Toldea34 says:

Very fun video. As always, much interesting information and evaluation. Always enjoy your videos, keep on doing it!

chris barg says:

great to see another video! How did you like the tradtion from the trials tire in those conditions?

Premix and Pedals says:

Great video! What mount do you use for your GoPro?

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