I did a crf250r review and its my personal experience of owning one. This Honda crf250r review is based on owning this dirt bike for the last 6 months and explaining any helpful information I can for you if you’re thinking about buying one. I took the bike on an enduro trail ride for this review. 2018 video.

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MidWest MX says:

*So is anyone making the switch to a Honda or am I riding solo?*

Nathan Sharp says:

Debating on a Honda crf r or a Yamaha yzf250 ! Cannot decide

Pistol Pete says:

Were did you buy the graphics from for your bike ?

Fans SP says:

hi friend please support me back :

Jacob Biber says:

I just started a motocross Chanel please subscribe I am building my own track soon and will have a video on it.

Savage Wolf 180 says:

Midwest MX I love your videos I look forward every day to see if you have a new video out. Your a huge inspiration to me and some day I really hope we can ride dirt bikes together. I’ve been also bagging my mom for her to buy your merchandise for me but she keeps saying no but I’ll someday convince her. My birthday is coming up in September and I would really like to see you reacting to my comment. Keep up the great work and I’ll hope to see a video soon. You are honestly my hero!

The Yz450f BikeLife says:

I Love Where You Live, Amazing places to ride.

Alexander Wiktorsson says:

I just wonder if you know what the winning sound comes from that is in the bakground off the engine sound. I got a crf 250 to and dont know if its from the clutch or what. Sorry for bad english.

Luis Valente says:

Hi there just got one last (also a 2015) week thinking of reselling it or keeping it, what would recommend checking over just to make sure its top notch, it starts second kick so i think its fine. Many thanks

Alan Peruško says:

What should I get Honda crf 250 OR KTM exc 250-f

Steve Dyer says:

Where do you ride, looks amazing countryside..

Is it legal to ride out were you ride

Creeden Campbell says:

I just switched from a Kawasaki to Yamaha I’m loving the 2 stroke

YosPizz says:

Hey man what is the difference between the CRF 250 and the CRF250R? Does the 250R typically have more maintenance and problems? Deciding for a trail bike.

Petar Lučić says:

What do you think about ktm sx 250f

sealingboss says:

Top speed?

Jared Lukavsky says:

Glad to see im not the only one taking a crf250r off-road!

Pistol Pete says:

I love my 2018 crf250r like dream to ride and powerful

Chris G says:

You dont seem like a novice rider. Would you recommend a crf250 for a beginner rider?

Luke Baker says:

Where is this trial

1 wheel E says:

Honda is the shit I love the crf250 rode one tonight

John Mckinney says:

Do you have a weighted flywheel? Or any other trail riding mods?

Aarone Muñez says:

Man i just accidentally found your cool channel i just watch one video damm its so cool i just subbed on you From The Philippines..

Mark Bennett says:

Thanks for that excellent video snippet. I had been thinking about buying a bike. I had a bit of a play around when young but nothing much and nothing for 35 years. I have some land – Now live in France, and good trails where I live. I want to get a bike to do that sort of thing and get experience in the saddle/operation before trying to get my licence. I like the look of the Honda range and frankly being a bit older and not needing the cutting edge I think that 2019 CRF250R would do me.

Soda Fountain says:

Took my ktm xcf 2012 out for its first spin today. Couldn’t be happier

Paul McDermott says:

Where was this filmed?

Braden Kuehl says:

I’m sticking with my kawi but I have a cr 125 too, gotta love the Honda power!! Great video as usual man!

The Yz450f BikeLife says:

All I have to do now is just get my off road plate/sticker and then im taking the new bike out with some friends and going to have a nice day of fun:)

Charlie Kimber says:

Ride red get head

The greek 72 says:

I have a crf 250 like your videos are very good, hello from Italy

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