Honda CRF50F Review – Best bike for kids to learn how to ride -4K – Episode 102

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The CRF50F is a great little bike for kids to learn on. In this video we talk about some of the things that make this bike a great value, and one of the best (if not THE best) platform to purchase for your young children. It’s well suited for ages 4-10, depening on the child of course.

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Nety Suripto says:

Nice Daddy… I wanna be like you…

gamespawn says:

could a eleven year old fit on these>

Rowan Thomas says:

Started on a 110cc 4stroke honda

royogoned says:

Which bike would fit for me because I am a 13 year old and I want to start learning how to ride a dirtbike. (I have no experience with dirtbikes) Also, should I join any classes?

Shell Killiner says:

I have a CRF50F

brett birkett says:

u can start them without a kickstart…..on the crf50 all u do is click it into first then when u push the gear shift up to go into second keep it all the way up.. get the bike rolling then let the shifter go down…..holding the shifter up in any gear is like a clutch sort of.. i rev mine with the shifter held up and drop it to get the front wheel up…..hasnt fucked it yet

Kevin Jaimes says:

I’m 12 years old do you think I should get one

IWroteThis says:

I rode a Harley when I was 4 1/2.

CuzItzGaming says:

How much is this?

Preston Hall says:

Cool. me like ;D

Dat moto Kid says:

The new crf 50 is hard to kick

H5 SyCo says:

How much are these I’m young so I wanna buy one myself

Tom Sharpe says:

Peewee50 over this any day,

CJ and Logan Wheels says:

U could just pop start it

xxnickthegreekxx says:

I learned on z50r

AwesomeCat51 says:

My cousin and I have the older model and recently bought a new model it is a really great bike

Xx dog gamer xX MLG says:

mine is $100 its i a good condition

2016KTM450 says:

Yamaha PW50 is superior in every way, and does have a kick start. These Honda 50’s are ridiculously heavy. The PW50 is more versatile and will accommodate a broader range of skill for the child.

Kraven _-Rising says:

Are those bikes Street legal

Ultrafalcon772 says:

day so expensive

cartoonie guy says:

My first bike when I was 3 was a Honda qr50. I’m 26 now. And I still have the thing!!

Shell Killiner says:

and I’m 8

Jonny Rides says:

Awesome informative video!!

Lewis rudd says:

I learned on a Honda QR50 great machine

FishFind3000 says:

I remember riding this when I was a kid. If you hold the brake and give it gas it won’t do anything the second you get off the brake it dumps the semi auto clutch. Fuck bike, to bad I outgrew it and was steering with my knees.

Jack Glass says:

How fast do they go

mrniceguyk9 says:

Pw50 has a kickstart

mrniceguyk9 says:

Big five year old. I thought my kid was big for four!

Alwayswatching00 says:

Exactly what I needed.  You provided all the basic answers to questions I had.

Made By Taylor says:

I learned on a KTM 50

Arturo Gomez says:

i just bought a 2005 for my son in 500$ & is in very very good new…great video..!!

etela pohjanmaa says:

I bought YCF Start 88 to my 9 year old son about 3 month ago and I think it’s even better than Honda or Yamaha.
Price is little bit cheaper, it have disc brakes in both ends, it have kick start, quality is good.
I recommend to check it out allso.

Uglyboy FC says:

Serious question. Do you think a 15 year old 48kg teen could ride these? Honest question

Ridge - Tech & MMA says:

I’m 12 and I still use this bike 4’10 and 87 lbs

Ahmad Khurram says:

Is this sutomatic

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