Honda CRF150F Motorcycle Review

The Honda CRF150F is a great dirtbike, designed more for trail riding and fun than for motocross racing. The Honda CRF150F makes enough power for fun in the dirt, and it is very easy and cheap to maintain, and because it isn’t a racing engine, it will run forever. The engine is overbuilt and under-stressed, and very reliable, which makes the Honda CRF150F great for long trail rides. The 2.1 gallon tank will give you 100 miles of range, which is plenty for a day of fun in the dirt.

The CRF150F makes close to 12 horsepower, a top speed over 50 mph, and a 32-inch seat height, which means it is big enough and strong enough to be a great dirtbike for a full-grown adult as well as a teenage kid.


Daniel Reyes says:

Is this a good bike to mess around with?

sydrem2011 says:

Great video! Just bought one for my wife. Where is this video taken? The trails look fun.

Hybrid Mist says:

I’m 5’3 and I’m 13 and I grew out of the klx 140 and I’m getting this for my birthday in a month is this a good choice


People race those bikes but they are considered 1 step below racing

Meaghann Nicole says:

Ha! 5’7 female here! Too funny, Anywho! Just bought a 2015 CRF150F last week and took it out over the weekend and loved it. Your video was very helpful in my final decision. Thank you!

OriginalMetalMan says:

Great Video man! im 14, 6ft and 190 pounds, is this to small for me? iv’e never road a dirt bike before and i want to get into it.

Lukas Wiklund says:


srry if i spelled anything wrongXD

Da Fox says:

You change your oil once a year!!! That could not be healthy


but they are pefect trail bikes

Corey Eagles says:

I got a crf 230 f the crf f series are tanks and basically have a xr motor so their reliably

Jakelols Gaming says:

ok for everyone wondering which bike would be best for them, i made a chart

-80/85cc two stroke or 150 four stroke: inexperienced/ experience rider (4’9 to 5’5)
-125cc two stroke or 250 four stroke: experienced rider (5’6 min and taller) if youre inexperienced, go for the 80/85 two stroke or 150 four stroke, it will save youre ass from killing yourself
-250cc two stroke or 450 four stroke : (same as 125cc two stroke or 250 four stroke)

if youre wondering, im 5’6 1/2 with an RM125 (2 stroke) and yz250f (4 stroke), i also have 2 pit bikes. (a ttr125l [4 stroke] and a crf150f [4 stroke])

elitegaming124 says:

how tall is your son im looking at getting one im worried i might be to short

Kaden Druse says:

I’m 5 1 12 years old would this bike be to big

Ara Archer says:

I have a rode a Honda crf125 which fit me pretty good, but I was thinking about purchasing this one instead so I can grow into it. I’m 14 and 5 foot 1, but I’m expected to grow a lot in the next year or so. Do you think this bike would work for me?

liam says:

wait, oil change once a year? I thought you change oil after like 10 hours of riding?

Tkova Plays says:

I’m 14, 5″10 and 125 pounds, is this bike good for me? (I’ve never ridden before and would like to start)

Jack's Knack says:

no audio?

Delta Rides says:

what year

Blades Never Die says:

I’m 3’6″. Would this be a good bike for me?

State Doughnut says:

I’m a 6’1, 13 year old that weighs 130 pounds. I want to find a cheap, good, fitting bike for me. I tried my friends CRF70 for a day or two. What would you recommend.

nicholus luther says:

I am about 5″10 and I’m 15 years old, what size bike should I try and get? 150 or 230?

Mari-Honore Myers says:

Thanks for the review!  It was very helpful.  I just sold my CRF150RB and purchased a 2006 CRF150F (electric start) and think that it should be great for trail riding.  I am 5’5″ and the seat height is perfect for me.  The F is about 50-60 # heavier than the RB, but I can pick it up without a problem.  The RB loves to go fast and so it has a predilection to stall at the slower speeds one typically uses on technical trails. (Plus, the stock RB is not legal to ride anywhere but on a track because of the high db and lack of spark arrestor.)  So, even though the F suspension is a couple inches lower, I think that the much mellower power and the electric start are going to be awesome for my uses.

Update: I have been out trail riding several times now and I am loving the F. The longer wheelbase gives me a less cramped “cockpit” and allows me to use a less aggressive riding position. It also allows for MUCH better stability while standing when I’m riding the technical terrain. The only downsides so far: (a) heavier weight makes me more prone to lock up the rear tire on steep downgrades (my solution has been to just use more front brake and I’ve experienced no “stoppies”. .. yet) and (b) the lack of power to climb steep hills. (The RB never failed me in this regard.) Maybe a tooth added to the rear will give me a bit more “grunt” in 1st and 2nd…?

One more thing… The stock suspension is quite mushy for anyone who is over 125 pounds or who is a more aggressive rider. Solution: BBR Motorsports sells fork springs for $100 and shock springs (30% stiffer) for $120.

Adam O'Dwyer says:

Great video man I really appreciate the level of clear content you provide it was very easy to know everything about this bike after this video.

Christopher Torborg says:

HI, I’m 5’1″ and looking for a good trail bike to grow into. I know it would be a bit of a reach for me but do you think it would be manageable. Please Reply…Thanks and great video 🙂

cazagar says:

I’m 14 and I’m 6’4″ and still growing would this bike fit me at all and if not what while in a similar price range to the 2013 model should I go with?

Unlanding says:

I’m 5’6 and weigh about 150. do you think this bike would fit me?

BOPPE says:

How much of a power difference is there between the 150F and the 150R?

You tube 123 says:

Honda=suck kaily=to good

Eric Lowe says:

Never rode a motorcycle day in my life in any form. I am 34, 5’9 170lbs thinking about buying one of these to learn on then I can give it to my daughter but some people told me I need to get a 450? I am just casual rider trail ride for hour and done maybe couple times per week. Any tips? would 150 be a good buy? I will be purchasing it brand new from Honda dealer.

bronson bicknell says:

I have a 2004 crf150f and im 16 and 6ft tall and weight about 160 and this bike is perfect . I put a procircuit t4 full exhaust system on and removed the air box snorkel and does this bike fly . Stock it is about 11.5-12 hp but with the air box mod and the t4 exhaust you can easily get 15 hp

Dominic Distasio says:

I’m 13 5ft 3 and was wandering if this would fit me good

Kirito says:

I have a 2010 but my step dad lost the key

caleb brightwell says:

Hey I had a ttr 125 and it was a pretty good bike but got small so I sold it and i am interested in a crf150f does it have enough power? I like a bike where I can roost my friends back when they spray me on there 85 two strokes and I am 5’8 and I was wondering if I could tighten the suspension where it could fit me so I can tippy toe a little bit?? Or should I move to a crf230f??

Trent Nichols says:

can you say desperate?

Elijah Stewart says:

I just bought a Honda CRf 150 f runs excellent I do not regret spending $4,000 on the bike

Kyle Dupont says:

I just bought my wife one of these. Put her on a 125 before and she had a tough time with it. disappointed with how slow it is a little bit but the suspension and brakes are very good. does seem hard to kick start for such a small bike. overall it’ll be something good to get her used to riding without getting the crap scared out of her. I’m sure she’ll want something bigger when she gets her riding legs on

65elcamino283 says:

I want to get my girlfriend this bike. And no, you cannot have her number! lol

Norbertrdz's lost account says:

I do own this motorcycle, it’s amazing how reliable and durable it is. It’s perfect for a teenager due to low seat height, low weight and simplicity.

Chandler Holder says:

nice got 1

Josh Boomhour says:

Just bought myself a crf150f

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