Honda CRF110 Review | Episode 259

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The Honda CRF 110F is the second smallest dirt bike in the Honda lineup. Most people start their kids out on the Honda CRF 50F and then transition to this bike. They don’t transition to this bike because it’s a natural progression, they transition to this bike because it’s the only thing Honda has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a terrible bike, but I don’t love it since it is so big, wide, and heavy. Your kid will be much, much too big on their Honda 50 before they can feel comfortable on this bike. I just think there should be a middle ground between the 50 and the 110 in the Honda lineup.

Once you are able to get past the size and your kid gets a little taller and a little stronger, this bike will treat them right on the trails. It has electric start, which is really nice for my daughter because she has the confidence that she can start it on her own. It has a back up kickstarter which make me very happy for when the kids leave the key on and the battery goes dead (like every time). This little bike has no clutch, and a 4 speed semi-auto transmission to pull the kids around. The motor must have been adapted from some sort of lawn tractor application because not only does it have a ton of torque, it’s also far wider than I’d like it to be. With the motor being very wide, it’s not a narrow platform any any means. The result is that your kids will have a harder time touching the ground with both feet until they get a bit taller.

This certainly isn’t a racing bike. It is a trail bike. It works fine for my 11-12 year old daughter, but my boys (6 and 9) are far more aggressive riders than her. With that being the case, I’m looking for other alternatives for them like used KTM 50s (2 strokes with about the same seat height). This bike came in at 161 lbs. That is disappointing since some of the full frame size 125cc dirt bikes are around 200 lbs.

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Scythe Shroud says:

I’m getting this bike for Christmas!

Neil De jesus says:

Can you make one about crf125

Hunter Campbell says:

11 and 12 year old why not an 85 that’s what I rode I rode I ride a kx250f now

Dayanna Abreu says:

how much do these sell for

France says:

How tall is it?

rico alimonsurin says:

Can a 8 year old ride that bike

Maki says:

I’m 12 and I got a cr125 but I’m like 5,3 so I can’t touch and I want a 110 and get bbr upgrades but the 110s are expensive used

Dylan Male says:

3:10 sounds a bit wrong

DayStatue850422 says:

Can u mix gas

Sotac71 says:

Total looks like my back yard in Spanish Springs Nv. Good video

Alan Martinez says:

Is the 110 automatic?

Houdy LeGrand says:

i got mine yesterday

8darp ____ says:

i wish i had, i only dream

BKG Fab says:

What is that sticker on the side that says 2017?

Jeff Bradway says:

a lot of things wrong in this video. the bike makes a great track bike. a klx110 is just as wide and heavy. its the 110 line up that have a much heavier weight limit. and the crf110 has become a very popular pitbike for adults.. and all 110’s are drum brakes

Bryan Hansen says:

KLX110L would be my choice as a play bike. Clutch and aftermarket support is vastly superior.

Jazza Gaming says:

can you do a review o n the crf125f plz?

John Hernandez says:

just got one yesterday for my sons birthday

Ronin Seals says:

How tall is she I’m 4’8 and I’m looking for a Honda dirt bike

Elite Nerf Ops says:

my friend has that one I might get one for my birthday


This is my Choice of bike if I need to grab a kid

Never Stopped Gaming says:

im a 10 year old and looking to get into riding i never rode before can you recommend a bike for me please and where can you get them

Dirthead2017 _ says:

I have a 70 and it’s the best now I’m on a crf150r

Motocross A Way Of Life says:

Does it has an electric start and kick start?

Logan Webb says:

im 13 and my dad got me a 250cc


If your daughter was 10 and had never had a motorbike would you put her on the 50 or the 110?

Kieran says:

get an XR100.

Anurodh Manandhar says:

how to make this bike in easy way

Thugz Bunny says:

I took the crf110f for a test ride today, it was awesome!!! I totally reccomend it

Ryan Curry says:

Here’s the real review: bars- soft, needs upgrade, ignition- needs a digital aftermarket to help startups, carb- needs larger pilot and main jet, rear brakes- needs softer/more aggressive pads (stock just squeak and work poor), find the one with larger wheels, these changes make a big difference in starting, running, stopping, and crashing. Where improvements need to be made

Ody__tryna get 100 subs with 0 vids xd says:

Can u ride it on the street? ( i live in the netherlands)

Kaleb Carter says:

I’m 12 should I save up money and buy this

G4BR13L says:

How much it cost?

holdmydill says:

that is cool it has electric start… but if the electric start don’t work, will the kick starter turn the bike on even if the battery dead? ohh and do u leave the batteries on a charger? because sometimes I might not ride for a couple of months… 🙁

Andrew Price says:

I had a 70 but now I have a 65 2 stroke

Luke Apted says:

I’m 160cm and don’t care about price I can ride a bike what do you guys recommend

Josh Owens says:

Will the bike start without the key?

Sam #73 says:

I have a 70

Michael Byrne says:

Thanks for the great content. Looking to upgrade 7 (soon to be 8) year old twins pw50. I am torn between the Honda 110 and the KTM 50. They want to be like dad and ride a KTM but, I’m looking for longevity. Any input would be greatly appreciated (didn’t find your review of the KTM 50). Thanks again, enjoy the moment. Mike.

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