Here’s Why You Should NOT Buy a Motocross Bike For Trail Riding

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy a motocross bike for trail riding!

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junkyardhemi says:

I stopped watching when I realized they were on 4 strokes.

sakari puttonen says:

what would benifit your riding is to remove the seat (stad up more). nice vid.

casey decocker says:

Nope, you just need to diversify your riding style and not physic your self out before you even hit the trail head.

Jason V says:

really ?

Cosiest Unicorn says:

There’s a place called GSL ranch my brother and I go there every so often. They have a tiny track with a couple of jumps. Then they have one big loop that’s kinda like the trails at hidden falls. The only uncomfortable part of them on a mx bike would be suspension because there’s tons of rocks. Then they have open atv/utv trails that have a few fun jumps and corners. It’s not the best place to ride but it’s only $10. I like it more than hidden falls because it’s much less torn up. If you get a trail bike powell ranch and ctor are really good places. But they would be a nightmare on a stock mx bike.

Dakota B says:

I ride a yz450f and yes its a motocross bike, on very technical trails here in sw missouri. The trails you were riding are easier then the so called easy ones we have here. The faster you go over the rocks the easier it is.

Logan Cobb says:

If your on the trails with a motocross 4 stroke, you gotta ride it like a 2 stroke

Olivetti HD says:

I just want to share my opinion on the matter and say that the MX bikes are only bad if you’re going SLOW. If you take the trails at a faster pace, the easier it will be to ride them on an MX bike. I ride a 2012 Crf250r. Literally the worst woods bike out there. It has really short gears, 19 in rear wheel, super snappy throttle and absolutely no low rpm riding. You gotta move fast and then you’ll be okay.
I ride the worst of the worst trails up in Oregon which gives me every riding element you can imagine. The track bikes can do it all…. You just need alot of clutch work and alot of seat time on those trails. It gets tight. It gets technical. And honestly you need the rider skill above all other things.

Dirt Devil RC says:

Marble falls like near austin?

Dustyn Petrovich says:

I ride a 2007 Rmz 250 and all I do is hard enduro events and mines not a trail bike but I still rip it

Streetscumbag says:

Really dude obviously motocross for motocross trail for trail you don’t take a Porsche off roading in the sense of you don’t go and go well I am gonna buy a bike meant for racing track and go deep in the woods with it?!

Wes Cryer says:

Cool channel subbed. I’ve got land with private trails 45 min north of Austin. Check it out on my vids, you’re welcome to come out and ride.

LCH_Entertainment says:

In my mediocre opinion, It really depends on the trails. For example here in Michigan a lot of the trails are wider with deep sand, and having an mx bike isn’t an issue because its almost as if you’re on a sandy track. However I do agree that when the trails start getting tight (single track) the mx bikes just don’t seem to feel ideal. And yea riding rocks without revalved suspension is pretty annoying lol… Nice video, keep it up!

SwiftyTTR says:

go to the north loop trail in hidden falls its fun they have staircases

Bryce_ Brunelli says:

I have a motocross bike and I rip off-road on it


Trying to stand up

Kerry Court says:

bruh the race bike would be lighter and easy for trails

PC On the GO says:

Trail bikes are retarded. They’re heavier, accelerate slower, and have less power. I’d rather buy an MX bike and put a bigger tank on it then adjust my suspension more catered towards trails. I’d be on a better bike overall. In my 15 years of riding there’s only two bikes worth buying. MX bikes and plated bikes (Street Legal).

Tim Ausman says:

You need to put a bigger tooth back sprocket I have a rmz 450 and it does great trail riding, the trails I ride are alot steeper.


depends on how you want to ride and how much experience you have

Joe Nardozza says:

You just need to stand up, you’re just fighting the bike with your arms

Trailchaser XR says:

The bike is fine you just need to stand up not sit down the whole time! Rocks are better when you stand up and go faster over them

AndrewCox Skate says:

If you ride trails more it wouldn’t be a problem, trails are harder then track

My0games Cz says:

For me this isn’t Enduro those trails are so flat and clean. In my country we haven’t got any trails so we must ride in the forests (it’s not allowed) some of my friends are riding Mx bikes and they aren’t that bad for enduro. Only in the forest you will find how difficult it’s to ride a dirtbike!

is da vog says:

the problem is the place youre at. those trails look so bad.

Tim Ausman says:

Also the trails I ride are single track trail’s (aka hiking trails).

DeadlySinners 321 says:

I use a CR125 on trails but it is the only dirt bike I have.

karl schweizer says:

it is funner on a four stroke that crazy kx 500 its like a bull that will buck you off haha

curtis gillingham says:

thats a suziki right?

Carl Johnson says:

a bike is a bike, just ride it! a trail bike has lights and a kickstand….

Jiffy Tube says:

On your right side of your handlebars there’s a little lever on the bottom. What is that?

Jaidyn Camp says:

What do you use to record? The audio is really clear

nik mxforever says:

It’s your shitty 4 strokes that’s,the problem

Blake Haney says:

the faster you go the better, your suspension will soak it up better at faster speeds.

moto brain says:

Stand up and let the bike move be loose and just let it go

Anthony Ward says:

just depens how you ride man.. i love a mx bike on the trails but i prefer ridin my banshee or z400 for trails way more comfy.. let the bike loose a lil man you overcorrect alot and stand up on more bumpy rocky stuff it makes you body stale and the bikes supention work

Nicholas Price says:

A rmz 250 is my dream bike I really do t care about the model that’s just what I want

Cole Bergeron says:

My CRF150R is in my opinion, one of the best trail bikes or the best. Enough power, light, 4 stroke, loud, but not to loud. And btw, how many bikes do you own?

Gaven Eustace says:

I ride a crf 230f and that thing is a dream. I know a guy that rides a 09 RMZ 450f and that things rips on the trails. I can manage sometimes but usually I can’t keep up with him

Sean Smith says:

I have a 2014 yz250 2 stroke and I absolutely love it in the trails even though it’s not really a trail bike and more of a moto bike. In my opinion I feel like any (most) bikes can be used for the trails if you have the correct suspension setup for it.

Clement Leworthy says:

Our bikes are covered in mud – you have no idea…

Alan Pectol says:

I ride hard enduro on a 2017 rmz450……

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