Here’s Why the Yamaha YZ125 is the BEST 2 Stroke Dirt Bike

This is why I think the YZ125 is the best dirt bike of all time! Listen to this thing scream! I also think this is definitely one of the best sounding dirt bikes.

This track is Murphys MX in Austin, Texas

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Rubber Band says:

*2 stroke logic:* “You ain’t riding right if the engine isn’t about to explode”

“Bro don’t engine break it’s bad for the engine!”

Blitz Hounds says:

TM is the best brand

Kova maps says:

how much HP yz have??

crashingkid says:

That’s a 4 stroke

Ahmed zrig says:

i think ktm the best suspension not yamaha ! hh


I like Kawasaki 2 strokes

Giveaway G0D says:

yo is it true in motocross they dont clutch when shifting most of the time? Also, you killed it bro. Nice video!

Murmelpudding says:

such a shitty track

ry pirie says:

For beginners?

Ol Dirty Redman says:

Fuck bro, you cant beat the sound of a smoker, makes me wanna ditch the 450

Rassanity says:

All these people bitchin wich is best, the best dirtbike in the world is the one between you legs, that dank new EFI KTM 2t don’t mean shit to you if you aren’t on it now does it?

P.S not bagging on KTM though.

Fuckyou says:

To be fair… The only Kawasaki dirt bikes I ever rode was an early 90s KX500 and some like mid 70s enduro 250 I don’t even know what it was. Just something some random stranger on a trail ride had and I took a spin on it. However I’ve ridden tons of Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki 125’s and 250’s as well as a handful of YZ490(had one for a while, piece of junk I don’t recommend it), a couple CR500’s, and a very rare RM500 I got to ride once. My impression was always that the Honda’s handled the best but could feel a little unstable at high speed, had decent power all around, and excellent brakes and good suspension (except the 97-2000 or so bikes when the aluminum frame first came out, they had very harsh suspension). Every Suzuki I rode was very powerful with a big hit when the powerband really kicked in, okay suspension, okay brakes, very very unstable and sketchy at high speed. Yamaha bikes (not counting the 490) had kinda weird feeling brakes, very smooth powerband with lots of mid range and top end, and felt like it was nailed to the ground and handled like it was on rails no matter how fast you were going, always stable and stayed pointed in a straight line. I felt like the Honda’s could out turn a Yamaha, but I always preferred how stable the Yamaha felt. I can’t give any comparison with TM, Husky, KTM or any other brands because I’ve only ever ridden a 2002 KTM 200 EXC and I think like 2001 300 EXC, never had the opportunity to ride any of the others.

nealh kriner says:

I had a 97′ YZ 125 with a Pro Circut exhaust and that bike ripped! It sounds like they did nothing but improve on that bike since then .

Drizzi OG says:

Better bikes – yz250 – yz490

Kevin Kleinhenz says:

Wow I thought when you said you had not ridden in a while you would be rusty, my word that’s some pretty good riding and I can’t argue with this 2 Stroke being one of the best! Nice Vid!

Sound Enthusiast says:

the changes on most modern mx bikes for nearly 20 years, aside from fuel injection (meh), electric start (somewhat good) and air forks (yuck) has been pretty minimal.
not much lighter, if at all, in a few cases.
bikes from early 2000s are still competitive with very few issues or mods.
even at higher levels of competition.
its not that the yz is a phenomenal bike and better than others (its definitely a solid bike) but if others have changed, its the market pushing it, not poor engineering or the need to change to remain competitive.

Twowheeler says:

Since 08 they got the way better Suspension

Adammartini says:

My 1999 yz125 i had when i was younger was legit af

Ählämsähläm says:

i love how all the broke ass cornball country ass motherfuckers who dont know how to do maintanence on a dirtbike diss ktm its just funny to me ktm and husky make the best 125cc 250cc 300cc 2 strokes hands down

Dan Jim says:


Nancy Oshann says:

did you shift one time!!! lol kinda making me mad

Tim Mcmurtree says:

Its unfortunately not though. The bike has not changed since 05. While ktm has. The Yamaha 125 engine is noticeably underpowered compared to the ktm and the husky.

HondaCR Journey's says:

What year model is that bike ?

BADBRUIN71 says:

great vid man.. for that track you couldnt have run any harder, yes the 125 is a beast…as i always said, they dont put tuning forks on just anything.

Mouhamad Elayoubi says:

I have one bro

David Mcdonald says:

125 is to slow

Bannana Peel says:

@zach davis , how many bones have you broken and or fractured learning how to jump like that? . i want to learn to jump but don’t know what the chances of breaking something are

myles kx85 says:

I like the kx125 because it sounds like a chainsaw

loadthebowl says:

Yz 250 better its got alot more braap and tourque 125s are zingy

N75911 says:

I love my KX125. Kawi for life. BUT… I would take any new YZ.

Luźny TV says:

guys now this video has sense 🙂

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