Here’s Why The Honda CRF250R Is The BEST 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

So here’s why the Honda crf250r is the best 4 stroke dirt bike. I can go on about the honda crf250r all day long. It’s an awesome dirt bike to own for whatever type of riding you’re planning on doing. This is my personal opinion on why I think the honda crf250r it’s the best 4 stroke dirt bike.

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EvanRecs - says:

Gotta get one of these

Royal Rippages says:

Great Video! I love my 250R

Mia Hans says:

Sweet bike brother, my 2006 with a single pro circuit exhaust sounds almost as good as yours! I just had her rebuilt, keep up the videos and thank you for the ride

cen you ever wheely bro ? says:

I have a crf250 2018 and it is the best btw nice video umm I like you pipe and bro I would stay with Honda all the way

Alex S. says:

like 24 !! bro !! ;-))

TEST Fifty says:

Have a 2004 CRF250R enough said.

Aditya Anand says:

Honest review sir

HatBoyHarvey says:

Enjoyed the vid, reminded me of my trail days and how much fun it is. I had a Suzuki dr125 which was a bit gutless and always liked my mates Honda.

LitlleCRO says:

Hey, i have a yz250f 2007 but its carburated, so its shit in enduro cuz when i stall it its imposible to start, im looking to buy a 2010 Honda crf250r for mostly enduro woods riding, how does it handle low speed riding and is it reliable and easy to start if you stall it, and did it have any problems with relabilty?

Vehicle Virals says:

I know nothing about dirt bikes but I’m here to show support 🙂 btw I see you’re testing the different camera angle

groovy stuff says:

wd love to join u on the trails good days

Braden Kuehl says:

Hey you’re almost at 1000 subscribers!!

Plethorandez says:

Can the CRF 250r be registered for the road?

cen you ever wheely bro ? says:

I hit subbed as well buddie

2Slow 2v says:

There’s a 2007 Honda crf250r for sale in my area for $2100. Is that a good price ? Not sure what’s a good price for these bikes.

PhilTheThrill says:

I love trail riding

Nick Zenobi says:

I hate how people confuse a smooth power delivery for the Honda’s being “weak”. I love my 2015 crf250r and it is nowhere close to being a weak machine. (This isn’t directed towards you MidwestMX)

Chris Porter says:

I have 2017 crf250 are there dependable


Idk about the best but its up their but YZ for the win.

Ruba Duba says:

1 thousand subs here you come

MidWest MX says:

This should be a good debate and conversation starter. In my opinion the Honda CRF250R is the best ‘All Round’ 4 Stroke Dirt bike. Do you agree?

E.I Is. says:

Ye I got a honda crf 250r 2015 to and its incredible

HyperRide says:

Good review!  my buddies and I razz each other about our bikes  A LOT!  He’s a Honda guys ( HONDA – Had One, Never Did Again) 😛 I still have to try out my Husquvarna, but want to give it a service before I make my first ride out!  I am a Kawasaki guy aat heart, but have not been riding much so I am no help when it comes to dirt bike review!  can’t wait to cya out on the next roostfest

Hugo Santana says:

And i subscribed

Resto says:

If I got a 4-banger dirtbike again, I think I’d get a Yz250FX or a KTM 350EXC-F. But CRFs are definitely nice, if I did more track riding I’d probably think about a CRF.

And mx bikes are great bikes with a few little mods I agree, my bike is a YZ250 2t bored up to a 300 with an 11oz flywheel weight and an 18″ rear, it’s great for trails, mx and hard singletrack! Runs out of legs quick though, I kind of want to throw a WR gearbox in it.

PhilTheThrill says:

I can’t buy a honda but I got a KTM cause my dad found a good deal on one. Nice video.

shane mcmahon says:

I have the very same bike 2017..kick start, great bike. What is the cost on that exhaust system and where did you get it? Thanks

Gwi H says:

Yow i knew exaactlly where you were

Turtle Games says:

Hey, I wanna get a CRF 250r but i have seen that they need a lot of maintenance. I mainly want it to ride around on the trails, no racing. How has your experience been so far? I just dont want a bike I’d need to put a lot more money into.

Omar Avelar says:

I’m going to buy a bike but I don’t really know which bike to get if a Honda crf250r or a Honda crf450r I’m 5’_05” which one should fit me and I had a Honda crf150r but I don’t know if a 450 is to big for me and to much power and I’m 17 years old
And I wanted to know what year bike should I get

Ingold XC says:

How many hours do you get out of it before you have to rebuild the top end?


1k hey! 1k hey! 1k jeeeeee!!!

ronin99999 says:

Do you still need to replace the top end if you are only doing light trail riding?

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