Here’s Why 2 Strokes are the BEST Dirt Bikes for Trail Riding

This is why i think 2 strokes are the best bikes for trail riding!

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Black Rose says:

I had been subscribed for about 4 months, can you pleasssseeeee upload more with the YZ125? I only click on the video when I see the blue handlebar with the renthal pad… MORE YZ125 VIDS

Apollo Rides says:

Sounds loud

Ryan Kremer says:

They are the bike of choice at Hare Scramble races. Even though I race a mx 4stroke, the 2 smokers probable make up about 85-90 percent of the riders

J S says:

4 strokes for trails …they can go slower..and have more torque

Brian Hunt says:

Ya know what you could do is do them a favor and walk the hole trail and trim up all the branches you don’t like it takes alot of time and effort to do that maintenance i work on about 100miles of orv trails myself every year and i would love it if people took it apon themselves to clear the trail too ya know nice video that trail looks sweet

Oskari Lidström says:

I hate 2 stroke sound.

execution Gaming says:

The only problem I see with trail riding a 2 stroke is the bulky pipe might get in the way

ShyColdPhill says:

Gotta love that limited edition Renthal pool noodle… pin if u remember

Tinnybird G says:

How many miles are the trails?

Chet Shultz says:

Bottom end power is much better when doing technical trail riding. You would know that if the trail riding you did was actually technical and rocky. The trail you are riding I would be in the power band if I was riding it.

Gwest Films says:

Its sputtering at lower rpms is that yhing running right

Ronny Von Frisk says:

3:22 and he still didn’t use all the power, not even CLOSE.

Backyard Boosters says:

I’d agree on the heavy clutch. On my 98 yz125 I have to two finger it to keep from wearing out my wrist.

madrx2 says:

Two stroke race bikes are absolute garbage to do trail riding with, no torque, tiny fuel tank, harsh suspension, no trip computer, no electric start, no headlight, no hand guards and overly short gear ratios and they still get thumped by 450’s/ 300cc 2t enduro bikes. In Australia you can’t legally even ride them and get any insurance if you crash either.

mark putnam says:

How long has this kid been riding dirt bikes? Track bikes are horrible trail bikes that’s why they make wr’s in both 2 and 4 strokes. And the “trail” in the video is hardly a challenging one. You can ride any pile of crap on trails like the one here. But when trails get real an mxer is not the choice of any real rider. Even changing the gearing is a limited improvement at best. MX powerbands are not trail friendly either they are designed for higher rpm horsepower for maximum performance on tracks. Off road bike powerbands are designed for more power off the bottom and are more linear thru the band.

ogrracing244 says:

You can easily ride a 4 stroke on this trail.. i ride a 450 threw much tighter, rocky, sandy trails with no issues

Sylika Campbell says:

I’m thinking about riding a dirt bike in the dessert should I get a two stroke or a four stroke

Spineshot25 says:

Idk my 450s a whole lot of fun on the trails

J S says:

Your mostly idling…..2 strokes like to be ridden wide open….learn something before you post a video

Ryan Pich says:

These trails are too easy. Try a trail in Squamish, BC with that 125 lol better yet, leave the 125 at home and bring your 250. You’ll need it haha YouTube Squamish trail riding. Completely another level of trails. That’s not a knife… This is a knife!!!

J S says: How a 2 stroke should be ridden …. listen to the bike compared to this video…


Lmao talking mad shit about the clutch man this shit heavy

Clayton Dirden says:

Why are you hollering. That shit is annoying and makes you sound stupid. But you are right. 2 strokes are where it’s at

Vincent Perstad Leveau says:

Take a shot everytime Zach yelps

BioLizard Venom says:

4 strokes ahve a lot of low end power while 2 strokes have a shit ton of high to mid end power

DRS0823 says:

Nice vid!

RieskaPoika says:

4h 360 views??

Mod Squad says:

2 strokes are actually better with trails. I ride trails. Not like the ones you were riding. I mean some hella trails. Anyways they’re better cause if you only got 6 feet of room and you need to get going fast to get up a cliff they will do it.

RieskaPoika says:

Early squad

Dan Dillinger says:

I like that i can crawl up the steepest hills when on my 2t gotta get a running start and just rip up the hill

Bill Hatcher says:

Gear it down in the rear, go with a 50 tooth or a 51,52. The bike will be a blast to ride trails. I own a 99 yz125, 00 Yź50, 03 RM250. My son loves his 01 YZ125 we only do trails here in Hawaii. The YZ, best all around just love them!

Luke Bradford says:

2 strokes are great until you come across a steep hill with no run up and rocks they just spin… ive won enduros before on 450s but feel there is way more power than needed… good old 250f for enduro riding is perfect not too heavy, steady power and great traction on most things. But guilty i own a 2 stroke they are more fun lol

GT Jenkz says:

how often do you foul your spark plug riding like that? lol

ShowMeDaCarFax 56 says:

seems like its not running right… alot of sputter at lower rpm’s

Apollo Rides says:

Nice bike

MidWest MX says:

Yeah buddy

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