Grace MX II Trail Video Review One of the most affordable Bosch Gen2 electric bikes. Available in two sizes and two colors with high end components and a well balanced efficient drive system. The Grace MX II will be available in the USA for 2015 and features 26″ wheels, hydraulic disc brakes and integrated LED lights.


Nichen says:

Looks great!! And what a beautiful colour. I wanna go out right now with my Ecoride Summit for a little trip in the dark 🙂

Michael Poeller says:

Love the bike, got it in may and it still puts a smile on my face every time I get to ride it! Worth every penny but make sure to get the S version, which is the one tested!

G Henrickson says:

Just so everyone knows…I have ridden a Grace MX 2 trail with the 45 Km/h configuration. Definitely more than 20 mph. I believe it was a 2015 model but am unsure. Very nice bike.

Justin Schultz says:

I appreciate the effort you put into these review videos!  I watch every one you upload.  You helped me when I was looking for a simple throttle only electric bike.  I ended up with a Prodecotech Phantom X3.  

ForbinColossus says:

Bosch seems to do the best readout panel (removable too) and appears to be the most responsive motor system… Not sure if the software controlling the top end can be hacked; Bosch seems designed for European restrictions on speed. I guess the other drawback is no twist throttle if you value such. Also, they design to be ‘anti-stealth’ in that Bosch likes to make their motor rather prominent on the frame – like an advertisement. All said, however, that is a beauty of a bike — but I wish Bosch didn’t forego the integrated batteries seen on  BH Easy Motion,  Stromer, & Optibike’s SIMBB, to name a few stealthier design approaches 

nebula722 says:

For the money I think this is a good bike.  Several question though.  Why are the manufactures using hydraulic brakes?  I have never had any problem getting the brakes to cause the bike to skid with pull wheel or disc brakes. Doesn’t this run the price of the bike up for no good reason?  Since this is a mid drive did they replace the chain and freewheel with stronger than average bike parts to handle the strain?

As always good review.  Thanks

G4TNews says:

This is awesome bro…I’m building one out of cardboard and Starbucks coffee cups….sign up for new updates. G4T piece out

Amit fortus says:

is the only way to activate the engine by pedaling or does it have some other way (hands)?

Teneriffa3 says:

GRACE (Berlin) and his product MX 2 is made in Germany, isn`t it?

Lenin Bermudez says:

What is the price for this?

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