First Ride 2018 Yamaha YZ125 two stroke – Motocross Action Magazine

For this First Ride we take a loot at the 2018 Yamaha YZ125. Beyond blue wheels the only thing new is bold new graphics. That doesn’t mean we don’t like the Yamaha but are hoping to see improvements in the near future. This bike features class leading suspension, great durability, and a playful package for riders stepping up to a bigger bike. To see more two stroke head over to

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Brian Truxton Jr. says:

Yet clowned the 250 so hard….

T C. says:

I would go with the cr125 over Yamaha any day of the week, 2013 Honda CR125

andreas stefanou says:

The best bike in it’s class hands down.
Dream bike. It has everything a rider wants.
Amazing handling, the BEST suspension, easy to ride engine, and tones of fun.
Did i mention reliability?
Simply the best

supot sittiyod says:

I like. THANK YOU.

Patrick Darling says:

Couldnt bend the lever back for the video?

CHS Legend says:

Where do I get one

Dominik Dragčević says:

Im new to gear bikes. Would this be a good bike for me? Im 175 +/- cm tall.

Old Gregg says:

That’s a nice fucking bike

TDK SR says:

Why should Yamaha invest in R&D when YZ125s are not raced at the national level besides a support class? R&D will just raise the price & Yamaha sells thousands of these every year so they really don’t need to touch the still sells. Be thankful Yamaha still makes the YZ & truth be told if MXA hadn’t pushed the manufacturers so hard on the 4 strokes we still would have all the manufacturers making competitive 2 strokes.

Isuzu Bighorn says:

Son of a DT

Novan Ari Anggoro says:


Fanisa Della says:

Motor yg sangat saya inginkan,tetapi sampai saat ini belum bisa memiliki nya

David Miller says:

As a 58 year old veteran rider my all time favorite other than my ‘74 Elsinore was my ‘94 YZ 125 I could turn faster laps on that thing than I could on my 250’s

molotkomPObashke says:

ебать она дубасит)))

Alfa 18 says:

É a gasolina? ?

Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino says:

Plake,two planker…snowhat,

Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino says:

Go over there son and pick yourself out a new back tire,put more air in it this time,still love the music..though…thanks

Juliano Rodrigo says:

2 stroke sounds are so exciting, damn!

kx two-smoke says:

The next dirt bike I purchase will be new and if Yamaha still has two-strokes to offer, that would be a deciding factor for me.
Thanks for the video.

レイモント says:

やっぱりYAMAHA最高やな! in japan

Haryo Bintoro says:

I love two stroke

Cryptic Moto says:

We need EFI !!!!

nick_h19 says:

Gosh this makes me want to ride! I can’t ride right now because my leg got 2nd and 3rd degree burns in a dirtbike accident. But I’ll be getting a 2006 yz 125 from my neighbor that races for my birthday on November 12. I can’t wait to get back out and ride!

Henu Adi says:

harga nya berapa om

Ernesto Yager says:

So I’m 14 and 5`5. Do you all recommend a yz 125
for me

Your Face says:

You think at 5’11” 180lbs is it enough power?

Alan Alan says:

Ni dah bgus. Tvi bodyx kurang gede . Klo bisa kaya crf. Bodyx gede

Acho Ronny says:

Waoooowwwww yamaha is the best. I like

Josh Hill says:

My first bike was a ttr 125 and now I ride a ttr 230 so my question is this bike taller compared to the ttr 125

backwardsko says:

Im a 6’5 150 pound male should i consider this instead of a 250 2 stroke i mean this thing could whoop a 250 2 stroke even on a track amirite?

Lowel Delos Angeles says:

I want this…

Baby Brando Beatz says:

I’m 6’0 and about 130lbs yz85 or yz125?

edceldarwin palawan says:

Nice Sound

Muhammad Budi Sudrajat says:

suarane mantab..

Brad Palmer says:

I’m only 120 lbs and 5’10” is this a good bike?

Jake Bach says:

Motocross action I have a Suzuki rm125 would the yz be faster

Najib Abraham says:

yamaha the best 2 stroke

Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino says:

What’s that weird sound when it goes thru a turn…huh…..

MOTO BB says:

2:15 ish …what do you mean “closer to being competitive to others”???…………. best 125 ever made

Ernie Desjardins says:

So my daughter is on a 2018 yz125. Shes pretty new to race bikes. Shes 5.4 115lbs. How many mm of sag.. how many clicks on the fork settings.. is there a good chart somewhere. Any help would be awesome

Kandela Brown says:

Hey narrator; you sound like an eight year old reading the shit off of a blackboard.

tat 22020 says:

That sound will never get old. Love it. Used to have 01 YZ 125

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