First Ride 2018 KTM 125SX 2 Stroke – Motocross Action Magazine

For this First Ride we take a look at the 2018 KTM 125SX. This bike features many of the components that the 250/350/450 have. WP air forks, strong brakes, black wheels, polished hubs, easy access air box, and hydraulic clutch. Although not updated drastically, this bike still offers a ton of power and is very competitive in the 125 class.

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chris Vozza says:

Badass bike

Ishaan Khan says:

Im 5″2 can this bike fit me?

64maxpower says:


Valley Boys TV says:

Yz125 killer???

†Negro† says:

350 mil pesos. Esta carita jajaja

Eric Mulholland says:

Long live the rolling chainsaw! 2 strokes for life!

Jared Tarzan says:

What’s up with the rev limiter?

Connor says:

would this bike be okay for someone who’s 6’ 170lbs

Eddi Nice says:

How not to like it

Bibek Anand Naik says:

Price ?

MegaJared2 says:

Need everyone’s opinion… I will be buying a new dirt bike in the near future… I know I want a KTM 2 stroke, but don’t know if I should get the 125 or 250. I’m 21, about 5’7, and about 125lbs. I’ve rode ATV’s all my life, but never one with a manual transmission so I will have to learn to use the clutch. But my brother had a 2005 KTM 125 sx one time and it scared the piss out of me but I was also really young. I just don’t wanna get a bike that’s challenging and fun for a day then boring for the next 6 years so should I just go with the 250 or stick with the 125sx?

meditech says:

Bikes are so ugly now. Wish they would get rid of the Anime angles on the plastics.

Scott Dunn says:

I need one of those power band screws…..

svexx says:

I’m 5’7” and 127lbs. Should I go for 125 or 85 SX?

Angus mcglynn says:

can kids ride this

Bill Malec says:

60:1 is really lean? Went in on the power band? (Hopefully I misheard power valve).
No wonder these kids on the internet are so misinformed.
Surely you should have known…


the fucking sound ahh


I don’t usually critique people on their riding but dang ur holding on to the gear long


2nd gear pinned

lol xD says:


Grady Steinman says:

You should do reviews on older bikes like 1995 to 2005

Anderson Pruett says:

Holy shit can you shift

Sleepy .Time says:

going fast, really fast, on a 125 is a lost art

fauzan ahmad says:

in my dream…

Steve Smith says:

if you pour pre mix through what painters use to measure paint viscosity, a mu cup, you won’t see any difference between 25 to 1 and 60 to 1. just try it.

64maxpower says:

if a bike tested by mxa came to them with an 84 tooth rear sprocket they would say that it needs an 85 tooth sprocket

DEEGAN A says:


jacobriver198 says:

KTMs new two strokes rip!
Go to my channel and watch me ride the 2018 150sx!!!!

Hot Pockets says:

Same idiot test rider that said the 2018 YZ 250 was “only good for a practice bike’.

andreas stefanou says:

Brand new bike and its not perfectly jetted!!!!!
I wonder how it will be in few years.
I guess thats why yamaha doesn’t change the yz’s.
Everything works perfect and last forever

Bret Coleman says:

These guys are igots! Don’t even know how to mix fuel! That right there tells THE HOLE STORY! Never like the Editors of MXA! They are just stroking all of use!

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