First Ride 2017 Suzuki RMZ 250 – Motocross Action Magazine

For this First Ride we take a look at the new RMZ. This bike cosmetically changed with black triple clamps, black rims, yellow seat. Other than that the bike is the same from last year. We are hoping to see an all new model for 2018.

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Southern Dee says:

Honda forever xD

David Gibson says:

these thing corner like nothing else although a little slow on the top end


I do not have money for a super bike

Bryce Hunter says:

bike looks sick. I’m a Honda guy and this will be my next buy

destroyall24 says:

If it aint broke, dont fix it

HoodratTV says:

lazy Suzuki

Twistango says:

what said in the 00:59?

Leonardo Cosenza says:

What’s the best bile to start motocrossing? 125 2 strokes or 250 4 strokes?

Island Riders ATV & Motocross says:

The way you guys ride it, it looks fast! Suzuki needs to make a comeback, I have faith in you Suzuki.

Jonathan Vazquez says:


David Gibson says:

very easy bike to ride

Kirk McCoy says:

Ummm… no it’s not a solid bike… not in the least. Who in their right mind would purchase this bike? Spend a little more money and get a motorcycle made recently. KTM just can’t be touched. The Jap stuff just can’t compete anymore. I don’t think they ever will. Unless the can get at least within a pound or two of KTM, with E-start/ Ditch the stiff Aluminum frames, they are for marketing only. Alum can NEVER be better than steel. yes, they look trick, I’ll give you that, but they just don’t handle. The new Honda 450 looks promising, but you realize it’s 11 to 18 pounds heavier that a KTM 450, that’s not even driving to the ballpark, that’s parts next to grandma Nova, packed with Depends.

AlEx PrEmSuKh says:

how much money for that One

Kawasaki team green777 says:

Suzuki dirt bike sucks

Kemar REECE says:

suzuki really needs power to win the 250cc shootout

Riley Bosma says:

you’d think Suzuki would notice no one likes this shit

Control Point says:

Honda didn’t change their 250 either. Next year perhaps.

Brandon Mocaby says:

why is every one dogging this bike? you guys do realize these are still one of the best cornering bikes in the class? they’re on rails in corners. And if your smooth you don’t need all the power. your gonna ring a 250 out anyhow. stay smooth and flow through the track.

Andy Montanez says:

I wonder what performance upgrades would boost the power, to measure to the other bikes higher on the list? cause this bike looks awesome.

Naasko595 says:

All the salty fags complaining it’s the same bike. No shit we aren’t blind, it’s still a solid bike quit bitching and move on

オキタシンジ says:

Looks so fast…

ideas man says:

Motorbikes are like clothing brands you either like Nike, asics, brookes, etc with bikes its just the colour lol

Kyle Schwanz says:

Suzukis look soooooo dated….. same look for almost 10 years now!!!!

JT Araiza says:

Hey guys come look at this brand new 2007 Suzuki!!!!

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