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For this First Ride we take a look at the all new 2017 Kawasaki KX250F. This bike features a list of new items including all new chassis, plastics, fork settings, engine, and more. To see the full write up head over to

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Caio Caldas says:

Could Kawasaki build cars too ?

Zuhdhi Malik says:

my favorite trail

Parker Boyd says:

@Motocrossactionmagizine I love the videos on the two strokes but keep the vids coming

Austin Rankin says:

Like the bike but hate that they chose to review the motorcycle with flat cornering statistics instead of riding lines like at Moto x compound or some place like that …. The guy dabs his foot in every corner just wish they would give a true national caliber front runner b class guys opinion instead of a c rider

Jermani Johnson says:

im 13 and im 5 10 1/2 4t or 2t 250

Clay Sensiba says:

Sweet bike

Johnathan Yinger says:

The throttle response with that new head is probably amazing.

TheSilencer22 says:

song at 0:25

H B214 says:

I have a 2014 250f and im thinking about getting a 2017 kx250f or yz250f wich should i go for

Ashok Gurung says:

I fucking love this dirt bike. But why don’t they put headlight on it? LOL

PixelDev says:

I am 5.74 feet, can i ride this bike ?

Andrew Logan says:

Im 6ft 140lbs. Also a beginner rider. Should I get this or a klx 140l?

squadron commander says:

its gonna rule n thats that

Riley Bosma says:

KX or YZ?????????

E5m says:

So this is the best looking machine I’ve ever seen in person in my life. I’m thinking about buying one not to ride, but just to have as a modern art masterpiece to display in my living room! LOL. Kawasaki makes such great MX bikes but it baffles me as to why they still use a cave man cabled clutch? I just got my first non-Jap bike (Husqvarna) and the clutch and shifting is light years better than any Jap bike I’ve ever ridden before. But Kawasaki sure does have the best design team… Well the new KTM looks nearly as good.

Sidney Echeverri says:

$7.500 price tag jeeeezus!

Chris Oehlert says:

Pure sexy goodness

Luck Ne says:

I’m 5’1 am I fall enough for this bike?

Bryant Macalos says:

this bike is monster very simple and slim body.


I am 12 years old. Cant decide between this and CR500.

Spudly1234567 says:

I wish you would quit with the music when doing reviews

5eleven productions says:

ktm for the win

facundo lopez says:


fernanfloo fernanfloo says:

que perrona motocross

anderson hands says:

thats kx 450 f dude

somod khawaja says:

عند أخي متلو

RobbyOwnz says:

Is that 2 stroke?

Eko Febrianto says:

good job

Massimiliano Cagnin says:


Siriporn Yangnok says:


CMoNK MoNK says:

manteef 25-08-2017 saumy luv….u

Samuel Cole says:

I am a brother of a rider here in sunny spain and trying to help him out in every way possible, please could you subscribe to my account and watch my videos

sic33r says:

I just went n brought this a week ago, throttle is gonna take a while to get use too, but the bike is nice and light so it’s easy to get on the back of my ute

187_æ Kc Rebell says:

kuLe kawasaki

Linus Dingsbums says:

At the moment i drive a 2013 kx250f and after a professional suspension revalving it suits me quite good. But the handling was much easier on a 2010 yz250f of my girlfriend. Now i was really looking foreward to buy the 2017 yz250f but i prefer Green 😉 Now with the new better balanced steering its quite a hard decision for me. Can´t test ride both. What do you think?

Jake Allen says:

eny tips on kicking this big girl over?

NUGNESS123 says:

thank god… air forks fucking suck massive cock

Landon Copeland says:

I’m 5’1 experienced rider I’m I too short

AoD Blaze says:

i have a kx85 but when i went to the store to look at this shit motherfucker was big as fuck

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