First Ride 2017 Husqvarna TC250 2 Stroke – Motocross Action Magazine

For this First Ride we take a look at the all new 2017 TC250 2 smoker from Husky. This bike features a Magura clutch, Brembo brakes, Dunlop tires, new chassis, updated motor and much more. To see more head over to

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Yamaha YZ250 says:

2 Stroke fun Factor X 100 compare to a 4 Stroke.

John Miles says:

Husqvarna (husk-varna) not (huska-varna) you stupid fucks, how many times are you gonna shit on their name before you figure out how to pronounce something that would only be difficult for ten year olds and illiterates

Rikki lee says:

more monkey music

The BBQ Jerk says:

Stupid test on the beach track again. Fuck MXA Magazine.

The BBQ Jerk says:

“Let’s jump it!” said noone ever at MXA

travis10ist says:

how much hp does it have

The2StrokeRider says:

Very nice machine its time for the jap brands to get back on the 2 stroke bandwagon

Mikko Kukkonen says:

Not saying that it’s a big deal, but I’ve noticed that Americans have a peculiar way of pronouncing Husqvarna. Where does the letter ‘e’ in the name come from?

Truth BeTold says:

Constant testing / reviews on sand tracks is getting old! How about some nice dirt surfaces so the bikes can get some traction!

Chad Fuller says:

Sorry but Stapleton is sketchy

Drew Rehfeld says:

Does he speak English?

Truth BeTold says:

Why do you clowns insist on calling 2-strokes “smokers” ? Most 4 strokes put out more smoke then a 2-stroke with proper premix. My 250 2-stroke puts out literally no smoke at all! (except when the engine is cold). I run Amzoil Saberoil at 70:1

DDK45 says:

1:03 stickers already peeling?

Edward Clark says:

HUSK VARNA I like the 300 better.

Maximus says:


Sleepy .Time says:

i hope they opened up the air boxes a bit this year

Truth BeTold says:

Be nice to see 2-stroke power get put down on some tracks other then sand.

nik mxforever says:

Nice machine

Justine Carcat says:

like sit tes français

Mc Fabulous says:

finally they do a test a cahuilla. woo hoo.

1969cmp says:

In Australia the 250 two-strokes can race with the 250 four strokes in the national championships.

cool guy says:

shes no Yamaha thats foresure

Grass Concept says:

Lol the ending

Too Shea Moto says:

Another garbage rap song from a garbage rapper at a garbage label… smh when will MXA stop overlaying this trash on top of their videos? either use a semi-decent song or just don’t put any music to it at all!

Mc Fabulous says:

is there any way you could tell Kawasaki to make a 125 two stroke again?

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