First Ride 2017 Honda CRF 450- Motocross Action Magazine

For this first ride we were flown by Honda down South to Monster Mountain MX Park where we threw a leg over the all new CRF450. This bike features a new gas tank, new swing arm, shock, forks, clutch, front rotor and more. To see more on the all new CRF head over to

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Kirk McCoy says:

Really diggin this new Honda. Just wish they could get the weight in the ballpark of the KTM 450. 11 pound difference and if you add a started to this Honda you are looking at 19 pounds more than an 450KTM with a starter. That is a HUGE difference. And this Honda has ti tank and still way overweight. But, it’s a starting point. Once you ride steel frame it’s hard to go back to the harness of alum. though. But man, this bike has to be the best looking dirt bike right now. Hoping for a new 2018 KTM unless this thing loses some weight. Come on Honda… put this thing on a diet…please:-)

Jermaine Phillips says:

motor is mellow.if it could only run like the yz450f.usually most people can’t use all of a 450 but the Hondas been soft since 09

Marcelo Filho says:

Onde dere sócu latino minha life

JROC734 says:

Props to Honda for not jumping on the stupid looking black rims bandwagon.

eder agronomia says:

At time 3:46 the left-hand exhaust can be seen the mark made by the chain.

ktm crush says:

there following ktm

Tiago sants says:

Linda ….

I_like_goats says:

bike looks 10 times better than the previous models

stfuliberal says:

Cool bike and even a Kookier bike scrubber.

Alex vici says:

Does enyone know the price of this motorcicle..

Mark Known says:

Would you guys pay an extra $200.00 for carbon fiber body panels???

- A Sharp - says:

30 second intro on a youtube video. You have officially tried too hard.. :/

Liam Brooks says:

Is it just me or did the guy get Down syndrome when he said 2008 haha

Joao Felipe Faria da Silva says:

João Felipe

Wright Way Vaping says:

ENOUGH WITH THE MUSIC. LET ME HEAR THE BIKE!! Oh and honda, start making 2 strokes again. Then you will be the best manufacturer ever. Dont let the new KTMs wax you

Marthen marthen says:

I CAN D0 IT HA HA HA…….,,..,..,!

monster 13 says:

honda devrait re sortir le 2 temps sa manque parce que ktm,hugs,gasgas fond des ravages peace

GoonRider204 says:


MOTO says:

Only if they still made 2 strokes

Toxic fuze says:

What gear is he wearing

olits pins says:

Wow i realy realy like dat kind of sport .

Mark Smyers says:

Ride red!!!!

Karla Erazo says:

100% viva el motocross

Offroad 101 says:

This bike looks amazing!

MrMassive321 says:

I ve owned bikes but imnot a motocrosser and ive had that dream yesterday o a honda….. Dreams come true just wait !!!!!

Defox Desiigner says:


Chad Cook says:

Guess what would be more anticipated, a 2018 CR250R.

interm912 says:

Turns like a brick. Lies frickin lies

Nick121 says:

Way 2 go Honda. keep makeing 4 strokes. and watch the sport keep dying out

Robert [TOG] says:

All i want to say is 2-STROKE!!!!

Grizz L says:

All new bikes have this stupid modern technology and aesthetic pleasing bullshit that does nothing for people who want to ride their local track. I love Hondas and always will…but they need to go back to 07/08. If you want black rims, buy it yourself, kook. if you want electric start, put in on yourself you lazy turd. You want it to look like ktm or husky? Then go buy one!! Haha

Daniel Montenegro says:

enw fow deb

Icansee u says:

Honda likes to keep it simple but effective.

Dean Dodd says:

just got January’s issue..very disappointed in the test. after looking at all the ads from ktm and husqvarna. .motocross action will give all awards to ktm and husqvarna. shameful reporting! do your own homework out at the tracks and make your buying decision on which bike to buy! motocross action has went to the trump side.

Dagoberto Campos Chavarria says:

Qué belleza

ELAINE5042 says:

Maquinário escroto

Fast Land Racing says:

sweet bike

AlexK611 says:

looks slow

Gunnar Stahl says:

how much would a 03 be if it was used but in great condition?

jimmy smyth says:

Dual exhaust is a gimmick. Honda is a gimmick, Dont bullshit me and try to sell me something because it looks cool

Kevenny Muller says:


Isaiah Redneck says:

Motocross action is getting on my nerves how they refer to Ktm, like in the December issue when they test the rmz all they say is how much better the Ktm is and the rmz is junk and when they test the new Honda they pretty much do the same thing

IronchaseGaming says:

with in the first 5 min ill ruin that bike lol

David Klimmek says:

Prices getting too high and the Chinese will capitalize on this with decent dirt bikes(now) ..then really good bikes! We don’t want watered dwn versions of top Jap bikes ..the ppl want top jap machines under $7k.

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