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Would love to see these bikes in Monster Energy Supercross with a Pro team.

Marco G. says:

6d is very ugly

Russell Kegler says:

They ain’t going away !!!! Electric will prevail only a matter of time ….

SOLAR SS says:

Id love to have this as a option but i still want my 2T & 4T in the garage with it.

Syd Todd says:

These bikes are cool and all but im enjoying gas power while i can!

unknown WSC7 says:

people are just getting lazier and more gay

Jimmy Parker says:

Once the battery life gets to around 2hrs I’ll buy one. In Australia, you can’t ride anywhere without someone complaining. And with one of these that wouldn’t be a problem 🙂 If they can’t hear you then they won’t complain.

pilotrt says:

I love the idea, and will own one..eventually. For track riding, a couple of things, still too heavy! Way too heavy. Next you’ll have to lug a 6000w generator around or have a couple of spare batteries. And lastly, too expensive when you have to get a decent generator or a spare battery.

craig chalmers says:

Man I hope the Dirt Bike industry doesn’t evolve into this… I love the sound, the smell, the feeling, the tinkering of gasoline engines… makes me feel like a man! And I’m proud to say I ride dirt bikes! These however…. make me feel lame… I can’t imagine myself buying tickets for supercross to watch electric bikes… Imagine that scene! lol

m1ke2001 says:

This is about as bad as riding a quad

relikvija2 says:

this dude doesnt know what the hell he is talking about.

get it:)

Stuminati76 says:

Needs a BRAAAP horn boys! Sneakin up on folks in the dusty confines of a 90 degree bowl turn might get ya beat up without properly notifying of ones actions? BRAAAP, BRAAP….BRAAP BRAAP…

jake_thecak3 says:

If you love the sport you adapt. Would really like to try one!

Kyle Grasso says:

Electric bike companies always compare them to 250s but they mean 250 4 stroke so it’s really a slow ass 125 2 stroke that a
I rode when I was 13.. no thanks

Doot Smith says:

How heavy are they?

Stocksy says:

Is there any regulations around AMA allowing these bikes to race? Going to be an interesting next few years!

is da vog says:

as silly and primitive as this way of thinking is. I just miss the noise and the exhaust.

Mark147KTM says:

The future! They will only get better too

Wreckage72 says:

Good job on this video guys. Better than the other magazines did laying the info out.

Peter Robann Sobrepena says:

Mx from $15,000 to $10,500

B.R. Field says:

I remember in MX , there were NO competitive 4 strokes, now look where we are. The same will happen with electric.

TRUTH & LIES says:

In a few years time the price will drop. Replacement battery’s etc available and a second hand market will happen. They make sense for off roading. Run time 4 hours on one battery then swap your spare over. That’s a full day of fun.. Quiet will keep the other green lane users happy ! Sharing with walkers & horse riders always been a problem…

Victor Given says:

Shut the fuck up so we can hear it

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

Luciano Panarelli says:

a quand une commercialisation en europe ou bien en france pour cette alta

dano says:

Why not put a couple of gears in it? Maybe two or three??? If it has all that torque down low,,, what a bike it be!!! just sayin

grabir01 says:

Decals are bubbling already ? WT?

Michael Blose says:

I want one

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

Pitra Media says:


Majjespecter says:

shut up and let us hear the bike audio

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