Fast Dirt Bike Trail Ride GoPro Hero 4

Pinnacles OHV dirt biking riding near Silverwood Lake, Lake Arrowhead, and Big Bear Lake

12 YZ450F

GoPro Hero 4 HD 1080p 60fps Chin Helmet Mount


Jackpine Creed says:

Yeah…. go Blu Cru…. getting YZ fever!

flippin n pitchen tv says:

Nice video what type of bike u riding

NitroPowered2fiddy says:

Cool vids bro, keep them up

Wreck-it Randy says:

hey bro nice video check me out just started my channel

Mitchell Stuart says:

Put it on the ride of your helmet for better view

Bearsquatch Adventures says:

if you could just tilt that gopro like half an inch up..

Lumpy Midge says:

Turn your exposure, way, way down

Keaton 125 says:

I’m only 12 but I love to ride, I have a Suzuki 125l and love to ride trails especially, those trails look like a blast!

Mary Todd says:

Those trails look awesome, defiantly gotta ride out there sometime!

pattie swilley says:

you want to sell me your dirtbike

It's ya boy Calebay says:

Yamaha boiiiiii

m1ke2001 says:

I notice there is no wind noise is this because of the hero 4 mic quality? Cuz my hero 3 has so much wind noise and I was wondering if the 4 had that but it looks not.

Seth Games says:

cool thx and nice vids!

65elcamino283 says:


Pursue Something New says:

You should get a GoPro chest harness so it gets the handlebars in frame and also gets a forward shot they are only like 30 bucks

ryan ryan says:

i go their all the time..we should meet up. have you been to the creek

Caleb Riffle says:

Looks just like Quincy strip

mundo b49 says:

thanks for the high i wish i had one

Hero 4 Productions says:

what do you use to edit? plz reply

Haden Harper says:

I just got the hero go pro and it works great, I put it on my helmet but nice quality in this video and the dirt bike and trails are cool

PunkSkaful says:

Dude! That was so sick!!! Is that the new Yamaha XTZ?

Zach Peters says:

I love the color on your camera

Nicky ChopperDog says:

I wish the OFTR had trails like this, all we get to ride is single track.

Gavin Thomas says:

The angle was facing the ground

Hayden Arnold says:


Colby Plays says:

where would I be able to buy a yz450F? and how much would it cost

Aidan Dunn says:

very good high quality sound I am very surprised there was no like lagging in it it was all clear pixels very nice camera keep up the good work!

kade says:

you sould have a neck brace while riding. you bad neck injury and youre doneskies

Never Killed In Tanki says:

wow those trails are so open!!!

TrifectaOutdoors says:

hey man we love your videos man we were wondering if you could help us get our dirtbiking channel started like give us feedback or you know like a sub 4 sub thing?? thanks very much

Isaiah Brakeman says:


Mitchell Stuart says:


Asper Enduro says:

Those trails looked like a good challenge, awesome video!

JustinIsJustout says:

haha this was great!

MīnussLv says:

Is dirt bike same as a bike or you need practice driving with dirtbike?

Glen Beckner says:

These trails are awesome

MattMoto says:

Do you use any software to stabilize the video or is it just that good of quality? I just got a hero 3+ and it seems shaky. Thanks

Titus Videos says:

Hey, are you using a chin mount and what settings did you use, nice vid btw.

Joseph Brennan says:

look up

SuperSpeeders101 SuperSpeeders101 says:

somebody subscribe to this man

Future Bacon3729 says:

Nice vid

Dmitriy Kozhevnikov says:

Don’t know how you do it but I am straggling on my 450F on the trails…:/

NBA 2K16 says:

Sick vid

ThrottleProblems says:

You’re riding in Paradise…

Matrix Adjustment says:

good video, best dirt bike in the world.

Seth Games says:

what kind of bike?

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