Expert Level Dirtbike Motocross Gear Guide – – 2016 : Chaparral Motorsports is your one stop shop for everything you need out on the dirt or the winding roads. gives you a quick guide on everything you need for Expert Level riders. Whether it be for you or for a rider you know dont miss out on this helpful guide to help you performance your best!

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Products featured in the video:

1 Virus Stay Cool Co4 Sleeveless Compression Shirt

2 Troy Lee Designs 7605 Protection Shorts

3 EVS Sports TUG Fusion Sock Combo

4 Mobius X8 Knee Braces

5 Troy Lee Designs CP 5900 Roost Deflector

6 Bell Helmets Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet

7 Atlas Carbon Shades Of Grey Neck Brace

8 Thor Prime Fit Squad Jersey

9 Thor Prime Fit Squad Pants

10 Gaerne SG-12 Boots

11 Oakley Airbrake Ryan Dungey Signature Series Blockpass MX Goggles

12 Thor Void Course Gloves

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Fuegos says:

Nice!I have the mobius x8 yet 😛 very good knee braces!Now I’m looking for boots…I never try Gaerne,currently I have The Alpinestar tech 8….so I have to try both to decide! Nice video! From Italy #467

nascarnate326 says:

Love these videos!

Remington Byrd says:

dose the atlas neck brace work will the chest protector?

Beetlejuice Johnson says:

No elbow/ arm protection??

James Palin says:

A very helpful vid! Is the jersey a large or x large to allow the armour underneath in the Thor prime fit? Im tall and slim and want to try and get the right fit as I will get the cp5900 also.

Arduous Ant says:

This is an awesome video 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

keemstarslunch says:

The neck brace and boots are worth more than my bike

FullthrottleJohnny14 says:

What about elbow pads

Turtle Wax says:

I went looking for the virus co4 on the website and came up empty handed. Am I so late to the party that it’s been discontinued?

Kade Geddes says:

How good is the fox Titan pro?

Jeremiah Pedro says:

Should i buy these even if I don’t race

Jen Bird says:

This is very nice I want to get it

pers pers says:

Why do we need neck braces? What is the purpose of that?

Tom Pike says:

Why would an expert rider want to wear steel toe cap boots with a sewn sole? These boots are awful

Mad Max Racing says:

I still prefer fox gear, boots, vest, helmet

Alias Clyde says:

Yikes i don’t know what I’m going to do because I am spending my money on a 125cc bike and I won’t have money to get good gear, not even fox or anyone


Well I don’t know if this is smart because I think I would put the chest protector under the shirt

Kade Geddes says:

What about the leatt dual axis knee guard

HybridEdits says:

If i had all this gear i would never be scared to hit a tree going 50 through the woods lol.

Ur mum Gay says:

so all of this will cost 3048 dollars

Kade Geddes says:

What is the best cheap neck brace

Blake Duffy says:

Damn I could rebuild my 2 smoker about 20-25 times for that price.. I guess it’s all worth it tho

MerlinMoorlo says:

i think every girl can do double blackflip with this equipment

Faze Reboot says:

I have every thang for dirt bike just need a go pro

OG Troll says:

600$ for knee brace your kidding right

eric6rock says:

I would just get a Bell moto 9 flex, 100% Accuri, Alpinestars gear and tech 7s.

Kade Geddes says:

What’s the best budget knee brace/guard

Cmodeen 146 says:

Lol ur spending the money on gear although u could buy a bike for the same price!

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